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False Syrian attack on Napalm to tarnish Assad's image and start a deadly war

A Napalm attack in Syria by Bachar el-Assad?
Good that these images may seem real for some people with real people who have itr de sufferedand. In this case, c‘Is an obvious hoax, a total staging. And this is what this close examination will reveal.

Humanitarian propaganda by thethe media Zionists

The supported supposed of these scenes, under the pseudonym of Doctor Roll, is also a fraud and eShe is a favorite child of the Zionist-controlled media, an asset for a hoax.
Dr. Rola Hallam dances “Saving children from Syria”
Dr Rola Hallam, Atareb Hospital, Aleppo, the 26 August 2013, interviewer alleged victims of a firebomb attack on a school in the village of Urm al-Kubra, on arrival (Panorama Sauver the children of Syria, BBC One, the 30 September 2013).

Alan Kurdi
“Hand in hand for Syria”, UK charity registers at the heart of the program's controversy Panorama of 2013 BBC, “Save the children of Syria”, which receives all the benefits of a new fund created in honor of’Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old who'is drowned with his mother and his brother whoand his family tried to reach Greece by Turkey, the 2 September 2015.
Alan Kurdi

Zionist-controlled media claim that Bachar the-Assad commanded a Napalm attack (cf: BBC, 29 August 2013.  

Cependant the 29 August 2013, the British House of Commons devait voter on a possible military intervention in Syria which was underway [1] , the BBC broadcast to Ten broadcast a report  by Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway for affirmis that a Syrian fighter jet dropped an incendiary bomb containing a substance ofe type of “Napalm – maybe thermite – on the playground of a Aleppo school.

Land Napalm and his thffets

Or, Napalm always leaves a specific signature. Its effects are horrible. Au beyond trust. If there was a real Napalm attack, the effects of this action would be clear and thes could not be faked.

However, ijust listen to the drama of these scenes, to look at the anonymous hoaxer, and observe the body language of these fraudsters to conclude that it is obvious that all these facts are simulés. Napalm is gelled gasoline, who is in her slimy. First, there would be a significant flow, oozing and stickiness all around the bombardment. The effect would be obvious, which is impossible to simulate a Napalm attack without the rigging being obvious and existing. Par therefore, an attack is easily demonstrable.

Moreover, here, it has already been shown what are the consequences of modern thermal devices. for example, those launched by Obama and Netanyahu's terrorists, who are also not than these countless terrorists enemies, enraged Israelis and billionaires Zionists american.  

Ci-dessous, we can see an aperçu of the Obama terror that he and his proxies unleashedis sure dSyrian border guards who were burned alive by thermal rockets rebels. The martyrs, charred until the death, are presented, here, killed by the Zionist regime through their criminal PNAC (Project for the New American Century (Project for the New American Century).

Direct assassins are likely their mandated agents, who are FSA or al-Nusra terrorists, both are their own creations:

Charred bodies … 7 martyrs. However, Western and Wahhabi media have no interest in reporting on this massacre., because those who killed, were soldiers of the Syrian national regime. (Image from video : Syria: Western-backed terrorists used banned weapons against the Syrian National Army! or here).

This was done by ISunited states / the suppsumbrellats Terrorists of Israel. Now, keep in mind that these real victims had completely different effects of those of hoaxes.

Sure the video here: Syrian crisis: firebomb victims “Ashe diests living : Notice the BBC cover skit. Notice the tone dthe voice by BBC mole. The cover sketch supposedly involves a behaviour solennel of the poor man on the way to death: as being a scene macabre.

All that‘It remains to dore is to cover the corpse with a blanket. However, what is’one of the people present at the place, of the crisis dot with this blanket? 

It is categorically clair that rather than to cover a corpse, that man covers instead of concrete or the plaster of a cornice'a building! Cis Dalready a evidence of the statement according to which of Assad pilots have searchedis and targetis specifically dchildren and other people to make them rumbrellashoot living with incendiary devices.

