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Patent on Ayahuasca ?

Yet another attempt to illegitimately claim power over the production and consumption of a plant?

Possible to see the video HERE

South America – Cancellation of the ayahuasca patent. Source HERE

This patent had already been canceled for the first time in November 1999,
but restored in 2001. It was canceled again in November 2003.
We publish below a text relating to the first cancellation
you letter, posted by Soria Carlos Antonio, dans Daily Today,
Ecuador, 23 November 1999 and another text relating the second
and recent cancellation of the same patent, appeared in ADITAL, 12
November 2003 …

Suite: HERE

[Actualization 05 Feb. 2021]

Investigation | Ayahuasca : potion magique et potion tragique

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