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Monarch Project – Speech by Greenbaum – Traumatic Rituals

According to allegations, there would be a sub-project of MK-Ultra named “Project Monarch”, which was run by international pedophile networks, drug lords and satanists. They would have used a form of “trauma-based mind control programming” for the purpose of creating mind-controlled sex slaves [1].

Despite the absence of a mention of “Project Monarch” in the available documents, a number of victims have come forward to describe similar experiences.

Evidence is found in the under Project 136 by CIA MK-Ultra (declassified documents) undertaken in 1961, which was devoted to the ESP study (Perception extrasensorielle) in children, mediums and schizophrenics.

The goal was not to determine if ESP exists, but rather to determine the personality factors that have contributed to ESP skills and to take into account any other factors when using ESP as a method of communication.

As the study notes, “any positive result in this direction would have obvious utility for the Agency”[2].

The CIA document goes on to describe what would soon become the hallmark of this particular MK-Ultra trajectory., incitement to multiple personality disorder (MPD), later renamed dissociative disorder of identity (Dissociative identity disorder – DID).

According to the document [3]:

“By working with individual subjects, special attention will be given to dissociative states, that tend to accompany ESP experiences (Perception extrasensorielle) spontaneous. These conditions can be induced and controlled to some extent by hypnosis and drugs.” 

In addition:

Learning studies will be established in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways – by electric shock, etc… In other cases, drugs and psychological tricks will be used to change their attitudes. Experimenters will be particularly interested in dissociative states ... to multiple personality in those we call mediums, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of such states, using hypnosis. [4]

More precisely, MK-Ultra was intended to investigate the possibility of reproducing such communication in “invoking” effectively spiritual entities in designated victims, through drug use and / or under torture – this method, more controversial, known as satanic ritual abuse (Satanic ritual abuse – MRS).

Since the abundance of SRA reports that have emerged over the years 1980 and 1990, following the publication of Michelle Remembers, these reports were rejected by a “moral panic” and we will thus obtain the “false memory syndrome”.

For example, anthropologist Jean LaFontaine, in the book of 1998 “Speak of the Devil” (Talking about the Devil), did not deny that rituals had taken place. But strangely suggest they were invented by child molesters to scare their victims, or justify abuses whose primary purpose was sexual gratification rather than religious or ritualistic practices. 

However, in 2001 and 2002, British psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Valerie Sinason and her colleague Robert Hale, in a pilot study funded by the Ministry of Health, and published by the Freedom of Information Act, concluded that they had found clinical evidence of the widespread practice of satanic ritual abuse (MRS) UK.

Speech by Greenbaum

D. Corydon Hammond, a respected doctor and teacher, specializes in treating patients with different personalities, gave a speech, known as “speech by Greenbaum“, in which he claimed to have learned from his patients that MK-Ultra was linked to an international network of Satanists who came to the United States with the Nazis.

The speech was titled “Hypnosis in MDP: Ritual abuse”, delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, the 25 June 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginie.

Hammond claimed that his patients revealed that during World War II, Allen Dulles (first civilian director of the Central Intelligence Agency – CIA) and other intelligence people were in Switzerland looking for ways to bring former Nazi scientists to the United States.

Among them was a teenager, who had been brought up in a Hasidic Jewish tradition and a background of Kabbalistic mysticism.

The boy changed his name to Dr Green, graduated in medicine and continued his work which became the center of Cult Programming. 

Speech by Greenbaum (within)

