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The Sandy Hook massacre is turning into a planned terrorist attack: Rothschild Israeli death squads!

Nancy Elaine Lanza
Nancy Lanza (mother of alleged shooter Adam Lanza) was a broker to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and had under his direction 329,704,622,787.00 $ pour Morgan Stanley.

  • In 2009, Morgan Stanley bought Smith Barney from Citigroup and the new broker operates as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney , the largest wealth management company in the world.

  • Morgan Stanley et Goldman Sachs , the last two major investment banks in the United States, both announced, the 22 September 2008, that they would become the traditional societies banking portfolio regulated by the Federal Reserve .

    Lwealth and power were relatively concentrated in a few hands. Modern history reflects the hidden machinations of this power that colonized the whole world.

    (..)All American presidents are the straw men of this banking cartel. Their firms are chosen from the ranks of the CFR controlled by Rockefeller. Presidents who challenge the power of money are eliminated, (for example recently JFK and Nixon). All presidential candidates support Israel, which was created by the banking cartel to serve as the capital of their world government.

    I always thought that this cartel was mainly motivated by a desire to consolidate its power, but now I wonder if Jewish Sabbatean heresy is an important factor in their design. Anyone who creates something out of nothing thinks they are God, and as Satan had promised, these bankers inherited the whole world!

    This deadly problem arises because all nations apparently rely on a network of Jewish bankers (Zionists) to issue their currency. No nation has the power or the penetrating mind to break with this world imperialist system. “

    18h25: Nancy Lanza was found dead in his Connecticut home (after this persistent misinformation that Ms Lanza was teaching in kindergarten and that she died in school, while, according to the new official version, she was not tied to school and was killed at home).
    Pierre Lanza
    The London interbank offered rate is the average interest rate estimated by the big banks in London thati would be billed'he is borrowed from other banks. It is usually abbreviated by LIBOR or LIBOR rate (..)
    In what could be described as an astonishing coincidence, the father Shooter Robert Holmes “Batman” du Colorado (Aurora slaughter), James Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness at his post with FICO . According to FICO link (New York Stock Exchange-listed company who was once called Fair Isaac), Robert Holmes was a scientist anti-fraud”. 
    Saccording to this same source lhe two Fathers Lanza and Holmes were to testify before the Sisnat in the continuing LIBOR scandal.

    Atarticle possible in French: Aurora Slay : "Joker" father to testify on LIBOR scandal

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a pattern and a link. This coincidence is impossible at ignore. Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR .

    • According to the’pre articlesstv: Washington is terrified of Israel, their powerful lobby and its relationship with organized crime.

    Chuck Hagel, who helped expose this fact, is likely to be appointed as secretary of defense, despite protests from Israel. Read HERE other grievances recent, greatly mediatized, que the Zionists blame him, may be in a concern that the eyes are not worn too much on their relationship with organized crime (The affairire LIBOR)

      Adam Lanza

      A few days later, The Sandy Hook Massacre, the emblematic massacre of twenty small children, is now perceived as a terrorist attack, and not a assassin suicideair”. Adam Lanza, was he a “isolated shooter” or onescapegoat, the very word qu’used Lee Harvey Oswald for to describe yourself, before being “silenced” in November 1963? 

      Read HERE irregularities in the case in what now appears to be a “camouflage” rather thaninvestigation.

        For further:

              Most of thefederal firearms legislation was written, set up and funded by Jewish Zionist members of Congress and Jewish Zionist senators.
              Their latest find to solve the case:
              Here it reminds me of the coup de lubie d‘One of these Zionist presidents of France, Sarkozy with his obsession de want toto affect future criminals or delinquents from theage three:
              For further:

              “De Cold Spring Harbor, eugenics advocated with the legislatures of the United States as well as the nation's social service agencies and other associations in favor of their ideology. This will lead to, with the help of different theories on degeneration, including the American Harry Clay Sharp and his medical team, the first eugenics law in the United States to be passed in 1907 in Indiana with the support of President Woodrow Wilson, making sterilization compulsory for degenerates.

              The ideology of eugenics would then become commonly present in American popular culture between 1920 and 1930.(..)”

              “Belief in Darwin’s evolution is a sine qua non for the New World Order of Jewish supremacy” talmudist.
              Silence kills, 

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