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Manufacture of pandemics

Manufacture of pandemics – Plandemics

13 September 2009

Dr A. True Ott, PhD, ND 23/08/09. (Notes and excerpts)

In 1921 America was entering a period of true prosperity.

The great war was over, factories were working at full capacity, cars were produced in series, millionaires multiplied.

People were healthy and happy in large part because the terrible mysterious disease which was later dubbed the "Spanish Flu of 1918" was a thing of the past..

(April update 2020 – Cf : Did an experimental military vaccine kill in 1918, 50 at 100 million people blaming a “Spanish flu”?)

Two years had passed without these "mysterious deaths" reappearing. America did not hesitate to celebrate.

In fact, the American public was so optimistic and happy in 1921 that very few people were sick.

For the first time in decades hospital beds were practically empty!

The new and young American Medical Association created by John D. Rockefeller just a few years ago was genuinely worried. Business was tumbling down.

Profits from the sale of vaccines and drugs collapsed. We had to do something and we had to act fast.

To solve the problem it was decided to create false epidemics of smallpox in order to maintain the "income" of the medical mafia..

It’s thanks to a group of Kansas City whistleblowers, Missouri (referred to as "The Advertiser's Protective Bureau"), that we know today that this monstrous plan unfolded.

This group of citizens sued and sued the Jackson Medical Society, WADA branch in the state of Missouri.

In the official report of the "Protective Bureau" we can find out the following about this awful plan:

In autumn 1921, the health of the city's citizens was particularly good, but not so ideal for doctors.

Members of the Jackson Medical Society got together and decided to create an epidemic in the city.

In the words of the report of this meeting:


(Subsequent research revealed that there was no sign of an epidemic at this time., nor in the city, nor in the region, nor in the state!).

A special day, called "The day of vaccination" was decreed.

During this vaccination day, doctors had to come to all schools, clinics, public buildings and hospitals to vaccinate "for free".


The "Protectivebureau" was able to prove in court that NO EPIDEMIC EXISTED BEFORE THE VACCINATIONS!!

Court reports show that the Medical Society had huge quantities of posters made, leaflets, publish newspaper ads with horrific and excruciating photos of sick children with ulcers and open smallpox sores.

The panicking message was clear : VACCINE EVERYONE or face the threat of a fatal disease.

There was, we said, a "devastating epidemic" in the city and the disease was "highly contagious" and "would strike anyone who was not vaccinated".

This is the kind of information that was circulating !

Does all this sound unfamiliar to you? 88 years later?

Mafia medical propaganda blitz was a success: over a million American citizens who were happy and healthy were literally hypnotized and terrorized.

This is how they agreed to let themselves be inoculated with vaccine toxins into the blood.

All children attending public schools in the region were vaccinated at the school itself!

Parents who dared to question their children's immunizations were publicly vilified and rejected.


In the weeks and months following the "mass vaccinations", all hospital beds in the region were occupied; by PEOPLE WHO HAVE CONTRACTED SMALLPOX FOLLOWING VACCINATIONS!

Tens of thousands of people became ill, hundreds and hundreds of innocent people lost their lives and even more citizens were disabled for life!

And, It was to be expected, THE NEWSPAPERS were full of praise for the medical establishment's wisdom in promoting vaccines..

They specified that the number of deaths would have been much higher, if there had not been the vaccination campaign!!

Millions upon millions of dollars in profit were made in this massive "medical" scam.

Thanks to the "Protective Bureau" whistleblowers, the huge swindle was exposed and was the subject of legal proceedings which eventually led to.

During the trial, three astonishing facts were demonstrated beyond "any possible doubt":

Fact # 1.

The photos and posters used by the "doctors" that showed sick or dying children HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CASES OF SMALLPOX IN THE LOCATION AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT ! The "Protective Bureau" was able to establish and prove that these were English children for whom justice had been pronounced and who had been victims of vaccine poisoning!!

Several judgments took place in England.

All the details, photos of these cases are included in a work entitled "HISTORY AND PATHOLOGY OF VACCINATIO" by Edgar M. Crookshank, M.D. professor of bacteriology at Kings College, London.

Fact # 2.

Vaccines containing LIVE VIRUSES (attenuated) usually cause more disease; that vaccines could possibly prevent.

Fact # 3.

Diseases caused by vaccinations represent an extremely effective socio-economic tool. They are capable of generating economic benefits of trillions of dollars, while modifying the social structures of broad sections of the population.

While the "Protective Bureau" won in court, the american people lost all the way.

These cases should have made the front pages of every newspaper in the country, denouncing the Modus Operandi of certain corrupt "doctors". The newspapers should have explained how these people made millions and millions of dollars in cheating, the trickery, as thousands of naive and confident Americans suffered and died.

This whole sordid affair with all its disgusting details was killed by the American press.

LAMA (American Medical Association) by John D. Rockefeller had secured this with the power of his millions of dollars of influence!