As for their objective, Hammond added:
“My best guess is that the point is they want an army of Manchurian candidates, tens of thousands of mental robots who will prostitute themselves, will make child pornography, will smuggle weapons, engage in international arms trafficking, will snuff movies (snuff movies), all kinds of very lucrative things and will do their business. And ultimately the megalomaniacs at the top believe that they will create a satanic order that will rule the world.”
This programming, he asserted, is often done on military bases. The cult would be made up of respectable and powerful members of society who used the funds generated to advance their agenda.. Their patients call them the “Illuminati”, who seem to have advice in several parts of the world and at the International scale.  
As to whether this is all true or not, Hammond answered:
“well, I can't really tell you this is the case. What can i say, is that i now believe that ritual abuse programs are widespread, systematic, are very organized from highly esoteric information that is not published anywhere, have not been the subject of any book or talk show, that we have discovered all over this country and in at least one foreign country.” [5]
James Randall Noblitt, former Air Force clinical psychologist, is professor of clinical psychology at Alliant International University in Los Angeles, and Pamela Sue Perskin are the authors of “Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America”, argued that some allegations of intergenerational and ritualized abuse cults are supported by evidence.
The conclusion of Noblitt and Perkins is that a dissociative disorder identity (DID), is a western version of what has been known historically and anthropologically as possession and it is a condition produced by a ritual traumatic
Noblitt and Perkins note that hypnotists generally believe that you cannot hypnotize another individual to do anything against that person's will., or anything that violates his conscience.
However, their authors observe, that in this programming, survivors report loss of their normal sense of executive control due to of the trauma caused by the horror of these ritual abuses and the violence that created states of dissociation (DID).
Noblitt therefore defines programming as “manipulation or trauma of different personalities, fragments or other dissociated mental states or entities for the purposes of mind control.”[6]
The authors cite the book by Henri Ellenberger, “The discovery of the unconscious” (1970), including contributions from Pierre Janet, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Carl Jung, and who traced the ancestry of dynamic psychiatry starting with the magic of shamans and wizards through historical European accounts of demonic possession. 
Ellenberger concluded: “Possession is finally gone, but it has been replaced by a multiple personality.” [7] 
Josef Breuer and Freud wrote:
The more we cared about these phenomena, the more certain our convictions became than the division of consciousness, so striking in the familiar classic cases of double consciousness, exists rudimentarily in every hysteria. And that the tendency to this dissociation, with it the tendency to the appearance of abnormal states of consciousness which we mean by “hypnoid states”, is the main phenomenon of this neurosis. In this context, we agree with Binet and with the two Janets [8].
Noblitt and Perkins cite numerous books by professional psychiatrists and therapists who have found empirical evidence to support claims of’satanic ritual abuse. One of the first reviews of the literature was published in Sinason’s Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (1994).
The same year, Kathleen Faller's article titled “Ritual Abuse: A Review of the Research” (1994) provided a detailed critical analysis of empirical studies, noting that there is corroborating evidence for some allegations of ritual abuse.
A section on l’ritual abuse of “Memory, trauma, processing and the law” par Daniel Brown, Alan Scheflin et Cory Hammond (1998) reviewed selective but representative studies and also concluded that some of the evidence supports the claims of’satanic ritual abuse.
Gough, Kelly et Scott (1993) have published organized abuse journals that include the theme of ritual abuse and, more recently, in the scientific article by Michael Salter, “Organized abuse: a neglected category of sexual violence with serious consequences, lifelong mental health care” (“Organized Abuse: A Neglected Category of Sexual Abuse with Significant Lifetime Mental Healthcare Sequelae”).
Noblitt and Perkins also list examples of perpetrators who were trained professionals as well as survivors of’ritual abuse.  
– for example, a survivor using the pseudonym Margaret Smith wrote the book: “Ritual Abuse: What It Is, Why It Happens, How to Help” (1993 – What is that, why this happens, how to help).
– Barbara Jackson, a ritual abuse survivor and Harvard-educated biochemist, who spoke about his experience of’ritual abuse at the National Conference on Crimes Against Children in September 1993 in Washington, D.C. 
– Dr.. Cathy Kezelman, doctor in Australia, described his own experience and recovery in’ritual abuse in his book “Innocence Revisited: A Tale in Parts” (2010).

– Author Daniel Ryder of “Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse” (1992) and “Cover-Up of the Century” (1994), would have been both a survivor and a therapist.
Din the autobiography, “Silent No More: The Lamb Speaks”, uno survivor’ritual abuse, le Dr Margaret Lamb Johnson Hayes, wrote: “If I, as a registered psychiatrist and former US Air Force and Foreign Service officer, I am not credible, that it is? [9]
Reported experiences tend to be consistent.  
for example, Pamela Hudson (1991), who evaluated 24 children in a suspected case of’ritual abuse in a Fort Bragg, California daycare, identified 16 forms of abuse:
(1) be locked in a cage or “prison”;
(2) be told that their parents, their pets or younger siblings would be killed if they told anyone about the violence;
(3) being buried in the ground in coffins they called “boxes”;
(4) held under water;
(5) to be threatened with guns and knives;
(6) get injected needles, bleed, drug;
 (7) to be photographed during the violence;
(8) to be tied upside down on top of a “star”, hanging from a pole or a hook, burnt with candles;
(9) authors wearing black dresses, masks;
(10) participating in a sham marriage;
(11) defecating and urinating;
(12) having observed animals killed;
13) having observed acts of torture or violence against other children;
(14) seeing children and babies killed;
(15) having blood spilled on the head;
(16) to be taken to churches, other daycares, people's houses and cemeteries for the’ritual abuse. Among these, 13 children admitted to having suffered at least one of the listed abuses, without counting the 14th. form of abuse. Four children reported the number 14, seeing children and babies killed. [10]

Item de David Livingstone

Greenbaum Speech, Project Monarch

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