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Zionist leaders of Saudi Arabia

The Jewish roots of the Saudi ruling family
Translated from Arabic
Dailycensorship's most accurate translation of the article:
 Zionist Rulers of Saudi Arabia‘ (The article disappeared on this link but you can find them on just-another-inside-job HERE
Research and introduction of MOHAMMAD SAKHER, this gentleman that the Saudi regime had executed for the conclusions to the following questions:
1. Did the Saudi family members belong to the tribe of ANZA ME (BIN) WAEL” as they claim to be?

2. Is Islam their real religion?

3. Are they all of Arab origin?

Saudi dynasty: its origin and whats are the true ancestors ofe this family “ROYALE”?

Abd ul Aziz

In the years 851 anear l’Hto heaven, a group of menuCLAN AL MASALEEKH, a branch of the tribe “ANZA“, was formed of a caravan who bought cereals (wheat and corn) and other foods from Iraq, with the intention of exporting it to the NAJD. The leader of this group was a man called “SAHMI BIN HATHLOOL“. The caravan having reached Basra, the group members are gone towards a grain merchant, a Jew called MORDAKHAI BIN IBRAHIM BIN MOSHE“.

During their negotiation with this trader, MORDAKHAI asked them: «D’Thewhere are you coming from?» They answered: «From the d’ANZA tribe, of clan dAL MASALEEKH». Hearing this name, leur interspeaker Jew started to hug each of them  affectionately in their saying that himself, was also from clan AL MASALEEKH, but that he had come résider à Bassorah (Iraq) à cause d’une querelle familiale entre son père et certains membres de la tribu ANZA.

Après qu’il leur ait racontis son récit inventé, il ordonna à ses serviteurs de charger tout les chameaux des membres du clan; de blé, de dates et de Tamman”. C’était un acte remarquablement généreux qui avait étonné les hommes de MASALEEKH et qui a réveillé leur fierté en découvrant une telle affection (cousin) en IRAKla source de leur subsistance. Ils croyaient chaque mot qu’il disait et parce qu’il était un riche marchand de produits alimentaires, dont ils avaient grandement besoin, ils l’ont apprécié (même sil était a juif  dissimulé sous une apparence arabe du clan AL MASALEEKH).

When the caravan was ready to returnis au Najd, the Jewish merchant asked them to accept his company, because he was planning to go with them to visit his homeland. After hearing it,  they welcomed her wholeheartedly with a very warm attitude.

As soon as the caravan reached the Najd with
MORDAKHAI, this one started to make propaganda, for his own sake, through his companions (his alleged cousins), so that new supporters gathered around him in great numbers but, unexpectedly, he had to face an opposition campaign, from his point of view led by Sheikh SALEH SALMAN AL ABDULLA TAMIMI, who was a Muslim religious scholar in AL QASSEEM. Its training area included the Najd, Yemen and Hejaz, which constrained the Cripto-Jewish (l’ancestor of the present family SAUDI in ARABIA) to deviate d’AL QASSEEM for AL IHSA, where he changed his name (Mordakhai) for MARKHAN BIN IBRAHIM MUSA. Thereafter, he moved from his home to a place called Dir’iya near AL QATEEF, where it began to spread among the inhabitants, a fabricated story about the shield of Prophet Mohammad (That peace and the blessing d’Allah be sure His), which had been taken as booty by a pagan Arab, following the battle of UHUD between Arab pagans and Muslims. He said that “this shield had been sold by this Arab pagan to a Jewish clan called BANU QUNAIQA” who kept it like a treasure!

It has gradually strengthened its position among the bedouins through these stories, which specified how influential the Jewish clans in Arabia were and deserved high esteem. It has acquired a certain importance, particularly among the bedouins,
or the decided to settle permanently in the city of Dir'iya, near AL QATEEF, and projects what become sa capitale of Persian Gulf. He aspired to make it his springboard for the establishment of a Jewish kingdom in Arabia.

In order to realize his ambitious project, the started to approach the bArab edouins of the desert to support his position, who them, gradually, declared it as their rHi!

