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A complex Psyop to impose compulsory vaccinations ?

A complex Psyop * perpetrated to distract,
impose mandatory vaccinations and force China to comply with US requirements?

This is the title of’an article from the US dissident State of the Nation website.

This pandemic a real threat against China?

However, the Chinese establishment may be in collusion with the United States in this covid plandemia.

According to sources, America wouldn't really be at odds with China when it comes to making gains.

In January 2020, we can learn that ‘China's huge population is a lucrative market for pharma.

And, the country is also actively trying to develop its own domestic pharmaceutical industry.’

The two countries even signed a commercial agreement in the interests of Big Pharma.

“The trade deal would establish patent protections in China similar to US law.’

The title of ‘State of the Nation’ specifies that it is a psyop *, therefore a psychological operation.

[*Psychological operations are part of psychological warfare.]

What the State of the Nation tells us?

‘If there is one last blow to the economy, which China doesn’t need right now, it's a global pandemic that's supposed to originate from Wuhan, the sprawling capital of central China's Hubei province [see the map below with the red marker identifying Wuhan].’

Wuhan in an economically productive area

Find out how Wuhan is located right in the center of the Southeast region of China.

A very productive area which is presented as the economic power of the nation.

Has this strategic location been chosen, for a biological attack, with the aim of crippling China's economic and financial sectors?

Could this be one of the main objectives of this mainly Anglo-American black operation??

Disrupt cultural events and tourism

Virus expected to disrupt plans for thousands of Chinese, just before one of the biggest national holidays, the Lunar New Year‘ (or the Spring Festival).

– Declining tourism

– Box office shot

Biggest film week also disrupted by deadly virus.

It was announced that the screenings would be canceled.

(‘Seven Chinese Movies [..] had to generate up to 1 billion dollars in ticket sales. ")

Stock markets feel the blockage.

The epidemic has occurred, while investors were still reeling from the trade tensions between the United States and China.

Cand here a led to the downfall of some key Asian stock markets.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has been closed […] the Shanghai Composite Index lost 3,17% In a week.

Raw materials undermined

Meanwhile, the virus has also had an effect on the oil markets (…)

The epidemic could reduce demand for oil by 260 000 barrels per day, and lower the prices [..]. (Averti Goldman Sachs.)’

– Can the new virus be as deadly as SARS?

Until now, the new coronavirus is less deadly than a similar virus outbreak, which spread to China, in the early 2000; known as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAS).

However, there are concerns about disturbing similarities in the way the disease is spread, with fears that it will be even worse.

Because China now has a much better transport infrastructure and links with other countries.

Others think it may be too early to talk about the macro effects of the virus.

Because the World Health Organization (WHO) recently calmed investors when she did not call the outbreak a global emergency.

[cf: Why the coronavirus is a real threat to the Chinese economy]

State of the Nation says what else?

In light of the protests organized in Hong Kong by the United States, the US tariff regime against China, the threat of economic sanctions against countries that work with Huawei, CIA-ignited Xinjiang conflict affecting Muslim Uyghurs, of the provocative navigation of the US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, transparent political lawsuits against Huawei's chief financial officer, the devastation of Chinese pig farms by another virus bio-designed by DARPA, etc., the Chinese government has been under contemptuous attacks since 2018.’  

When so many debilitating assaults occur suspiciously at once, what can china do, except to treat them in a way that denounces the real culprits.

However, China should not do this in the event of the intensification of the West's biological warfare.’  

SARS occurred in 2002 – 2003 an act of biological warfare?

The SARS pandemic that took place in China after the turn of the millennium, was also well known, in biomedical circles, as an act of biological warfare.

Like this year's coronavirus bio-attack in Wuhan, the biological SARS outbreak also involved a highly coordinated campaign of propaganda and disinformation.

[- New “china deadly virus” is it a covert operation?]  

The SARS epidemic, of 2002 at 2003, has already shown that China is unwilling to disclose solid scientific evidence, which prove the premeditated release of a bioengineered coronavirus.

The following excerpt from Wikipedia explains some of the history of SARS.’ […]

Wikipedia published a page on the SARS conspiracy theory

Coronavirus de Wuhan de 2020

Bio-designed virus in a laboratory?

Pour ‘State of the Nation ‘Le coronavirus de Wuhan, which spreads quickly […] has all the characteristics of a virus bio-engineered in a US military lab to strike China.’

The following is a brief description from Wikipedia of this novel coronavirus. (2019-nCoV).

I tried to find the source of this added capture on their site here, but not found. I found similar sentences below.

Source found here but when I click on the link, it refers to the wikipedia page and the sentences are different. See below.
HERE [Screen shot on 07 – 02 – 2020]
The 08 – 02 – 2020, observation of a rectification, an external host not excluded … uhm

Wuhan coronavirus creator’ undetectable?

[D’après State of the Nation.]

Was Wuhan coronavirus deliberately bio-engineered, to be so elusive, that the creator would avoid being detected?

And, ‘The outbreak was first reported at the end of December 2019, when most bat species in Wuhan hibernate.’

In the article [cited by State of the Nation], ‘Science puzzles surrounding Wuhan's novel coronavirus‘, the following is specified.

'Secondly, no bats were sold or found in the Huanan seafood market, (…).’

The authors point out that, well that nCoV 2019, causing the Wuhan epidemic, may initially have been hosted by bats; it may have been transmitted to humans, via other mechanisms still unknown.

