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The Morgellons : an evil weapon at work ?

What are morgellons ? Morgellons are nano-bugs or nanotechnological insects made in the laboratory by who knows who.. You might think they are the cousins ​​of the Hollywodian "gremlins" or the latest wacky title in a next-gen video game. ! This is not the case and the facts gathered since 18.05.2006 in Oregon (USA) relate symptoms worthy of a nightmare experienced by Dr DROTTAR who suddenly woke up with the feeling that a liquid was "flowing under his skin" ....

From an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology (American Journal of Clinical Dermatology), symptoms of Morgellons include skin lesions ranging from imperceptible to disfigurement, crawling and crawling sensations - on and under the skin - and the appearance of fibers and / or granules coming out of the skin.

Moreover, "In accordance with the statistics of the (MRF), the majority (95%) of affected patients also mention symptoms of crippling fatigue and "fog in the head" and / or problems focusing attention.

Patients also report a high incidence (50%) fibromyalgia, associated with pain and trouble sleeping Other symptoms include hair loss, decreased vision, neurological disorders and tooth decay in the absence of cavities or gingivitis.

In fact, the symptoms of patients with Morgellons are many and varied, and can simulate many other medical conditions.

Frequently these symptoms can belong to any of the following conditions :

  1. Gale : parasitosis caused by the sarcopte, Sarcoptes scabei.
  2. Dracunculiasis, Pediculosis : insect or parasitic worm infections.
  3. Atopic dermatitis or Eczema - a common skin infection of various causes including stress.
  4.  Neurodermatose : Eczema or other skin infection condition exacerbated by scratching.
  5. Ringworm: a yeast infection of the skin or hair.
  6.  Folliculite: infection of the hair follicles.
  7. Cellulite: a serious skin infection.
  8.  Seborrhea: infection due to hyper- sebaceous gland activity
  9. Impetigo: a bacterial rash
  10.  Pathomimie: obsessive destruction of one's own skin
  11. Side Effects of Drugs, due to use, abuse, or missing.

At the subjective level, patients have the impression of being invaded "By insects, little animals running under the skin ”, a tactile hallucination of insects, serpents, or other worms crawling on the skin, so that some wonder if it is not just a mainly mental problem, can go as far as delirium of parasitosis (long known in medicine).
Facts collected since 2006 in Oregon (USA), relate symptoms worthy of a nightmare experienced by Dr DROTTAR who suddenly woke up feeling that a liquid was "running under his skin" ....
On patient pressure, including that of doctors and nurses who claim to be faced with a host of symptoms that are difficult to treat, has resulted, in June 2006, the writing of a report from the Federal Centers which had started to organize a Committee to study Morgellons disease and determine if it really exists.
In June 2006, the CDC of Atlanta, Usa, (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) undertook a very comprehensive clinical and scientific investigation of the Morgellons.
The very official M.R.F morgellon research foundation: tries to answer scientifically to the growing and panicked demands of patients ignorant of the real causes of their ailments, which bring together, we said it, dermatological symptoms, neurological and circulatory !
What are morgellons ? Click on the address below, and click by click on the series of photos offered to you, you will understand better:
Here is its definition according to the very official Wikipedia :
Where do they come from? Good question !
Aerial inoculation of biological implants in food, water and air ... No one really knows if the new version of Morgellons disease, is caused by GMOs or CHEMTRAILS (who are aerosol sprays of pathogens to change the atmosphere) but what is certain, is that both are pointed out !
Chemtrail activists gather evidence that chemtrail spray contains not only bacteria, but also conductive metals, blood cells, carbon powders, sedatives, nanoparticles, crystalline substances, aluminum particles, barium powders as well as a type of polyethylene-silicone fiber.
(Note: The HAARP patent calls for spraying barium in the atmosphere to enhance the effects of HAARP . HAARP patents call for spraying barium into the atmosphere to enhance the effects of HAARP. < h3>. HAARP Patent Contains Proposal To Release Large Barium Clouds To Increase Electron Precipitation).
Recently, the Dr Hildegarde Staninger, an industrial toxicologist, and the Dr Mike Castle, polyethylene expert and activist against chemtrails, have joined forces to determine whether the nanofibers that grow from the skin of people with Morgellons fibrous disease and chemtrail nanofibers have a connection.
People with Morgellons disease have many different colors of nanofibers that grow from sores on their body and do not heal..
Fallout from Chemtrails has similar fibers in many different colors that closely resemble Morgellons disease fibers.
These fibers are on you and in your house. You can find them using fluorescent black light. Ultraviolet light makes them glow. Also use a loupe. These fibers are able to penetrate under the skin, or on the tongue ! And connect to our nervous system ! They would have capacities much superior to the RFID chip !  
It's up to you to make up your own mind by clicking on the links below respectively !

