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By David M. Pidcock

Translation as faithful as possible par Dailycensorship
and TheAnarchy322:

The purpose of this article is to show how and why Palestine and the Jerusalem Temple site were so important in the plans to create a world super government ruled from Jerusalem by expanding Israel., which would extend from the west of the Nile, east of the Euphrates.

Freemasons of all ranks and degrees have been duped into achieving this goal into the belief that it’was sanctioned by divine authority. Nothing nit could be further from the truth. According to the Regus Manuscript and the Halliwell poem to The Grand Lodge of England, the original spiritual homeel of Freemasonry was, until the beginning of the 19th century, the Tower of Babel and not the Temple in Jerusalem and hasguys, his first Grand Master was his builder Nimrod – the enemy of God, and certainly not King Solomon.

Zionists knew that Christians and Jews Therthodox would never support a movement that would hold Nimrod and the Tower of Babel in such high esteem, by the process of the old age that I call generic genius they changed all the names and thus disguised their true intention, which was to expel the true monotheistic believers of Jesus Christ, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes of Israel by installing the forces of Anti-God and Antichrist in their stead.

This new grand Israel includes Jordan, Egypt, the northern part of Arabia Saoudite, and compris Medina (excluding Mecca), Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. Turkey was the first domino to fall in 1908, Arabia Saoudite en 1915, Palestine in 1948, Egypt at Camp David; gulf war a almost come full circle. Using “l‘American article 7277 of the policy of war for liberté” [ The Rockefeller file , cf. page 88-89 ], George Bush foolishly tried to apply the texts of’Isaiah 2: 3-4 without the necessary justice or pity. 

The United Nations is the Super Government mentioned by the master strategist Theodor Herzl and included in his famous plan director taken from Machiavelli, The Talmud and lit is asatanic archives of the fraternity Luciferian Masonic [ Luciferian Masonic Brotherhood ]: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – who are not, in reality a dramatized version of his personal agendas and plagiarism. 

L’ISbuilding currently under construction is the culmination of the efforts of successive generations of materialist Jews, dare Gentiles, d’Arabs and of Fucked also. Hamdan Karmath and Abdullah Ibn Maymun for example, whose disciples had, For centuries, worked on the construction of a new Tower of Babel on the site where Prophet Solomon built the first Temple: the site of the second temple of'or Jesus expels them usuriers and the site from where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. 

Any opposition within the Islamic world against this creeping annexation of the Holy Land for secular purposes was effectively suppressed when the West literally blinded Muslims with their own science and technology. This technology, which was in fact based on their own scientific heritage of the west, to me a devastating effect by introducing greatest threat to all belief systems – “the doubt”. 

Prophet Mohammed had warned his disciples of this pernicious doubt could affect themis when they let themselves be dominated by a Western peoplel who would profess to be disciples of Christ on the one hand, but to be in fact the greatest liars the world has ever seen; followers of the Antichrist or “Dajjal”, commone element called the false prophet in Arabic. 

This doubt, which almost turned out fatal, fromuwhich the Islamic world is only beginning to emerge after 500 years, would not have had such lasting effects, if the West had the same degree of recognition towards the Arabs, that the Arabs have shown for the contributions to Islamic science by the Chinese and les Grecs. Under the science of Islamic thought developed to reveal the existence of God. On the other hand, the learning of Western academics and scientists was intended for purely material advancementalist and the power of the secular world which, whene combined with their false evidence and theurs hypotheses, seemed to establish conclusively that there was no God. 

L‘iSelective integrity is widespread In Occident and specific to thehas mentality western

They will have use of Verdana for tampering with evidence, as the case of Sir Arthur Keith, the “Piltdown Faker” [ the Piltdown hoax ],” who a perceived that the only way he could become Britain's most eminent anthropologist was to concoct false evidence to prove his old-fashioned scientific theories ”[ Verdana, Sunday 23/9/90 ].

1912 – The hoax from Piltdown Man it was exhibited in 1953 like a fake, composed of the lower jaw of a orang-outans deliberately combined with the skull of a modern human fully developed. Image: replica of the Piltdown Man's skull.

Yes not (without tampering with evidence), ldoubt in self-even in the Islamic world would have been short-lived. However, we must remember the second rule and the dominant feeling of the Western scholar who, like the western diplomat, is often sent abroad to lie for his country: 


“Never trust a vampire disguised as a good samaritan”.

To counter this attack, Muslims have developed an ostrich attitude, bury their heads in the sand, pretending it didn't really happen to them; forgetting that, like the children of Israel before them, they have been tested by the old enemy of Islam, pagan Rome, but this time from the northernmost post of the old empire, Brittany.  

