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Influence operations for Eurasia abroad involve “trolling” on the Internet?

I was reading an article on “The Parts Eurasia de Douguine“, then my brain only made one turn.

And for good reason and you will understand as these few lines go.

The question that bugged me:

How come a wave of Russian pro-supporters had taken to the net with such ease and so quickly since at least 2007? And that they hid their game so well?

Influence operations for Eurasia abroad involve 'trolling' on the internet?

Eskin is a frequent guest at Russia Today.

Dugin told Ha'aretz:

“The Russians consider him a very interesting figure. He has good ties to the Kremlin and is considered a prominent representative of Israeli society”. [35]

Dugin and the “Israeli traditionalist” Avigdor Eskin

Very interesting figure? Not everyone will say the same.

Avigdor Eskin

Eskin worked closely with the Jewish Defense League (JDL or LDJ), founded by Meir Kahane Joseph Churba, who had close ties to John Rees and John Singlaub of the Western Goals Foundation *.

The Western Goals Foundation is an active right-wing private intelligence dissemination network in the United States.

It was founded in 1979 by John K. Singlaub, John Rees and Congressman Larry McDonald.

She disappeared in 1986, when the Tour Commission revealed he had been part of the Oliver North funding network of Iran-Contra.

Meir kahane (above, on the 3 images), founder of the Jewish Defense League – LDJ (Jewish Defense League JDL)

A number of JDL members have been linked to violent and sometimes fatal attacks, including the massacre of the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, in the West Bank in 1994, who did 29 dead, several barely twelve years old and 125 wounded.

Douguine, Eskin et Mikhail Gagloev

The main advantage of Dugin's relationship with Eskin was his introduction to Mikhail Gagloev, a wealthy South Ossetian banker who came to sponsor Dugin's various political activities for much of the next decade. [36]  

Gagloev was both CEO of Kremlin-linked Tempbank and vice-chairman of Dugin's International Eurasian Movement (WITH).   

Gagloev's business associates include former Ukrainian gangster, Evgeny Giner and the Deputy Speaker of the Russian Parliament, Alexander Babakov.   

In 2012, Putin has appointed Babakov as special representative for relations with Russian organizations abroad.

Alexander Babakov et Front National

In 2016, Babakov met two National Front officers from Marine Le Pen to secure loan with Latvian bank known for its ties to the Kremlin. [37]

And there.. again, it was necessary to verify this information, especially since we’ve seen French newspapers headlining this kind of thing:

8 December 2014
22 November 2017

“A banking fatwa”.  Here then ..

An article in French deleted but recovered in cache.

In addition readable HERE – 24 November 2014

Finally the secret did not last long.

Mediapart obtained a copy of the loan agreement from 9,4 millions of euros from the first Czech-Russian bank to the political party of Marine Le Pen, and he shared the document with the Washington Post.

And in Russia?

Machine translation by google – https://www.rline.tv/news/2017-01-20-arestovan-glava-kreditovavshego-marin-le-pen-banka/?sphrase_id=214370
One of other Russian articles.

How will she repay her loan? The Russians would not have given him 9 million euros just for its ‘beautiful’ blue eyes?

Ok, but that doesn't tell us if Marine Le Pen has to reimburse something.
14 December 2017

Is it with this “patriotic loan” that Marine intends to repay her loan?

Some French sites explain that the Russian Bank Deposit Insurance Agency is requesting repayment of the loan from 9 million euros granted to the FN (January 2017).

Others claim that the Russian loan by fraudulent means was taken over by an aviation company in Syria, Aviazapchast * (August 2017).

Other simply titles: The FN reportedly adopted pro-Moscow positions in exchange for a Russian loan of 9 millions of euros.

Aviazapchast *

Aviazapchast, from the Foreign Sales Branch of the Soviet Aviation Ministry, who repaired and replaced aircraft and helicopter equipment that the Soviet Union sold abroad.

Among his clients, is today, the Syrian air force, that human rights groups have accused of committing atrocities against civilians by dropping bombs for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The company is closely linked to the Russian military.

Three of the four cadres listed on its website spent decades in the Soviet and Russian armed forces.

The company holds a secret license from the Russian security service government, the FSB.

The Washington Post adds:

“Why Aviazapchast acquired the loan from Le Pen; it's not clear. The owner of the company is a Russian businessman, Valery Zakharenkov, who, according to documents filed for another company he controls, owns an apartment near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.”

Cf: “Russian bank grants loan to Marine Le Pen's party. Then strange things started to happen.”

June 2017

“Money is also perhaps the best evidence in recent years that Russian influence operations abroad involve not only internet trolling and military adventurism., but also secret financing.”

Trolling on the Internet?

And the trolling by that? And for whom deep down?

Source [73]: Nicola Lebourg. "The French far right in Russia's orbit". Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (15 May 2018).

Is it the Russian elites who should influence the vote of the French?

In any case, when i read this information, I tell myself that there is eel under the rock.

“After Russia intervened in the US elections of 2016, the intelligence community concluded that Putin himself had endorsed "active measures" to support Donald Trump.”

The bad bet on M. Le Pen a disappointment for Russian heads?

“Moscow did not consider the loan a success, especially after the loss of the presidency of Le Pen, said Mark Galeotti, expert in Russian security and stock market affairs at the European University Institute in Florence.

He said Russia is now more likely to use smaller amounts of the "black cash" not found in financial influence operations.”

[- Le Washington Post “Russian bank grants loan to Marine Le Pen's party. Then strange things started to happen.”]

Finally from some newspapers:

Uhm .. Times are hard you know Marine.

How do you want the French to help you if you make a deal with the devil?

And, then lies are not good, it kills health .. and civilians too.

Maybe you would like to read about Dugin's neo-fascist propaganda.

Dugin's Eurasia Party and his Chaos Magic

Neilly Free Mind

[35] Fogelman. “We Won.”

[36] Clover. Black Wind, White Snow.

[37] Sanita Jemberga. “Latvian financier said to act as a go-between to get Russian loan for Le Pen.” Re:Baltica (May 2, 2017).

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