Dualities & New World Disorder, False Flag Op. Psycho Manipulation, Subversions :

New World Order = Novus ordo seclorum = NWO

Even empty on dailymotion here (censored)

“Those who don't learn from history are doomed to relive it”

George Santayana


To believe that people like to work to prepare their torture camp and transmit trauma to their descendants…

PS: signs about religion (around obama), use of religious symbols, or become believers in this or that religion to manipulate us..

Also notice the sentence marked in front of concentration camps:

“work sets you free”

(work makes you free)..

Strange Nicolas Sarkozy released this sentence recently: “work more to earn more…”

Obama says to work harder, hard for national unity…

They rent a
Nouvel OrdreM ondial (NAME or NO)

ATTALI, talks about human cattle chipped by RFID, of the New World Order, and a central world bank, of Jerusalem as the capital of the New World Order),

KISSINGER , With a past as a great war criminal, described as Judeo-Nazist (by Yeshayahou Leibowitz *, a chemist, Jewish philosopher and writer.), affirms and actively the coming of this New World Order

There is something to ask questions?

Video Updated on 25/08/2016:  Henry Kissinger wants the New World Order / Ordo Ab Chao


*sur Yeshayahou Leibowitz:
(possible to see it on this link)  One of my editing videos

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