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In Wuhan a large FEMA 5G-style camp and not because of the coronavirus ?

“Coronavirus is cover story to hide huge pollution dangers in Wuhan and to quell pollution protests, using blockades and mass quarantines.”
Two simple scenarios to examine.. They are simple and not complex as the Medical Cartel would have us believe.
Scenario 1:
Understand that the medical cartel is pushing the coronavirus as a source of income “on the back” of a social problem in China. The means used is a typical symptom of “influenza”: fever, fatigue, cough, weakness. These symptoms of “influenza” occur every year at this time in the world, producing a high number of sick people and resulting in thousands of deaths.

Cf: Wuhan coronavirus epidemic numbers just don't add up

This play has been performed repeatedly to bolster financial and pharmaceutical performance.

Very few members of the alternative media or the mainstream mass media get this information.
Most don't ask the right questions or don't take the time.
They assist a Journalist (linked to the die placed inside a press), take the handout, go back to the office and write an article ... all the time spewing medical cartel propaganda. (…)
Scenario 2:
China wants activists to stay out of war on pollution.
cf: What are the Chinese hiding in Wuhan? By Jon Rappoport
Public pressure has been the driving force behind China's pollution policy ...

In 2016, protesters took to the streets of Chengdu wearing face masks ...

The Chinese government is very sensitive to the threat of protests ...

Protests against pollution in one Chinese city may inspire protests in other cities ...

Is China's new 'deadly virus' a covert operation?[Jon Rappoport report]
The coronavirus is a cover story
Coronavirus cover story to obscure massive pollution dangers in Wuhan and end pollution protests, using blockades and mass quarantines.
5G comes into the picture
The following article is being presented to the Chinese people and the world to provide relief against the coronavirus.

Of course, we find no mention that 5G is armed against a sick and weak population trying to appeal to the government for its almost non-existent action on pollution in Wuhan.

Today, Huawei announced its support for Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom to launch 5G base stations in Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital. As you've probably heard before, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital is the building that China is trying to build as quickly as possible to fight the coronavirus epidemic. The building follows the model of the Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing; a hospital in the Chinese capital built in just 7 days.

Representatives of Huawei for the Hubei region urgently set up a coronavirus epidemic protection project team (..); providing a workforce of approximately 150 people.

From receipt of notification, Emergency Prevention and of the Center from Epidemic Control in the city of Wuhan to the commissioning of base stations 5G, the whole construction, planning, of the investigation, the design and construction of the network for laying fibers, construction of base stations and commissioning, was completed in just 3 days.


Huawei is not the first Chinese tech company to help fight the coronavirus.

“No later than yesterday, we have indeed seen Lenovo do something similar by sending all the necessary technical support to the region.”


 Wuhan China, One Big 5G FEMA style Camp & Not because of Coronavirus,
 Article from 28 Janvier 2020
(The article refers to sources of interest but I do not endorse all the information provided by this site).

En Chine, les autorités utilisent la reconnaissance faciale à grande échelle et la combinent à un système de notation.
C’est le système ducrédit social”.
Des points sont accordés aux citoyensmodèles”, qui bénéficient d’avantages dans les services publics, tandis que les mauvais élèves, auteurs d’incivilités ou de critiques à l’encontre du régime, se voient privés de certains droits et inscrits sur une liste noire.

Reportage de France 2, Arnauld Miguet et Gaël Caron.
Avec lecrédit social”, la Chine classe lesbons” and the “bad” citoyens
Commentaires pertinents sous cette vidéo
@SainyaHokage (there is 1 an)
‘En Chine vous regardez pas la télé. C’est la télé qui vous regarde.

[This article is for guidance only. Mais cherchez et vérifiez par vous même.]

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Update on 12 November 2020.

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