The highlighting of this time bomb would coincide with the arrival of GMOs on our plates, even nanotechnologies in cosmetics, intelligent textile fibers (antiperspirant t-shirt and socks style, etc.) The man of the 21st century never ends with his nightmarish utopia.
 From Barbara L. Minton reporter, this disease seems to be linked to genetically modified food. (See his article originally published on - the 13 avril 2008).
 Anyway, treatments exist, thank God. Here they are below.

here are the TWO treatments offered to patients, in Germany and the USA. You will find the documents Originals on the site: . Click on the - tab "Medical Info" - then click - « treatments » ; in more pictures, you will find the various treatments offered.
 Some treatment Information : Below are the latest Lyme (and related pathogens) treatments used in Germany and the USA : The antibiotic Clarythromycin (Clerimed) is working for lyme and mycoplasma too.
Starting 3-4 weeks Cefuroxim
2 X daily 500mg. 
Starting for 10 days with
Doxycyclin 2 x daily 200 mg.
1-3 days break 
8 days break
Then 3-4 weeks Clarythromycin
(Clerimed) 2 X daily 500 mg. 
Then for 10 days
Cefpodoxim 2 x daily
Or Roxythromycin, Azithromycin, 
Minocyclin or Zyvox 
(check the dosage first) 
8 days break
1-3 days break
Then for 10 days Amoxicillin
2 x daily 1000 mg.
Then 2 weeks with Metronidazol
(Flagyl) 2 X daily 400 mg.,
8 days break
Or Anti-Malaria drugs
as Quensil or Plaquenil
Then for 10 days Erythromycin
3 x daily 500 mg.

Withmon Lab-tests:

Common used medications:
T-Cellspot + CD-57 test (better)
Clarythromycin® or Minocyclin® = Antibiotic
LTT- Melisa-Test (effective)
Azithromycin® or Roxithromycin® = macrolide Antibiotic
Igenex & Bowen test (actual)
Metronidazol or Flagyl® = Antibiotic/Antiprotozoan
Elisa-Test (standard)
Amoxicillin® or Ampicillin® = Antibiotic (penicillin based)
Electrolyte balance
Bactrim®, Avelox®, Septra DS® = Antibiotics
Urological tests (Chlamydia etc.)
Natamycin®, Opthalmic® or Polyspectran® = Antibiotic-Antifungal Eye drops
As well all common viral-,
Isopto-Max®, Bacitracine® or Amphotericin B® = Antibiotic-Antifungal Eye drops
bacteriological- und mycotical Tests
Neomycin® or Miconazole® or Clotrimazol® = Antibiotic-Antifungal Eye drops
Full blood profile (CBC)
Voriconazole®, Caspofungin®, Posiconazole® or Itraconazole® = Anti-fungals
C-Reactive protein
Amphotericin B® or Lamisil® = Anti-fungals
HPA Profile + ACE-levels
Praziquantel® or Albendazole® = Worm treatment
Eye tests
Ivermectin® = Worms/Filaria, Trypanosoma, Scabies, Loa-loa
Hormonal tests (DHEA, Sexual, Cortisol)
Topical Econazole-Nitrate® = Worm treatment

Source: HERE

Definition of Morgellons according to Wikipedia

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