Muslims “modern” adopted the famous Saudi IBM position called ”Kismet-compatible”, that is to say that when faced with a problem where one must provide physical effort, the only thing we can do or say, this is: IBM (Inch`Allah, bukra, Ma-lish), who replaces In-sha’Allah: that means it will not happen if God wills; bukra: which means tomorrow something can happen, but don't hold your breath, and Ma-lish or Mish Mish: never in a month of Sundays, or when the apricots bloom, what is once every 75 years. However, some Afghan mujahedin demonstrated how to stand up and defend the honor of Islam and, doing so, have earned the respect of Colombia and the Russian military – twin branches of the Gog-Magog axis family.

Satanic Fortune


For all but the most hardened of atheists, Freemasons or Zionists, that the evidence included in this book shows beyond a reasonable doubt that the English revolutions, French and Bolsheviks were all planned and financed by the same groups, namely the bankers, lawyers and the Masonic sectarian organization who work together to create favorable conditions to achieve their goals and objectives.

Karls Marx mentions this in his political writings on class struggles in France (1848-1850). 

He says: “After the July revolution [of 1830], while the banker liberal Lafitte escorted his accomplice, the Duke of Orleans triumphant at the Town Hall, he dropped the remark: 'From now on, the bankers will be in control.’ Lafitte had betrayed the secret of the revolution.” 

The same goes for the Civil War, the two world wars, the cold war and the gulf war; all employees for a hidden agenda. However, it is not a matter, as we will see, of a new phenomenon, this plot is becoming the largest and best orchestrated of all time.

Jehovah JAH-BAL-LON is the devil in disguise? 

Many well-researched books have been written by Western writers and journalists, who exposed the secrets of Freemasonry, but to my knowledge, none have attempted to make serious use of material from Islamic sources in order to gain a better understanding of the subject, of fear, or suspect it, that it could also spark serious interest in Islam as a viable alternative to world problems. Points made by the Qur'an on the dangers posed by secret societies, in particular the Masonic-type brotherhoods which opposed virtually all the prophets, clearly condemn their practice of invoking the devil's call for help in their rituals, like the fraternity of 9 who conspired to commit assassinations and take false oaths among the people of Thamud. The degree of the Royal Arch actually invokes the devil in its rituals, which consist of 9 men in groups of 3 chanting the ancient name of Satan in disguise: Jéhovah Jah-Baal-On: The great phallic obelisk of ancient ON has been called God the Father, by the priests of ON.
The Washington Monument is one of the largest replicas of this obelisk satanic erected by Priapic Senuseret 1er, under the old ON.

The term: “the great satan” comes from this symbol.

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Therefore, contrary to the assertion of Commander Michael Bernard Shepley Higham RN, Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodges of England, that Freemasonry is only an annex to religion, all those initiated to the highest degrees, between the 30th and the 33rd know that they are in fact, the largest company in the world dedicated to the preservation of the satanic faith with its Luciferian doctrine.

Judaism and anti-Semitism

This is probably the most difficult subject to deal with, due to nature contentious hypersensitive of a supposedly Semitic group, who still believes that he meets the specifications specified at some point, who qualified them as the chosen people of God. Chosen to transmit the Good News for all mankind, not to make it an exclusive club. 

Currently, these are people concerned about the last Holocaust they had to face, a people who do not welcome an objective investigation into their real causes or the clear prophecies that concern them, for fear that it might devalue their credibility. Le ‘Jewish Chronicle’ of 3 Avril 1992 had rightly reported that the number of killed at Auschwitz was 1,5 millions of inhabitants, not the 4 millions initially declared. 

It is out of the question that the children of Israel were for some time chosen from among all other nations by Almighty God. However, it has always been conditioned that they not only keep the Law to the letter but also the spirit of the perpetual covenant between Abraham and Almighty God. The renewal of this covenant was made on Mount Sinai during the Exodus, between Moses, Aaron, the elders of the twelve tribes of Israel and the Almighty God of all Semitic peoples, Ellah ou Allah. Remember Moses had to relearn his religion from his Arab father-in-law Jethroe, the sheikh of Midian, whom Aaron and the Sages recognized by accepting him as their equal and his sacrifice to their Lord, after kissing Him and paying homage to Him. [ cf. Exodus 18:1-27 ] 

As stated elsewhere, it is really important to remember that the official religion of the Children of Israel was not Judaism, which was developed much later and which simply concerned the desire of the tribe of Judah to emerge as a high nation and as a spiritual leader of the first Islamic nation; Israel is against the law of Moses.  

The Law given to Moses was that the high priests of Israel were all to be of the tribe of Levi, He will Judah. Therefore Judaism would not have been the name given to the religion by Moses. If a tribal name had been proposed, he would surely have been the tribe of Levi and Leviism, and not Judah and Judaism as we have been led to believe. The right to the Levitical clergy could only be inherited from the tribe of Levi through the lineageée of Amran or Imran, what is confirmed in the Quran [3:33-37]. 

