Dualities & New World Disorder, False Flag Op. Psycho Manipulation, Subversions :, Tracking Surveillance Tracking

Attali dreams of human cattle implanted by RFID chip?

Radio-identification… Attali – RFID

The video in question:

They take us for cattle?!!

Soon instead of asking your friend for faith or level of education, to exchange ideas…

We will have to ask ourselves if it was chipped or not?

If he hears voices?

If you do not have to respond to his criticisms so as not to stimulate the waves of his chip?

If he is not a carrier of carcinogenic waves?

Or if we hadn't been chipped without knowing it?

The questions are more than worrying?

If you are looking on the RFID chip..

You will see the signs of a new era of slaves..

What is at stake in this new order of slaves?!

(New World Disorder)

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