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HUH. totalitarian planned by the Nazis, this is the 4th Reich

The Nazis had planned
a 4th Reich:
The European Union


The most influential industrialists and economists gave the order to preserve the Nazi regime, by creating a common European market.
Nazi leaders sought to preserve their power at the end of WWII. They conspired to create a 4th Reich under the auspices of the European Union. Recently uncovered documents indicate this plot was real!

In an article in the British newspaper Daily Mail, Adam Lebor reveals how he uncovered US intelligence report (EW-Pa 128) known as the Red House Report, which details how the top Nazi leaders secretly met on 10 August 1944, in Strasbourg in the Hotel Maison Rouge, (knowing that Germany was on the verge of military defeat) with the aim of creating a 4th Reich, a pan-European economic empire, based on a common European market.

Nazi industrialists, gave the order to Dr Scheid(SS Obergruppenfuhrer) to create front companies abroad and to pose as Democrats in order to penetrate foreign economies and lay the foundations for the re-emergence of the Nazi Party.

Adam Lebord indicates that "that the Third Reich was defeated militarily, but the bankers, industrialists and Nazi officials became Democrats as early as West Germany's economy began to flourish. Was, they started working for a new cause : European political and economic integration.

Wealthy industrialists such as Alfried Krupp(Krupp Industries) and Friedrich Flick, as well as companies like BMW, Siemens and Volkswagen set out to create a new pan-European economic empire. According to, l’History Dr. Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, an adviser to the former Jewish workers' party "For many personalities in the industrial world close to the Nazi regime, Europe became a kind of cover for the pursuit of German national interests after Hitler's defeat .... The continuity of the economy of Germany and the post-war European economies is striking. Some of the great figures of the Nazi economy became the main builders of the European Union. “

Hermann Abs, financial titan, who joined the board of directors of Deutsche Bank during the rise of the Nazis, also sat on the supervisory board of IG Farben, the company that manufactured the Zyklon B gas used to kill the victims of the concentration camps.

Adam Lebor indicates that in 1948 Hermann Abs was in charge of the reconstruction funds for German industry, and he was in charge of the economic recovery of Germany.

“Abs was also a member of the European League for Economic Cooperation, bringing together the intellectual elite with leverage. This group has been set up 1946. The league dedicated its activities to the establishment of a common market, precursor of the European Union.

The European League for Economic Cooperation had developed measures for European integration which were none other than those proposed by the Nazis, a few years earlier.

A comparison of the measures developed by the European League for Economic Cooperation and by the Nazis can be found in Rodney Atkinson's book "Europe's Full Circle"

Europaische Wirtshaftsgemeinschaft = European Economic Community

European Monetary System = European Exchange Rate Mechanism

Europabank (Berlin) = European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Principle of a Regional Europe = The Committee of the Regions.

Common labor policy = Social Chapter

Economic and trade agreements = Single Market
"Is it possible that the Fourth Reich that these Nazi industrialists had foreseen, either in a certain part become a reality ? » s’interroge Adam Lebor
"These three typewritten pages are a reminder that the current orientation towards a European federal state is inexorably marred by the plans of the SS and German industrialists for the Fourth Reich – an economic rather than a military order. »
There are many, many amazing similarities between the Nazis and the European Union . The two are intrinsically linked and the origins of the European Union can be traced to the Nazis.
The founding of the European Union and ultimately the establishment of the Euro were already the subject of discussions in the Group Bilderberg in the years 50. Documents prove that the plan to create a European common market and a single currency was formulated by the Bilderberg group in 1955. One of the founders of the Bilderberg group, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was himself a former Nazi officer, belonging to the SS corps.
But the ideological framework of the European Union goes back even further, in the early 1940 when Nazi economists and academics outline a plan for a single European economic community, a program which was duly followed after the end of the second world war.
In the book The European Community, written by Walther Funk in 1940, (former Nazi economy minister and war criminal.), il déclare la necessité de créer une « Union de l’Europe Centrale », et un « Espace Economique Européen. "In order to ensure a fixed exchange rate. The author of the book also declares "that no nation can achieve alone the highest level of economic freedom which requires social demands. The formation of a large economic space follows the natural law of development, agreements between European states will govern economic forces… There must be a will to subordinate one's own interests, to those of the European Community.
The co-author of Walther Funk, Nazi Academician Heinrich Hunke, wrote "Traditional national economies are dead ... the fate of these economies will be the European economy. The destiny and extension of European cooperation, depends on a new plan for economic unity "
Nazi Gustav Koenig declared : "We have a real stain: the emergence of a European community ... and I am convinced that this effort will continue even after the end of the war "
In 1940, Joeseph Goebbels, propaganda minister, ordered the creation of a "great European economic unification" estimating that "in fifty years, people will no longer think in terms of countries or nations ” 53 years later, the european union is established.
The other Nazis (Ribbentrop, Quisling and Seyss-Inquart ) who called for the creation of a European federal super state, évoquaient déjà en leur temps « la nouvelle europe des solidarités et de la coopération entre tous ses habitants connaitra rapidement la prospérité économique dès que les frontières économiques nationales seront supprimées. »
Most of the people who hold the reins of power in the European Union are not Nazis, indeed, they are certainly only simple liberals who work for the "greater good". However, The European Union by its very nature is totalitarian, car elle vise à supprimer le pouvoir des gouvernements nationaux au profit d’entités supra-nationales qui ne rendent compte à personne. Elle vise également à supprimer le droit à la liberté d’expression à toute personne en mesure d’exercer une influence et qui critique l’Union Européenne   
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