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Secret Relations : between African-Americans (slaves deported to America) and Jews (Zionists trafficking in slaves)


(an overview)…

Secret relations : Secret Relations between African Americans (slaves deported to America) and Jews (Zionists trafficking in slaves) an overview (Tome 1) (Link lapsed)

They are millions to have read Secret Relations, and those who haven't, have heard about it anyway (in good). They are aware that the real target is not Farrakhan but this very embarrassing book that the African-American leader did not write but only had edited, and which the Zionists want at all costs to prevent the massive distribution outside the African-American community.

Louis Farrakhan, born Louis Eugene Walcott the 11 May1933 in the Bronx at New York, is the leader of the political and religious organization Nation of Islam since 1981. He is famous for organizing the Million Man March of Washington D.C in 1995. ()

Louis Farrakhan is a preacher of La “Nation of Islam” of the African American community which has strived to unite the entire African American population. What purpose? This question is discussed in the article: The Nation of Islam (WE) of the African American community and the Freemasons. (Update of this note on 11 avril 2016)

The book Secret Relations, which contains nearly 1300 quotes from renowned figures in science and academia (the great majority of Jews), has not been the subject of any serious discussion. The Zionist Mafia and the Media Controlled by It (that is to say all the media) were satisfied with an outright lynching, without prior reading: Zionist totalitarianism in its purest form.

Wikipedia, in the mentioned article upper, howls of course with the wolves (despite some astonishing exceptions in the paragraph devoted to the Middle Ages). For the Zionipedist on duty, the book of the Nation of Islam would be “anti-semite” and spread the “Jewish conspiracy theory for world domination“. The charges it contains would have been “very largely refuted by historians“. In fact these famous historians – Zionists, of course – refute nothing at all. They just deny, to minimize or relativize the facts, without elaborating on the precise testimonies of Jewish authors, which the book is full of.

Comment “demolish” a book when you have no serious argument to oppose it: Slavery and the JewsWinthrop Jordan comments in his own way The Secret Relationship and makes the following criticisms:   

  • The work does not contain any exact mention of the publisher and the author (very annoying when you want to pursue “guilty” in justice). 
  • It's about “volume one”, but no one tells us what the following volumes will look like (very serious gap).  
  • Index of names, at the end of the book, is poorly designed. When we look for something on “Detroit”, we can't find anything, we must refer to “Michigan”, the state where this city is located (we lose every time at least 2,7 seconds). 
  • The book is crammed with notes and commentaries referring to Jewish historical works (they are even swollen, these descendants of slaves).
  • Footnotes are very difficult to verify (It's not that Jordan is lazy, but still). 
  • They are not numbered chapter by chapter, but continuously from beginning to end of the book (the author really believes he is allowed anything). 
  • He draws from the Jewish quotes he presents, conclusions that may be different from those that the cited authors would have drawn (necessarily, as vulgar goy, he does not understand anything about the development of Jewish thought). 
  • Author uses too many Jewish sources to justify his point (It is unfair, unbalanced and tendentious). 
  • Many Jewish works cited in The Secret Relationship are so old that they are today “overwhelmed” (we can still not talk about Jews using texts written by them before the rise of Zionism; it is true, what, if the author had cited only works that appeared in Israel after 1967, he wouldn't have found a single slave Jew). 
  • The Secret Relationship cites Jewish sources too often “secondary” from the end of the 19th century instead of resorting to original sources “firsthand” from previous centuries (this is not the same: older, less is exceeded). 
  • The author ignores the fact that the slave Jews wanted to be like everyone else in America (it's the fault of goyim, what). 
  • He ignores, no more, of the evolution that has taken place since: today, the Jews are no longer slave traders (so we must whitewash the Jewish slavers of yesteryear). 
  • Instead of asking questions, the book gives answers (She is really nice, that one). 
  • The book is not enough “neutral” towards the Jews (not like the Zionists). 
  • The prominent role played by Jews in the slave trade is explained by their position in Christian society (we don't make you tell). 

Despite his obvious bad faith and his pedantry bordering on ridicule, Winthrop Jordan had the honesty to read the book he reviews – unlike most of his colleagues, who contented themselves with copying the press releases from the lobby. Between the lines, Jordan reveals to us, unintentionally, the merits of The Secret Relationship : solid work, specific, concrete and reasoned, academic, difficult to refute in substance.


