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The kabbalistic sect freemasonry


(…) Beside the Orthodox Kabbalah was on a parallel line the Kabbalah or Pharisaic oral teaching, that Eliphas Lévi, the patriarch of modern occultism, rightly considers as constituting the dogma of high magic (1).

After the destruction of Jerusalem, the rabbis collected the doctrines of the ancient Pharisees and formed the modern Talmud, impure mixture of absurd reveries borrowed from the Magi, and moral principles capable of revolting the less delicate consciences.

The Pharisaic Talmud consists of the Mischnah of which the left Kabbalah forms the basis, and Ghismara who is the commentary. Jews put the Talmud above the Bible.

"Those who violate the precepts of the Scribes, writes Ferrari, after Maimonides, must be punished more severely than those who violate the law of Moses ; l’infracteheart of the law of Moses can be absolved, absolutely, can, but the violator of the precepts of the rabbis must be punished with death; dead seasathere (1). » (…)
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