At this stage, after checkingis his true identity, lit is tribus d'AJAMAN and of KHALED became fully aware of this devious plan and they have decided to put an end to it. They attacked his village and conquered itt, but before it's stopis, he s’escaped barely.

This Jewish ancestor of the Saudi family (Mordakhai) sought refuge sure a farm called, at the moment, AL MALIBEED GHUSAIBA, near AL ARID, currently known as name of AL RIYADH.

He asksa to the owner of this farm to grant him l’asylum. The farmer was as welcoming as he was donna at once a shelter. But this crYpto-jew (Mordakhai), in less a month, murderer the land owner as well as all the members of his family to then pretend, that all were killed by the members of a bunch of thieves. Then, he claimed he had bought their real estate before their calamity occurred! By consequentnt, the became the owner land and resided there. he donna then a new name for this place: Il the calla AL OFRIYA – in memory from the name of the city that he had lost.

What a crypt-Jewish (Mordakhai), was quick to set up a “GUEST HOUSE” called “MADAFFA on the land he had usurped from his victims and d’oÙ, he collectsa around him, a group of hypocrites who started to spread false rumors about him, saying about him that he was an eminent sheikh (savant) Arab. He plotted against the
Cheikh SALEH SALMAN AL ABDULLA TAMIMI, his main enemy, and prepared for his assassination in the city mosque called (AL ZALAFI).

After these facts, he felt satisfied and safe to do’AL OFRIYA his permanent home. Of theat, he widely practiced polygamy and therefore, he engendereda many children to whom he their donna pure arabic names.

Since, his descendants rose and gained in authority under the name of the SAUDI CLAN, who followed in his footsteps by engaging in covert activities and plots against the Arab nation. They illegally seized drural sectors and dagricultural land in assassinant anyone triesant to oppose their evil plans. They used all kinds of deception to achieve their goals: they bought the conscience of their dissidents, they offered their wives and money to influential people in their fields, more particularly those who were trying d’write the real biography of this Jewish family. IThey bribed historians in order to ”purifier” their shameful story,  to make sure their lineage is related to the most important Arab tribes such as RABI’A, ANZA and AL MASALEEKH.

A prominent hypocritee our era, whose name is MOHAMMAD AMIN AL TAMIMI – Director / Head of contemporary libraries at rkingdom saoudien, composed of a family tree (FAMILY TREE) of this jewish family (the Saudis), connecting them to our great prophet , Mohammad
(May the peace and blessings ofAllah be upon Him). For his disloyal work, he received a reward of thirtyfive mthe Egyptian pounds of the Saudi ambassador to CAIRO, and EGYPT, in Lyear 1362 after’Hto heaven – (1943 after jesus). The name of this ambassador is: IBRAHIM AL FADEL.

As previously mentioned, the Jewish ancestor of the Saudi family, (Mordakhai), practicedbelonging to polygamy by marrying a large number of Arab women, by fathering many children. Sthe practice of polygamy is, at present, followed “to the letter” by his descendants qui cling to their marital heritage!

One of MORDAKHAI's sons was called AL MAQARAN, arabized from the Jewish root (MACK-REN) who engendereda a son called Mohammad, then another son called SAOUD, d’oÙ
the current name of the Saudi dynasty.

Descendants of SAOUD (today, the saudi family) launched a campaign of assassinations of prominent Arab tribal leaders, on the pretext that these leaders were apostates, renegades from the Islamic religion and deserters from thea doctrine dtheir sect (wahhabism), so they deserved the condemnation of the Saudis and had to be shot! 

In the book on the history of the Saudi family pages (98-101), their private family historian states that the Saudi dynasty considers alls the inhabitants of the NAJD as blasphemers; aguys their blood must flow, their property confiscated and their wives taken as concubines. According to them, aNo Muslim is genuine in his belief unless he n’belongbornat the branch sectair de MOHAMMAD BIN ABDUL WAHHAB (whose originswould also Jewish from Turkey, of the Dönmeh sect living in the Jewish community of Basra, according to sources). This doctrine a empowered the Saudi family to destroy dvillages with all their inhabitants, to kill dit is men and dthe children, so that rapeis their wives; d‘Disembowel lit is pregnant women, to cut off their children's hands and the burnsis! In addition, they are authorized by such BRUTAL DOCTRINE, to plunder toos the possessions of these supposed renegades (those who do not follow their Wahhabi sect).


