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Peoples under surveillance and the World Net Police ?

Translation and information additions of an article,
Par Dailycensorship
According to opdeepstate.com and others “truth alerters” Israel shares US technology and data with Russians. The Israeli Bolsheviks and Russians are in a partnership and take control of the technology sector.
Do you know what Operation Talpiot is?

Operation Talpiot is the data pipeline, hijacked from your computer / cell phone to the Zionist entity. Everything you communicate electronically is stored and analyzed by the Zionist entity. This includes all computers, commercial and military, as well as electricity networks in all countries.

NSA Gives Israel FULL ACCESS to ALL US Citizen Data – even US government officials (on an "honor basis"). No wonder Israel is in full control of Congress – they have blackmail information on each of them. They have information about all of us ! Tell me again how the United States is not an occupied country. What kind of relationship is this? NSA has turned over ALL PRIVATE DATA about citizens to foreign country ??

“At this stage, the US government is fully detained, illegitimate and controlled by a foreign nation.

Where in the Constitution does it say that a government agency can give absolutely all information about you to another nation”

Do you now understand how these votes took place?” 

cf: Zionist Entity LOBBY Controls America

The former director of the NSA, Michael Rogers, joins the Israeli group, Team8, founded by former Israeli cyber-terrorists from the Unity 8200 of the Zionist entity. cf: The former director of the NSA, Mike Rogers et Team
NSA Relations with Israeli National Unit SIGINT HERE

” Throughout all of my discussions – whatever the tone or the subject – UNIS underlined its deep gratitude for the cooperation and support they received from the NSA “, we read in the SIDToday article.

This is not fake news! Even Haaretz had a story (—»https://www.haaretz.com/nsa-putting-israel-ahead-of-u-s-1.5248376).

Israel therefore has absolutely everything. This is the NSA program that literally collects all digital communications. All your SMS messages, e-mails, communications Skype, Facebook and Twitter private messages, internet history, etc.

And almost NOBODY in the media is covering this story.

“Civil liberties groups and privacy advocates sounded the alarm on Thursday after the Trump administration called on Congress to re-authorize an NSA mass surveillance program that was unveiled by the launcher. Edward Snowden alert.” cf: Alarm as Trump Requests Permanent Reauthorization of NSA Mass Spying Program

One of the NSA programs used to collect internet metadata is XKeyscore,a secret computer system used for the first time by the National Security Agency (NSA) to search and analyze global internet data,which he collects daily. It allows almost unlimited surveillance of anyone in the world.

Every American is spied on, and each electronic communication is then transferred from the NSA to Technion, Incorporated in Israel. This NSA surveillance and betrayal is better known as Operation Talpiot.” cf: Trump signs law allowing mass citizen spying

“The recent declassification of the Court's review of the Foreign Intelligence Review Act (SHEET) of the Inspector General's investigation (IG) on the National Security Agency's compliance with existing surveillance laws was revealing. Fundamentally, the NSA failed miserably on all fronts, and that assessment includes the CIA.” cf: DOMESTIC ENEMIES UNDER JAMES CLAPPER HAVE DESTROYED THE CREDIBILITY OF THE AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY

cf: Congressional spy coalition rushes through story 702 to keep the NSA spying on Americans


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