Small note:

In recent years, the environments “well intentioned” circulate on the Internet excerpts from a bogus letter they attribute to Martin Luther King, in which the latter would have responded to a black interlocutor who criticized the last war of conquest of the State of Israel (that of “Six days” of June 1967) : “When people criticize the Zionists, they talk about the Jews. Your words are anti-Semitic.”  This sentence was supposedly taken from an article by King published in August 1967 in the magazine Saturday Review. Or, nothing like that was in this post, neither in August nor on any other date. Besides, the page and volume number cited did not correspond at all to those used by the journal. In the meantime, Zionist forgers claim that if MLK didn't write this in the Saturday Review, it doesn't matter since he said the same thing in public at a lecture at Harvard University. There is of course no written record to corroborate this claim., but whatever : if King didn't say so, he must have thought so…  (It would be interesting to know how the black tribune, assassinated in Memphis in 1968, would now judge Israeli colonial policy of war and apartheid.) 

This despicable way of hijacking a cause that is totally foreign to them, is quite characteristic of the Zionists and their perverse ideology. To hear them, the agitators of the unspeakable lobby have always been for the “promoting people of color”. In fact, when it happens to them to support a black, it is out of well calculated interest, because he is docile enough and promising enough to serve their purposes – see Obama.

Secret Relations : an overview

Christopher Colombus
  • Jews gain a foothold in America from day one of European conquest. In 1492, the expedition of Christopher Columbus is not financed by the Kingdom of Spain but by three rich marranos (Jews converted to Christianity out of convenience or expediency but continuing to practice their old religion clandestinely). Six Jews accompany Columbus on his first trip. One of them, Luis de Torres, settles in Cuba and becomes a tobacco farmer.

Some Jewish authors (as Harry Golden and Martin Rywell, or Cecil Roth) believe that Christopher Columbus himself is of Jewish origin, but let him hide this ancestry. If the thing is true, he could be said to be the first transatlantic Jewish slave trader (in 1498, he comes home with 600 “Indians” of the Caribbean who will be sold in Spain). 

Info +

A brief history of Christopher Columbus and his Jewish ancestors and his status as Marranos.

Secret Jews: The Marranos were Jews who 'necessarily' converted (many of which with little resistance - (Max I. Dimont, The Jews in America, The Roots, History and Destiny of American Jews [Jews in America, the origins, The History and Fate of American Jews], p. 23) 2) and whose descendants became outwardly Christians but who continued secretly to meet in the synagogue, to celebrate feast days and keep the Jewish Sabbath.

The Marranism is a term used from XVe century with reference to Jews from Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) converted to Catholicism, often by force, and who continued to practice Judaism secretly. In Portugal, they have traditionally been referred to as new christians (new Christians), appellation today often replaced by that of crypto-Jews. Most of them were Kabbalah disciples.

The crypto-judaïsme is the secret adherence to Judaism while one publicly adheres to another faith; those who practice crypto-Judaism are generally referred to as "crypto-Jews". The term also applies to descendants of Jews who maintain (most often secretly) occult customs and practices while publicly professing another faith. In this case, the term that would have been the most appropriate would have been crypto-kabbalism.

- “The Jewish aspects of Christopher Columbus's journey”

- New revelations on the Jewish origins of Christopher Columbus.

  • In the decades following the 'discovery' of America, Jews are present in all the colonies, whether they are Spanish, portuguese, english, Dutch or French. In the territories conquered by Portugal, they represent, according to Daniel Swetschinski, 10 % of the population but 65-75% of traders - slaves are then a commodity like any other ...

The first Portuguese Jews arrive in Brazil as soon as 1503. They are the ones who will establish the large sugar cane plantations there, using their know-how acquired in the colonies of Africa (Saint Thomas), both in terms of agricultural techniques and labor issues. (Black slavery began long before the conquest of the New World, in the plantations and mines of Africa.) 

In Brazil, in the 16th century, Jews are the engine of colonization; they are at the origin of the foundation of 200 coastal counters. Lee M. Friedman : “A very large number of Brazilian traders were Jewish.Marcus Arkin : “Towards 1600, in Brazil, the plantations, the bulk of the slave trade, a good hundred sweets with at least 10.000 black slaves, just as most of the molasses exports were in the hands of Jewish settlers.