This posed a big problem for the early Christian Jews, like Paul who was in charge of controlling the allowances for the elders of the Temple and their masters, money changers. His task was to usurp the authority of true followers of Christ, like Barnabas the Levite, to successfully supplant true wills authentic monotheists with its own brand of Greco-Roman polytheism. 

Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews in the Bible Scofield Reference says [ whether it is written by Paul or by another hand, the point of view is Pauline ]: “We have here undoubtedly the right methodology of Paul's synagogue ” and “No book of Scripture more fully authenticates itself as inspired.”- Inspired certainly, but by what spirit?  

In Hebrews 5:1 Paul begins his subversive attack on the Levitical priesthood, casting doubt on the house of Levi in ​​favor of the house of Judah, in an attempt to undermine divine right and authority vested in the Levite family of Amran / Imran, whose offspring included Moses, Messenger of god, Aaron, high priest of Israel; Marie, the mother of jesus, and Elisabeth, his cousin, who were daughters of Aaron, ie Levites (cf. Luc 1:5). 

Pat Boone, American singer and evangelist, declared there are three kinds of Judaism, one orthodox one heterodox and the other Christian. In other words, Christianity is Judaism with principles and sentiments intact. By trying to sell the idea of ​​a “New Jewish Alliance” for the more orthodox sects, it was necessary for Paul and the others to fabricate plausible stories and arguments in order to hijack priesthood control through which he could then propagate their heretical polytheistic ideas.  

In Hebrews 7, the author uses the story of Abraham's meeting with Melchisedech, king of salem, with the fact that he blessed him and gave him a tenth of the booty, which indicates that the eternal covenant between God and Abraham was in fact only a temporary status, subject to termination. He declares:

“Now consider the greatness of the one to whom the patriarch Abraham gave a tenth of the booty. Those of the sons of Levi who exercise the priesthood have, according to the law, the order to levy the tithe on the people, that is to say on their brothers, which, however, came from the kidneys of Abraham ; But the one, whose offspring are not of them received tithes from AbrahamAs I have so to speak, Levi too, who receives the tithe, paid the tithe to Abraham; Because he was still in the kidneys of his father, when Melchizedek went to meet him. If perfection had therefore been found in the Levitical priesthood (because it is to this that the law given to the people relates), what need was there for another priest to rise up by order of Melchizedek, and not by order of Aaron? Because the priesthood being changed, there needs to be a change in the law as well.”

“Because the one about whom these things are said, belongs to another tribe (judah), which no one attended the altar. For it is evident that our Lord came from Judah, tribe from which Moses said nothing about the priesthood. And yet, it becomes even more obvious, when another priest arose in the likeness of Melchizedek, which was instituted, not by the law of a carnal commandment, but according to the power of the imperishable life… because the law did not bring anything to perfection; but a better hope”

In Hebrews 7, verse 3, Melchizedek, king of peace, is described as being: 

“Without father, motherless, without descendant, having neither beginning nor end of life; made like the Son of God, he remains a priest forever.”

Hebrews 08 verse 01: 

“Now, the main point of what has just been said is the summary: We have such a high priest, who sat at the right hand of the throne of the divine Majesty in the heavens, A minister of the sanctuary and the true tabernacle, which was drawn up by the Lord and not by a man.”

Hebrews 08 verse 07: 

Because if the first alliance had been flawless, there would have been no need to look for a second. Because by taking them back, he says : Here is, the days are coming, says the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah …”

This new alliance seems to allow the Children of Israel to run like a hare and bite like a hound.


Consider the fruits of this new covenant:

NEW YORK “jewish life” May 1938

“Every Jew who is sincerely interested in the plight of the Jews should realize that the best sons of the Jewish people are the Jewish Communists., and that the Jews' staunchest ally is the Communist Party.” 

[ The Jews, to the page 135 ]

Rabbi Moses Miller had this to say: “Soviet anti-Semitism: the big lie”

“From the first day of its existence, the Soviet Union took steps to eradicate anti-Semitism. The 27 July 1919 a special decree was issued against anti-Semitism.” 

[The Jews, to the page 135]

Pope Pius XI's encyclical makes this comment: “The Redeemer's” “… We only blame the system with its authors and accomplices who saw Russia as the best ground to experiment with a plan drawn up a few years ago., and that, of the, has continued to expand from one end of the world to the other.”  

[The rulers of Russia, page 13]

To be continued

John Salza, a former freemason of the 32nd degree, expose les abominations secrisyour freemasonry:
Part 1 , – Partie 2 , Part 3 ,Part 4

By David M. Pidcock

Translation as faithful as possible par Dailycensorship
and TheAnarchy322

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