Esotericism, Kabbalah-T, Freemason

Luciferian Kabbalism….

"Those who do not know history are doomed to relive it"

Bertold Brecht

Theosophy (or other esoteric movements of occult knowledge claiming to cultivate wisdom) is an ideology that teaches self-centeredness and leads to the study of Luciferian cults (satan's way, paganism-palladism).. A decoy to put people to sleep while they advance their plan for the new world order…

Jesus is not Lucifer, nor Osiris, ni Satan.. Luciferian Kabbalists (once the Phoenicians laughed enough at him, ok..). He came up against their bullshit..

Those who follow this alleged bearer of light go against Jesus..

And Jesus never called himself YHWH or God or Allah…

We must find the proof in the writings, not once does he say it…And furthermore we know that the trinity was mounted by our dear Luciferian Kabbalists; the biggest sect in the world, the one who runs the world… The same one that calls for the New World Order, the one who formatted the wars, created hatred.. Lucifer's followers,..

What work! they toiled to create chaos and a lot of shit between humans…

YHWH or God or Allah said to do this?

Is enough! hatreds are being made to the glory of their Lucifer con!

The peace!!!

For jesus… God bless Jesus…God hurt all humans who fight against these infamous impostors who have sold their souls to hatred, blood, to selfishness, to LUCIFER the impostor.. This very one that is conveyed by criminals, serial killers,.. Lucifer's elite laugh at us!…


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