Slavery in Brazil, Jean-Baptiste Debret
  • At the beginning of the 17th century, the Dutch West India Company, in which Jewish capital is largely invested, becomes a serious competitor of the Spanish and Portuguese in South America and the West Indies. Holland is then the country in the world where Jews enjoy the greatest freedom. They can, without leaving the country, “collect dividends from gold trading, money and slaves” (Golden and Something).

According to Marcus Arkin, Amsterdam Jews are also engaged in another Dutch company: that of the East Indies. But the, it is not slavery that enriches them, it's opium. Wealthy Jewish families like the Sassoons made their fortunes from the drug trade - but that's another story ...

  • From 1660-70, Jews play a leading role in Dutch Guiana (Suriname). Marc lee raphael : “The Jews brought in large numbers of African slaves and kept them in pens; the slave trade became the main feature of Jewish economic life.

Towards 1730, the Jews of Guyana are so influential that they can even afford to make their slaves work on Sundays, compulsory rest day throughout the colony. (Saturday work is no problem, since the slaves are not Jews.)  There are slave revolts and, as reported Cecil Roth, “these revolts are often directed against the Jews, which is explained by the fact that these are the largest slave owners in the region“.

  • Also in Barbados, Jews are among the first settlers, the first sugar cane planters and the first slave owners. The island serves as a hub for Jewish slave traders for the transit of African slaves to other colonies in the West Indies. Curacao, Dutch possession with large Jewish population, the first governor is a certain Samuel Coheno. There too, Jewish trade in African slaves for "re-export" flourishes. In Jamaica, the first Jewish settlers settled in 1625. Thirty years later, “the three main importers of slaves on the island are Israelites” (Max Kohler). 
  • In Martinique, “the first large plantation is established in 1655 by Benjamin Da Costa, a Jew from Brazil with 1.100 slaves” (Lee M. Friedman). “David's family, Benjamin and Moïse Gradis owned vast territories in Martinique and Santo Domingo” (Bertram Korn). There are also slave Jews in Nevis, in Dominica, in Saint-Eustache, in Saint-Thomas, etc.
  • In the second half of the 17th century, most governments regulate trade and impose taxes on slaves imported into the colonies, which gives birth to a smuggling phenomenon driven by Jewish traffickers. The number of slaves actually brought into the different islands is always higher than the number indicated on the transport documents.
  • Sometimes, when the supervisory powers of the various colonies see the interests of their nationals seriously threatened by Jewish competition, authorities take deportation measures. But the consequences are never dramatic for Jewish traders. “When the Jews were driven out of Martinique by the French [in 1685], they simply fell back to Barbados, which became the new center of their smuggling operations” (Seymour Liebman).  
  • Jewish influence in America has often been greatly underestimated and masked by the fact that, for example, “In the 17th century, in the New World, word Portuguese was often synonymous with Jewish" (Seymour Liebman).
  • In the English colonies of North America, where a good part of the population is made up of former common law prisoners, Jewish “refugees” are among the privileged classes. They never arrive empty-handed, have long experience in commercial activities and can draw on a strong network of international relations. Peter Wiernik : “Since all the Jewish settlers of this era belong to the wealthy strata of American society, it is only natural for them to accept the slavery which is practiced there and to profit from it as much as other influential colonists… The first Jewish settlements are established in Newport (Rhode Island) and in New York, where there are many Jewish slavers long before independence [1776]."Some had even settled there before 1664, when New York was still a Dutch colony and was called New Amsterdam.
  • Lenni Brenner : “From the start of the colonial era, Jewish businessmen were involved in the slave trade on the North American continent and participated in the infamous triangular trade [between Africa, America and Europe or between Africa, the West Indies and North America]... Jewish slave traders brought countless African slaves to the northern colonies; in the south, the Jews entered the plantation class in substantial numbers.Henry Feingold : “The Jews, that were frequently found at the very center of commercial activities, could not fail to contribute also, directly or indirectly, to the slave trade.
  • Large Jewish communities (slavers like the others) exist in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Charleston and Savannah, as in French Louisiana (New Orleans, Mobile). 
  • Abram Vossen Goodman : “Never, until the Civil War, the Jews, as a community, did not question the practice of slavery or express any reservations about its inhuman effects. When some states proposed to increase tariffs to discourage the importation of slaves, Jewish merchants Joseph Marks, Samson Levy et David Franks protestèrent.
  • During the Civil War * (1861-65), all the rabbis of the South - without any exception - support the cause of slavery. In the north, opinions are divided but we do not officially pronounce. When Rabbi David Einhorn, from Baltimore (North), openly calls for the abolition of slavery, his colleagues disavow him **. Northern Jews (secular) supporters of abolition are mostly “liberal” German immigrants who left their home countries after the failed revolution of 1848. Of course, the Jewish religion everywhere remains closed to blacks.


