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Andrew Meyer tasé for a question on Skull and Bones

The 07/08/2007

VO: Andrew Meyer tasé for a question on Skull and Bones – Case took place on 17 September 2007 at University of Florida

Andrew Meyer, a student who came to attend a questioning session at a Florida university. Her pertinent questions left Kerry speechless. The book brandished here by the brash youngster apparently relates dissected evidence. Another peremptory question which nevertheless becomes an open secret : “Are you members of the Skull and Bones Mr. Kerry like your opponent then ?”

It was too much for Bush's unofficial friend. Brave and honest citizen Andrew Meyer is led by those brainless militarized blues that feed this system that starves us. It will even be tasé.

The First Amendment of the Constitution is thus flouted in the face of a said “representative” People (yes we say like that it seems).

The Age of Enlightenment, initiated by the power of shadow, salutes you. Thesis (liberalism), antithesis (Communism), synthesis (liberal-fascism). The New World Order is taking on more importance every day. Elite insiders are always two steps ahead.

Ps : What is the audience doing to help this gagged man ? Nothing! Additional information in link:

English:   Andrew Meyer, a student came to attend a meeting of question in a University of Florida. The relevant questions Kerry left speechless. Why did you let Bush win votes while legally he had lost to him? Why did not put pressure on the contrary, and threw in the towel so quickly? Beyond the allegations, the book here brandished by the young impetuous apparently relate evidence dissected. Another issue that is becoming yet peremptory secret: “Are you members of Skull and Bones Mr Kerry as your opponent then?”

Attacking was too informal for the friend of Bush. The brave and honest citizen Andrew Meyer military is alienated by these blue beasts that feed this system that we starving. It will be the same “tasé.” The First Amendment of the Constitution is violated facing a so-called “representative” of the people (as they say yes it seems).

The Enlightenment initiated by the power of the shadow greet you well. Thesis (liberalism), antithesis (communism), synthesis (liberal fascism). The New World Order every day takes a little more prominence. Insiders of the elite have always two moves in advance.


Here, the fact that assistance to help this man gagged?


What happens in this room is a reflection of what is going to draw on a large scale. Each of us is represented.

Update on 15/08/2020:

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