June 1947: Nawaf Ibn Abdul Aziz, son of Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, roi from Saudi Arabia, at 14 years, parlant to students on the steps of Bayside School on Long Island, New York. Girls are Dot Billings (to the left), Matina Pappas (top right) and Helen Wilhelm. (Photo: Keystone / Getty Images)

In fact, their hideous crypto-jewish family has done all this kind of atrocities in the name of their wahh sectfromite, which was invented by a juif, in order to sow the seeds terror in the hearts of city people and dthe villages. This Jewish dynasty committed such brutal atrocitiesthe since 1163 after the Hegira. They named the entire Arabian Peninsula in their Last name (SAUDI ARABIA), as if the whole region was their real personal heritage, and that all the other inhabitants are their simple servants or slaves, working day and night for the pleasure of their masters (THE SAUDI FAMILY).

They control totally the natural wealth of the country as if they belonged to them. If a poor of the people raises lvoice to complain against one of their despotic rules, these crYpto-Jews cut him offOuchnt head in the public square. One of their princesses who visited FLORIDA (USA), with his procession, rented ninety suites in a grand hhotel for about a million dollars per night!  

Can anyone comment on this extravagant event? Si a person does it and, more particularly from the Arabian Peninsula, his fate is quite famous: THE DEATH THROUGH THE SAUDI SWORD IN THE PUBLIC PLACE!!

Witnesses to the Jewish ancestry of this Saudi family:  

– la station de radio “SAWT AL ARAB”
, in Cairo in Egypt (in the years 1960)


– the stationmettrice in Yemen from SANA’A confirmed the Jewish origins of the Saudi family.

The king FAISAL AL SAUD at that time n‘A pu niis his family relationship with juifs when he told the WASHINGTON POST the 17 September 1969: 

“We, the saudi family, somrs cousins ​​of juifs: we are totally in disagreement with any Arab or Muslim authority which would show antagonism to juifs, but we have to live
in peace with them. Our country (Arabia) is the first fontaine, hence the first juif is out, and his descendants are scattered all over the world.” Such was the declaration of roi FAISAL AL SAOUD BIN ABDUL AZIZ!!

HAFEZ WAHBI, cSaudi legal adviser, mentioned in his book titled: “the arabian peninsula” that ABDUL AZIZ gnawed at SAOUD, died in 1953, said: 

“Our message (MESSAGE SAUDI) encountered opposition from all Arab tribes. My grandfather SAOUD, imprisoned a number of sheikhs (scholars) de la tribu de MATHEER and whenanother group from the same tribe came to intercede for the release of the prisoners, the ordered his men to cut off all headss the prisoners then, he wanted to humiliate and undermine the intercesseurs, by inviting them for manger at a banquet he had preparedis from the cooked flesh of its victims, with food trays on top, the severed heads of the executed!”

The intercessors got so panicked that they refused to eat the flesh of their parents and, because of their lack of cooperation, he ordered his men to their cut la head. This horrible crime was committed by this king who-proclaimed to innocent people, whose guilt was opposing the cruelties of these leaders sanguinaires.

In addition, HAFEZ WAHBI indicates that the roi ABDUL AZIZ AL SAOUD had toldis this bloody story about the sheikhs (scholars) de la tribu MATHEER, who had visited him to intercede for their eminent leader of the time, FAISAL AL ​​DARWEESH, was prisoner of the king. He told them this story in order to prevent them from dintercede for the libisration of their sheikh (savant) if not, they would have suffered the same fate. He killed the sheikh and used his blood as liquid for his ablution just before he rose from the prayer (ritual according to the doctrine of the Wahhabi sect). The guilt of FAISAL DARWEESH at that time, was having criticizedis the roi ABDUL AZIZ AL SAOUD thersquo this one signa the document that the English authorities had prepared. A declaration to give PALESTINE to juifs. His signature was obtained at the conference held at AL AQEER in 1922.

