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The face of torture during French colonization

It's crazy, you can't imagine like this without having seen and read things, that it was so horrible.

Where have the words freedom gone, equality, fraternity in this period of French history?

Playlist relating to torture during French colonization:

Camps de concentration made in France…
sent by Free-truth-Algeria

The Algerian French subject and not a French citizen…
sent by Free-truth-Algeria

The genocide perpetrated on this population was unjustified, horrible, and ashamed… 

A testimony from an Algerian contact
(and there are many stories like this):

“my grandfather did 14-18

incorporated of course in this regiment
Military Cross
seriously injured
finally the total
this person arrives at the age of 90 years and fall
fracture, femoral neck
evacuated to France by my family for treatment
( his children live in France )
all the documents for services rendered were advanced to the French administration, even an annotation on his military booklet of Marshal Joffre.
This to have a support or at least partial care to be provided
refus total
the united family has assumed the costs”

Testimonial from Btayeb

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