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Central bankers want totalitarian power…

Par Henry Makow Ph.D., written on 3 December 2005 – Central bankers want totalitarian power 
Source: http://www.savethemales.ca/001830.html
The "war on terror" is a ruse of central bankers to control every aspect of your life.
By rereading "The Red Symphony" recently, I was shocked to read an insider's claim that bankers are not satisfied with infinite wealth, they also want unlimited power.
"The Red Symphony" is an interrogation of the Stalinist secret police (NKVD) de Christian Rakovsky, a Russian ambassador who was a close associate of Leon Trotsky, a Rothschild agent.
I presented this explosive document of 50 pages à mes lecteurs il y a deux ans. Il lève le voile de l’histoire moderne et explique la vraie signification de la révolution, du communisme, de la franc-maçonnerie et de la guerre. Il n’était pas censé devenir domaine public. Le traducteur, le Docteur J. Landowsky, fit une copie non autorisée.
L’expérimentation humaine est mise en danger par des intérêts privés qui ont usurpé la fonction de création monétaire. L’histoire moderne reflète le processus progressif par lequel ils transfèrent toute la richesse et la puissance vers eux-mêmes, en détruisant la civilisation occidentale et créant un état policier mondial.
Rakovsky, whose real name was Chaim Rakover, was sentenced to death in the Stalinist purge of the Trotskyist faction of the party. Leon Trotsky wrote in his autobiography, My Life : « Christian G. Rakovsky… played an active part in the internal work of four socialist parties - the Bulgarian, the Russian, French and Romanian - to eventually become one of the leaders of the Soviet federation, Chairman of the Ukrainian Soviet of People's Commissars, and the Soviet diplomatic representative in England and France… »
Rakovsky tried to convince his interrogator that Stalin should cooperate with bankers who "are just like you and me.. The fact that they control an unlimited amount of money, insofar as they create it themselves, does not determine… the limits of their ambitions… Bankers have a thirst for power, of total power. Just like you and me. »
They created the communist state as a "machine for total power" unprecedented in history. In the past, due to several factors, "There was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially control nations and world governments have claims of absolute domination? ? Understand that this is the only thing they haven't achieved yet. »
A pernicious force paralyzes our national lives. Rakovsky l’identifie: "Imagine yourself, if you can, than a small group of people with unlimited power through possession of real wealth, and you will see that they will be the absolute dictators of the financial markets and the economy ... If you have enough imagination then ... you will see their anarchic influence, moral and social, that is, a revolutionary influence ... do you understand ? »
The revolutionary movement, which defines modern history, was a way to increase the power of bankers by destroying the order that existed before.
To the French revolution, power subtly passed to bankers who weren't constrained by Christian niceties, dit Rakovsky. "The supreme royal power was stolen by people whose moral qualities, intellectuals and cosmopolitans allowed them to use it. It is clear that these were people who had never been Christians, but cosmopolitan. »
The communism, far from distributing wealth, est conçu pour la concentrer dans les mains des personnes les plus riches de la planète. L’état possède la richesse et ils possèdent l’état. Et le marxisme, « avant d’être un système philosophique, économique et politique, est une conspiration pour la révolution. »
Rakovsky se moque du « marxisme élémentairele marxisme populaire démagogique » qui est utilisé pour duper les intellectuels et les masses.
[Quelque soient ses mérites intrinsèques, le socialisme semble conçu pour corrompre et rendre les peuples dépendants du grand gouvernement que les banquiers contrôlent.]
En ce qui concerne la franc-maçonnerie: « Chaque organisation maçonnique essaye de créer tous les pré requis nécessaires pour le triomphe de la révolution communiste; c’est le but évident de la franc-maçonnerie » dit Rakovsky, lui-même un franc-maçon de haut rang.
Le but de la révolution n’est rien de moins que de redéfinir la réalité en termes d’intérêts pour les banquiers. Ceci implique la promotion de la réalité subjective au détriment de la réalité objective. Si Lénine « sent que quelque chose est réel » alors c’est réel. Pour lui, each reality was relative to the one and absolute reality : the revolution. »
In other words, white is black and top is bottom. That's how the Soviet Union was and it's happening to us now. Truth and justice are being replaced by political diktat. "Political correctness" , a Bolshevik term is now in common use. Physicists like Steven Jones who question the 11 September are silenced. Historians like David Irving are jailed.