More Pit doesn't matter car on this place we do not see any school, as he was proclaimed

Indeed, c’is a simple villa. We do not see athe swimming pool on the side of the houseon, residues of’an incenthe, a shoere, etc… Cf voriginal idea: Syrian crisis: firebomb victims “Ashe diests wevants.  

Et more, this villa was not hit by the Napalm. VThehere a napalm strike:

It is easy to find examples of Napalm strikes on internet and to see their effects on images.

But where is therethe school teacher, or rather, the master spy?  uhm

Well there is none or rather it remainsis anonymous.  

Then, thereafter, of victims are exhibiteds

What we do are pof the real victims Mays rather, as des personnIt is Boston, of Santa Monica, of Woolwich, and moreover they are playing the actors of the crisis.What a fuck scenario set up by the “together”, a team israeli, and a Zionist orchestration of the Cameron government.

I wills must have remarquis that the young man with the supposed burns runs just in time son From as soon as the camera turns to him. Comment? If he was in such agony, he ... not I know would be not move just for the camera.

Ensuite, watch the fake actor the crisis enter “like Frankenstein” closely whena camera turns.

Couldis, we see him at inside sure another scene with dare teenagers who pretend On the ground.

Observez how the curtain was held up behind a window for, well leave, come home the light.

Watch and listen land bonimenteur in the video, M. Abdul Latif | (Mohammed Abdullatif), who is a bad artist, and every person can make the same. Or ce Abdul Latif presumably is a character who arouses many questions (article in english).

On the video de BBC, Syrian crisis: firebomb victims “Asthe living dead, we see that there is a picture shownant a shoe, then another, among the rubble.

Why n’have-do they not burnt as it was the case of all clothes on the seven Syrian border guards at the border, who were murdered by terrorists? 

Burns, carbonisations at Napalm 

See-you any type of burns on the supposedthe victims? Do you see burns or charring anywhere?

Sin the pictures, they are non-existent. Watch carefully lthe images.

This revisthe level of desperation of the Zionists through their Rothschild entity and the BBC. These fake wounds are made with soft casts, with fake fats, fake medical dressings, and false damage to clothes.

This hoax is made for public consumption. The completely Zionist-controlled BBC fabricated this scenario as a ruse to frame Assad's government in the eyes of the world, as a criminal on his own people. Crimes that never happened.

In what concetures the faux-Frankenstein. S‘He was on fire, why was he strolling thereafter with dteens instead of receiving the medical care he so desperately needs?


Le fraudeur raises his hand to his face – Why? Note the position of the three adolescent actors in the crisis, “victims of the napalm bomb!”, On the ground. Now, the fraudster's hand gets up to the top. Un signal? Watch what happens next:

They all got into action, Likethey writhed in pain. The false-Frankenstein begins to waver even more, like what l'we can wait for a hoax. The veiled woman in the background, What is she doing? Why doesn't she help or care for the injured?
The rebels are desperate? They are facing a wall. The only way they can survive, may be do they believe, that it is through’a joint attack US-UK-israeliefour on the Syrian nation.
Here is dthe real victims ofu Napalm: 

Cong Hoa à Saigon

A1970 – Napalm and other burn victims at Cong Hoa Hospital in Saigon, Vietnam ca. 1974

Note the scratches from damage caused by sticky jelly gasoline (Napalm). We will also note the carbonization of tissues, especially in men. Both suffered with a large scar formation, known as keloid formation. Now, compare these footage to this mock BBC documentary of Assad's alleged Napalm attack. The hoax is clear and obvious. That same white cast, applied by a putty knife in makeup, we see it everywhere.
 Here is at quHi looks like a bomb at Napalm:
As cis ridicule; e'est impossible that this attack at Napalm belonging to occurred. If such a bomb had been dropped on a schoolyard, the effects on the BBC video would have been obvious.

Ref Dailycensorship translation of articles (more additions de quelqadditional information):

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