This was and still is the system of this Saudi Jewish family regime.: All objectives are as follows: the plunder of the country's wealth, want, falsify and commit all kinds of atrocities, iniquity and any blasphemer must be executedis, in accordance withvec their own rules, of this invented sect (wahhabite) which legalizes the beheading of the heads of their opponents.

Brief summary of Saudi figureheads

King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saoud)


ISalso known as IBN SAOUD. King Abdul Aziz is the father of King Fahd and 44 other sons. Abdul Aziz a uni l‘Arabia Saoudite by the sword. A wild Bedouin whose l'autosatisfaction, war after war, was to taste the blood of those he had killed. During the twentieth century, he offered his services to the Ottoman Empire and was rejected by the turcs as an unreliable and uncivilized person. The britualistic, during the same period, were looking to expand their area of ​​influence in Arabia and saw in the unruly Ibn Saud, a savage warrior who would seek to control Arabia for them. Parmi les nombreuses familles régnantes au cours de cette période: lit is Hachémites (le roi Hussein de Jordanie), les Rasheeds (famille de commerçants respectée de l’Arabie Saoudite) et les Idrisses qui étaient réticents à traiter avec l’empire britannique après la Première Guerre mondiale sur les conditions britanniques. Les Britanniques trouvèrent in ABDUL AZIZ, un bandit disposé sur lequel ils pouvaient compter pour conquérir et préserver leurs intérêts. Puisque Abdul Aziz était un wahhabite and qu’il encourageait le fondamentalisme pour créer la peur dans les diverses tribus qu’il tentait d’unir. ABDUL AZIZ savait, so que le roi Fahd, than ce fundamentalism, which had taken root, had become more than a politically oriented ideology, but a way of life.

Le roi Fahd Bin Abdel Aziz
Corrupt members of the Al family Saoud are numerous. However, the most corrupt of all and the master of all masters, is none other than the king himselfand roi Fahd bin Abdel Aziz. He has domination absolute on executive powersfs, legislationfs and judicial processes of the Saudi government. He is the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, defense lawyer, and the executioner. Having total power, his and Other members of his family have emptied government coffers. Today, Arabia SArabia is bankrupt and this portends a future very dark economically due to their policies and their lack of vision.

 Le prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz
Third authority in the country, but no less corrupt than King Fahd is Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, which has four titles, all with the intention of retaining power and stealing the country. He is the deputy of the crown prince, Defense Minister, the president of the airline sSaudi Arabian and Inspector General of the Arabian Country Saoudite. It's like being the head of the largest chemical company and, at the same timeemps, l’agence of environmental protection. Estwhat a joke? The sultan is known for his sexual deviations, including pedophilia. He maintains several brothels for his own pleasures in Arabia Saoudite et à l’étranger.

Mohammad bin Fahd
Fils aîné du roi Fahd, Mohammad bin Fahd was exposed to corruption from the start awith the blessing of his father. He stole funds publithans through major telecommunications projects. Afftelephony areas, cellular offers, in equipment, etc… Today, he is the governor of the eastern province of Arabia SArabia where, near of 25% of the world's oil reserves are. His father wants him to become the crown prince and Bandar Bin Sultan receives the title of new Minister of Defense.

Faisal bin Fahd
Faisal bin Fahd wins the Fool of the Family award. Stupid, stubborn and definitely silly, Faisal has spent his life in pursuit of two things: drugs and women. He gets his medicines from Lebanon through his associates and his women from Europe, following the same footsteps than his ancestors. He's a man who never did anything right, good or useful in his life. his father, king fahd, appointed him to the head of the progyouth sports rammes. You have to be sick to designate a drug addict as responsible for all sports programs for youth. It's like hiring a pedophile as a kindergarten teacher.

In short, pfor those who are curious and want to know more, here is the link in English: HERE Or ICI
Dailycensorship translation of the article Zionist Rulers of Saudi Arabia‘,
(The article disappeared on this link but you can le find on just-another-inside-job HERE

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