Although thousands of people died or remained disabled by this organized massacre; the doctors involved were only derisively worried.

They were penalized with a formal fine.

The medical establishment as such was not in the least worried by the revelation of these facts and continued to perpetrate the same crimes against humanity by causing vaccine-related illnesses..

These doctors, were by no means curbed in their zeal to swindle while swindling people until this day ...


Case n ° 1 :

The same events as in Kansas City happened in Pittsburg, PA in the fall 1924. Like in Kansas City, a group of whistleblowers took legal action against Dr C.J.. VOUX, director of health services in Pittsburg and his collaborators.

Just like in Kansas City, the promoters of the vaccine were found guilty.

The lawsuit uncovers that more than a million doses of vaccine were "sold" to the citizens of Pennsylvania, although not a single case of smallpox was reported in the whole region.

It was clearly shown that it was ONLY AFTER the administration of the million vaccines that the smallpox epidemic broke out.

This "epidemic" fabricated from scratch led to 330 death and at least 1.680 severe cases of smallpox with damage and permanent disability for survivors.

This "epidemic" also cost the city the sum of 3.069.616 dollars !

Although Dr Voux and his acolytes had racked up more than 10 millions of dollars (care and hospitals), they weren't forced, as a repair, to pay for the damage caused.

As with the Kansas City affair, an insignificant fine was imposed on the culprits and the case was never widely publicized.

Case n ° 2 :

The first batches of Salk polio vaccine caused thousands of polio cases in vaccinees (One of these concerned President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was struck a few weeks after receiving the vaccine).

This was attributed to too much live virus in the vaccine..

It is then, in 1958 that Dr Sabin developed his "improved" vaccine with live viruses but "weakened" or "attenuated".

The following year his vaccine was made compulsory for all school-aged children in many states..

The result : polio cases increased by 300 % in these states !

As examples : au Tennessee, we raised 119 polio cas in 1958. After vaccination, there were 386.

En Ohio is relevait 17 polio cas in 1958. This figure rose to 52 in 1959. In Connecticut we go from 45 case in 1958 at 123 case in 1959. In North Carolina : 78 case in 1958 against 312 case in 1959, all of this AFTER making vaccination compulsory for school children.

During the last years, the ONLY polio cases recorded were the direct result of vaccinations.

Case n ° 3 :
It's in 1976 that the "swine flu" fiasco and scam took place.

A soldier faints at Ft. Ten and dies after having a reaction to an "experimental" vaccine, while under the effect of intense physical exercise, in this case a "forced march".

Immediately the CDC kicks in and declares that a NATIONAL SWINE INFLUENZA PANDEMIC can be expected.

Fortunately, the CDC was in possession of a stock of more than 2 million doses of swine flu vaccine.

They are prepared from live attenuated viruses and experimental ADJUVANTS ...

40 millions of vaccines are then administered to naive human guinea pigs.

Amount of autoimmune diseases (Guillain Barré paralytic syndrome and lupus) and many deaths are immediately linked to the vaccine.

And the mass vaccination campaign is stopped ...

In 1979 the TV show " 60 minutes ”dedicates a documentary to this scandal.

Against all expectations and following threats from Big Pharma, this perfectly impartial program will be broadcast ONLY ONCE.

There was no follow-up, no indictment. There was no judgment, nor trial !

So it's understandable that America forgot about this swine flu scandal of 1976.

See article : HERE

Case n ° 4 :

During the first Gulf War (Operation desert Storm), an experimental anthrax vaccine was forcibly administered to 140.000 soldiers.

This experimental vaccine contained an oily adjuvant called squalene. Despite the voluminous studies carried out in prestigious laboratories such as those of UCLA, which had shown the danger and toxicity, the military "oils" did not hesitate to give the green light for these experimental injections.

The result:

These 140.000 soldiers suffered from what has come to be called "Gulf War Syndrome".

This sordid affair is explained very honestly in a book by Gary Matsumoto called "Vaccine-A".


As the author of this article has repeatedly said in radio interviews.

The influenza pandemic 1918 was the direct result of typhoid fever vaccines contaminated with live viruses and forcibly administered to the U.S. and Allied military during World War I.

At that time viruses were not yet known.

It was imagined that the diseases had a bacterial origin.

These deadly typhoid fever vaccines were made by the research labs of John D.. Rockefeller.

As well as by Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

The vaccine strains were made from viruses collected from patients with typhoid fever and injected into herds of pigs.

In order to increase the stock of stem material.

These products were then injected into turkey and chicken eggs to allow the incubation of pathogens..

The final product was then injected into the VEINS OF HUNDREDS OF MILLION HUMANS.

A huge pandemic ensued that took the life of 50 million people around the world.


Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks – The Engineering of « Pandemics » By A.TRUE OTT, PhD, ND 23-08 ;2009.Scribd:

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