*Contrary to a widely held opinion, the North's number one goal is not the liberation of black slaves, but maintaining the unity of the country, which has just been broken by the creation of a Southern Confederation. In 1861, there is 21 million inhabitants in the North (no slave) and 9 million in the South (dont 4 million slaves). South, mostly agricultural, sells its products (cotton, sugar) in the industrialized North which transforms them; the rich northern bourgeoisie does not want to lose this source of profit at any price. After the war, the situation does not change much for blacks in the South. Many emigrate “freely” to the industrial regions of the North, where they are hardly better treated. Some influential Northerners have long dreamed of returning all blacks "to their country". Long before the Civil War, in 1847, they create in West Africa the “independent Republic” of Liberia to park the “repatriated negroes” there. If the northern states, originally as openly racist as those in the South, abandoned slavery much earlier, it is simply because it was not compatible with mechanization and the industrial revolution.

** The Secret Relationship pays considerable tribute to Rabbi Einhorn as well as his colleagues Sabato Morais of Philadelphia and Bernhard Felsenthal of Chicago (two northern towns), that the religious hierarchy has forced into silence. We can't help but think of the rabbis of Neturei Karta, who are now suffering a similar fate because of their condemnation of Israeli terror and their solidarity with the Palestinians.

  • Many northern Jews are among the great profiteers of the Civil War: “More than one Baltimore Jew became landowner, banker, railway tycoon or uniform maker, a very lucrative activity thanks to the increasingly important orders of the government” (Isaac Fein). Once peace is restored, war profits are invested in reconstruction and new industries, like textile, dominated by Jewish immigrants from Germany. It was also the time when the future big investment banks were founded. There too, German Jews lead the pack, with names sometimes still famous today: Goldman*, Sachs*, Lehman*, Kuhn, Loeb, Warburg, Seligman, Guggenheim, Lewisohn, Schiff, Wertheim, etc ... In the Southern States, Jewish merchants discover new source of profit: the black consumer now “free”. Unlike the pre-war slave, the farm worker earns some money which he asks to spend.

* We see that the financial crisis comes a long way - and that the profiteers are pretty much the same.

  • The book The Secret Relationship does not expand on the issue of black slavery in the Spanish colonies. The subject may be discussed in a future book. See HERE (page is no longer online).
  • The balance sheet of the slave trade is very difficult to establish. The frequently put forward figure of 15 million deaths in all (in three and a half centuries, for the whole of the New World) is most certainly below reality. Philip Curtin, in his book The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census (1969), estimate that, if the number of slaves actually "imported" is approximately 10 millions, “the loss of human life caused by the slave trade is in fact a multiple (‘many times’) the number of slaves landed in the Americas. For every slave who came alive, others died in the wars accompanying the capture, or during the forced march towards the coast, or while waiting for boarding, or while crossing in crowded and unhealthy holds. Still others succumbed to the disease upon arrival.”Which gives us“ a lot of times ” 10 millions, so at least 50 million dead.

Wikipedia (titled page The Atlantic slave trade) indicates that the number of people kidnapped in West or Central Africa and enslaved, is "considerably higher" that 9 or 12 million landed in America. The Nation of Islam, For its part, fixes the results of this “Black holocaust" at 100 million victims.

(The full story of the Native American genocide remains to be written, her too. Cautious estimate of effects of colonization - especially Spanish - points to collapse of indigenous population, which passes from 80 million to 10 million in less than a century. Dominican prelate Bartolomé de Las Casas talks about 15 million dead, just in Mexico, after only 50 years of Spanish domination. The slave trade is, at least in part, the consequence of this high “Indian” mortality. Colonizers first slaughter local populations, then when they realize that they no longer have anyone to work in the mines, the plantations and the countless construction sites, they bring in African slaves.) 

