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How ‘Israel’ created the myth of al-Qaeda

Par Seymour Hersh

English article from 24 June 2004

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Seymour Hersh discovered that hundreds of foreign Mossad fighters stayed in Iraq for a long time.

Their specialty: car bombs, sexual torture, the beheadings.

These Israeli citizens came to Iraq disguised as Arabs or Kurdish civilians, as businessmen. Maybe even in “entrepreneurs”? Under contract with the neoconservative office of the Pentagon ? Funded by your taxes?

How many of the acts they committed are attributed to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? How many Israeli terrorist acts are attributed to “Al Qaeda”?   

I studied the evolution of “mujahedin” and here is my conclusion:  

In the years 80, Israel oversaw the recruitment of Afghan Arabs “mujahideen” to supposedly fight against Russia.

They became cannon fodder and refugees before ending up in Guantanamo.

Their real aim was to help Israel create the myth that would become very useful : Al Qaeda.

The Arab mujahideen were rather harmless as recent revelations from Guantanamo demonstrated.  

The CIA – the Israelis being their allies and experts in the Middle East – confia aux spécialistes du renseignement israélien et juifs américains, recruiting Arab mujahideen to be used by the US against Russia.

Israelis disguised as Arab or Pakistani missionaries (Tablighis) even rushed to the recruitment centers. Israelis playing Muslim missionaries (Tablighis) were captured in India and Israel rushed to retrieve them.

Arabs “mujahideen” étaient eux-mêmes inefficaces et pour ainsi dire inutiles. Je les appris par des parents de ceux qui moururent en vain dans des accidents malheureux en Afghanistan.

Everything the Zionists wanted, it was a story, a myth that would allow them to create another myth: “Al Qaeda”. 

Un mythepour une “war on terrorism”  

The Zionists needed this myth as a pretext for their long-term plans to “war on terrorism,” a war to destabilize the Middle East and pit the world against Muslims.

Ni Ben Laden, nor the Arab refugees he cared for were of any military importance. The Afghans themselves were the really competent Mujahedin because they knew the territory and the tribal structure.. In fact, Afghans viewed Arabs as a nuisance.  

Arabs say the following: “nothing comes out of a jar, except what's in there.”

When lying neoconservatives talk about Arab / Islamic terrorism and Al Qaeda, in fact, they talk about what they themselves are doing. They talk about underground Israeli activities.

No Arab is involved. Les commandos israéliens se déplacent à l’aide d’identités arabes volées ou falsifiées et – if necessary – they wear masks to hide their true identity, like in the beheading videos.

Israelis continue to fake, falsify, truquer. C’est tout ce dont ils ont besoin pour justifier la continuation de leur «guerre contre le terrorisme», ce qui veut dire (pour eux) que la guerre contre les Arabes doit se poursuivre.

Listen to them carefully.

Zionists around us have always revealed the truth. Just replace “arab” by “israelis”, and “Al-Qaeda ”by“ Mossad ”, etc…”  

Ref: Seymour Hersh by


Hersh est né le 8 avril 1937 à Chicago de parents juifs lituaniens de langue yiddish qui ont émigré aux États-Unis depuis la Lituanie.

Seymour MyronSyHersh est un journaliste d’investigation et écrivain politique américain. Il est un collaborateur de longue date du magazine The New Yorker sur les questions de sécurité nationale et a également écrit pour la London Review of Books depuis 2013.  

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