Rakovsky is amazed that "the benches on which the greasy loan sharks sat to trade their money, have now become temples, that stand magnificently at every corner of our great contemporary cities with their pagan colonnades, and crowds flock there ... to assiduously bring their deposits representing all their possessions to the god of money ... "
He says that "the five-pointed star of the Soviets represents the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who have colossal accumulations of wealth, the biggest ever. »
« N’est-il pas étrange que Marx n’ait jamais mentionné ce fait ? » demande Rakovsky. « N’est-il pas étrange que pendant les révolutions, les insurgés n’aient jamais attaqué les banquiers, leurs châteaux ou leurs banques ? »
La guerre est le moyen par lequel les banquiers centraux avancent vers leur objectif d’un gouvernement mondial totalitaire. Rakovsky dit que Trotsky était derrière le meurtre de l’archiduc Ferdinand (qui a déclenché la première guerre mondiale). Il rappelle la phrase prononcée par la mère des cinq frères Rothschild : « ‘Si mes fils le veulent, alors il n’y aura aucune guerre.’ It means they were the referees, masters of peace and war, but not the emperors. Are you able to visualize the fact of such importance ? Isn't war a revolutionary function ? The war ? The Municipality. Since that time, each war was a giant step towards communism. »
"After the assassination of Walter Rathenau [member of the Illuminati, Weimar Minister of Foreign Affairs] in 1922, the Illuminati only gave political and financial positions to intermediaries "says Rakovsky. "Obviously to loyal and trustworthy people, which can be guaranteed in a thousand ways : so we can be sure that these bankers and politicians [in the public eye], are just straw men, even if they occupy very high places, and are manipulated to appear as the authors of the plans that are carried out. »
In 1938, Rakovsky pointed out three reasons for the coming WWII.
The first was that Hitler started printing his own currency.. " It is very serious. Much more than all the external and cruel factors of National Socialism. »
Secondly, the "fully developed nationalism of Western Europe is an obstacle to Marxism … the need to destroy nationalism alone is worth a war in Europe. »
Finally, communism cannot triumph unless it suppresses "Christianity still alive. "He speaks of the" permanent revolution "as dating from the birth of Christ, and the Reformation as "its first partial victory" because it divides Christendom. This suggests that the "conspiracy" also contains a racial or religious factor..
" In reality, Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of bourgeois states. Christianity controlling individuals is able to nullify revolutionary projection of neutral Soviet state or atheist state. »
Now central bankers are promoting World War III as "the clash of civilizations.". "Substitute Islam for Christendom above.
Our beliefs must adapt to the truth and not the other way around. Apparently, the truth is that a relatively small clique of Jewish banking families and their non-Jewish allies in ruling families in Europe and America have usurped control over the creation of currencies, and with her, the destiny of the world.
This upper class owns and controls most of the world's largest corporations., the media, intelligence agencies, secret societies, the universities, policies, The foundations, think tanks, NGOs (non-governmental organization). They also appear to dominate organized crime.
The 11 September, the war on terrorism and Iraq are part of the inexorable process by which the upper class increases its wealth and its grip. The end goal is a global police state in which the masses will be deprived of their wealth., of their freedom and maybe of their life.
The neoconservatives are really neo-communists. They compromise the safety of their Jewish compatriots (just like all Americans) by their evil machinations. Jews should follow my example and repudiate them.
The upper class wants us to see it as a "Jewish problem.". " In this way, it can blame innocent Jews and then reject all opposition by invoking "hatred" and "bias. The problem is mainly that of the creation of money (credit) which has led to an untenable concentration of power and wealth in few hands.
Virtually every individual useful to society, Jewish or not, is forced, knowingly or not, to align with this upper class. Our religious institutions, cultural and political have been hijacked. This explains the false quality of social life in the West.
As we celebrate Christmas, remember the message of Christ: God is love. God is more powerful than the satanic force that holds mankind in slavery. But His will cannot be done unless men do it.
Whatever the price, doing nothing will cost even more. The abundance we now enjoy is part of a centuries-old plot to entrap and enslave humanity.

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