  • The Secret Relationship presents a list of the names of a hundred slave ships with the names of their Jewish owners. This list - obviously very incomplete - covers a period of three centuries (1500-1800). This is of course insufficient to determine precisely the exact share of Jewish responsibility in all the trafficking. But this allows, at least, to undo the claims in Zionist circles that Jews did not participate in the slave trade at all.

The book also contains a very long list of Jews involved in one way or another in slavery *: slave owners, planters, traders, smugglers, usurers and financiers, members of the police force or militia tasked with “recovering” the escaped slaves, slave lawyers and politicians, etc…

These lists are taken from documents taken up by the many authors (mostly Jewish) cited in the book.

  * Family Monsanto, from which the current champions of bioterrorism and genetic manipulation descend, is part of.

In summary, we can say that if the Jews were not the only initiators and profiteers of transatlantic slavery, what nobody claims, they played on the other hand, as evidenced by countless Jewish authors, a decisive role in this field * - at all levels and in almost all the American colonies. Given their undisputed skill in commercial and financial matters, of their great mobility, their community ties and their past “experience” dating back to the first centuries of the Middle Ages (see upper), the opposite would have been surprising.

* Of course, the role played by the Catholic Church has been much worse - especially in the Spanish colonies. The difference, everyone has the right to talk about it, while the question of Jewish responsibility is totally taboo.

The Secret Relationship could have been the starting point of extensive research on the theme of the slave trade and slavery (practiced by both Jews and non-Jews). But it was not - and will not be - because the scientific and academic world is not in the hands of those who would benefit from such work being done.. It is in the hands of a powerful lobby focused on the uniqueness of the suffering of its own community. Everything that goes against this victimhood and totalitarian project is formally excluded once and for all.

The unspeakable lobby, worthy successor of the slavers denounced in the book, does not want the victims of his daily propaganda to notice that his methods are not new. Above all, he does not want deepening a taboo subject to lead, from another community group, requests for restitution and compensation comparable to those he formulates and imposes himself every day.

The way the subject is treated by the media and Zionized websites (Wikipedia for example), is quite symptomatic. We don't just deny or disguise the essential, attention is also diverted to related subjects presented as as important as the slave trade, for example slavery in the Muslim world *. Without wanting to minimize this precise question, the diversionary tactic employed here by the Zionists is strangely reminiscent of that of speaking of Darfur * when one wants to make people forget the crimes committed in Gaza.

* Irony of fate: we know the role played by Jewish merchants in the slave trade between medieval Europe and the Muslim world (see HERE) ; we also know the role played by the Israeli warmongers in Sudan. It is somewhat reminiscent - all things considered - of this tactic frequently employed by the Zionists., which is to divert attention from a crime they have committed, by invoking another crime that they also committed although they blame it on their opponents (example: "Justify" the aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq by the terrorist attacks 11 September). 

June 2009 : the Financial Times of London reveals the existence of National Archives documents proving the involvement of Jewish banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild in the slave trade: Rothschild founder linked to slavery. Of course, the patriarch himself never wielded the whip, but he personally enriched himself by financing this despicable trade and using slaves as collateral for his banking operations.

Also read : Rothschild was also a slaveholder. (link become inactive)

Source: wotraceafg.voila.net/

Addition of additional information and images.


Tome 2 Secret Relations : How Zionist Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy

(Note – Update on 15/08/2020 – The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, the book appears in English and French on wikipedia. Having said that again, it is strange how the information is diverted for the benefit of anti-Semitism. Zionists must not understand that humans of all stripes but also Jews denounce the manipulation of the word anti-Semitism, Semite, .. Or they continue to be blind).

Video that was censored to me, saved on an account (thanks to whoever did it).

If not possible also HERE (An account with this video has been censored, updated on 09/03/2016)


The 15/08/2020 – The “liberals” and the “conservatives” same objective

The The NOI of the African-American community and its occult side

For those who would have the idea of ​​coming bored. Forget! You don't know what Semite means. If you knew, you would never have bonded (or not endorse) this, you would never have covered that. We are conscious, you condone death, inhumanity and you justify your actions with lies …

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