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Stubbornness in denying the death of Mohamed Al-Dura – Harassment on Charles Enderlin for telling the truth

[Video update on 13 September 2013]

**Charles Enderlin (born in 1945 in Paris) is a French and Israeli journalist and reporter. He is the Jerusalem correspondent for the France television channel. 2.

Would the impostors have won ?

Since the very surprising judgment handed down by the Paris Court of Appeal, who released Philippe Karsenty on somewhat contradictory grounds, Charles Enderlin's enemies exult and trumpet him over and over on community media : the report on the death of Mohamed Al Doura was a fake, a pure staging!

The president of CRIF believed he had to validate this thesis without the slightest reservation..

And by ignoring a number of truths that must still be remembered … suite (….) [the page has become untraceable, the 17 August 2020]

That sows doubts, reap the questioning of their own sincerity… Nothing stops them.

They even prey on bona fide individuals, from their own community, to impose their ideas … Maîtres dans la propagande et la censure

Journalists’ freedom of expression threatened by the world's largest dictatorial lobby … Ils essaient par tous les moyens de fausser même des vérités établies et prouvées, pour éviter ou freiner la prise de conscience des citoyens du monde.

Champion in creating doubts in the minds of listeners …

How far will they go to kill free speech?

And what will be the consequences?

Les SS médiatiques sont-ils en marchent?

http://www.dailymotion.com/bookmarks/Daily-censorship/video/x5bp3r_mohamed-aldurah_news (Vidéo liée au sujet censurée)

More informations, in pictures: HERE [Find the 26 / 01 / 2020 page not found]

One more article too: HERE or HERE

Other article: Mohamed Ed Doura …

Neilly Free mind

(Dailycensorship, daily-censorship, un-videos-censure). 

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