Wuhan coronavirus of human origin?

As well, he quotes scientists report, published bioRxiv, which specifies that the Wuhan coronavirus is not of natural origin and not accidental.

(bioRxiv reports: ‘This document has been withdrawn by its authors.

They intend to revise it in response to feedback received from the research community on their technical approach and interpretation of the results. ')

State of the Nation adds the following.

'Time will tell us, whether this deadly coronavirus was released, in the Chinese population, with the intention of killing, to make sick, to scare, or to intimidate.’

CIA plan?

Because the very disruptive Hong Kong protests, supported by the West, have not yet given the result desired by the US State Department, it was only a matter of time before the CIA implemented plan B …

Or is it this C or D plan?’  

Nothing delivers such a strong and clear message of Anglo-American imperialism as a highly contagious and often deadly plague.

Such heinous techniques have been used with efficiency, since the Black Death was deliberately unleashed on Europe, in the 14th century.’

This question of the implementation of a plan by the CIA is interesting.

The CIA track

SRAS 2003 and CDC

Especially that the CDC (closely linked to the CIA) said he identified the SARS genome in 2003.

Source wikip ICI [screenshot on 05 Feb. 2020]

The wikipedia page has been further modified.

CDC no longer appears. Just a little footnote.
But if you go to the CDC page, it is indicated that the page has been redirected.
The indication of the discovery of the SARS genome by the CDC in 2003 no longer featured even on the new page.

CDC and CIA?

The CDC and the CIA are historically closely linked

[More information on a patent 2007 connected to CDC.]

‘The CIA has a sweet relationship with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which allows it to dictate what the CDC reports and even what data it provides to researchers who request it.

In other words, the CDC keeps several ‘books’ different on morbidity and mortality to provide to different “consumers”.

In this way, CDC helped CIA and military cover up germs of biological warfare, released unintentionally or even intentionally, in the USA [and in other countries as well].

‘The congressional hearing of 1977 on MK-ULTRA revealed that the CIA used to keep fake “cover files” to limit American liability.

AND, in particular the responsibility of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who were giving his orders to the CIA behind the scenes, without “democratic constraints”.’

[Article by 2009 – Pentagone-CIA-CDC: Depleted Uranium Conspiracy]

The CDC started with Operation Trombone [Operation Paperclip] of the CIA ROCKEFELLER project

“The American occupiers of Germany, after the Second World War, declared that all military research in Germany must cease, as part of the denazification process.

However, researches [nazi] continued and developed in secret, under the authority of the United States, to the both in Germany and the United States, in a process that can be seen as a Nazification of the United States.’

[- Operation Nazification – The US military has hired 1600 Nazi scientists and doctors]

Why China?  

[Questions from State of the Nation.]

Epidemics in China described as dangerous?

Why is China still the epicenter of so many strains and variations of coronavirus, flu, pneumonia viruses and other agents […]?

 (Remember the British detained and exploited Hong Kong, of 1841 at 1997.

They set up a citywide intelligence apparatus, and shadow government infrastructure, which remains intact today.)

What is particularly suspect, about all these epidemics in China, that is, they are described by the various mainstream mass media, as being quite dangerous to human health.

The death rate at the start of these possible pandemics is particularly high, as through a targeted design by bio-engineers.

Spread fear globally?

In this way, the whole world is finally drawn into a pandemic melodrama, which is certainly designed to instill fear.

Therefore, more of these distractions, unending, serve precisely to distract from the real problems caused by governments around the world.

More, these are the many criminal machinations at work, and the shocking scandals that have recently emerged, that the elites seek to cover by this event, in class and by great distractions.

You know what a distraction is? When Drudge do it like that.

The Drudge Report is an American blog conservative and Internet news aggregator founded by Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart.

Propaganda to serve fear and distract attention?

Who is Drudge?

An information platform that was founded by Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart.

Who is Matt Drudge?

Matthew Drudge grew up in Maryland, near Washington, DC. His parents follow reformed Judaism. Both are democrats.

‘Breitbart announced in 2005 that he "amicably leaving the Drudge Report, after a long and close working relationship with Matt Drudge ”.

More, he always helped run the Los Angeles Drudge website, working in the afternoon, in addition to directing Breitbart.’

[- Matthew Drudge]

Andrew Breitbart (to the left) Larry Solov (to the right of Breitbart) and Netanyahu.


Andrew Breitbart is born in Los Angeles, where he died on 1 is mars 2012. He was an entrepreneur, militant conservative, journalist, author, and a television personality, on different news programs.

Andrew Breitbart died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 43 years.

Solov now runs 'Breitbart News' as pro-Netanyahu website.

Breitbart Zionist news website

The Chairman and CEO of Breitbart, Larry Solov, wrote that the transformation of Breitbart, into a media empire, started in Israel in 2015.

In 2015, Breitbart News has opened its office in Jerusalem.

Larry Solov's visit to Israel was funded by pro-Israel hasbara groups (Israeli propaganda).

the Jewish CEO of Breitbart, Larry Solov announced that:

Breitbart News was ‘Founded by Jews, largely made up of Jews.

And, she ‘has an entire section devoted to reporting and defending the Jewish State of Israel.”

[- The links that now bind Trump to Netanyahu, Breitbart and Jewish anti-Semites by haaretz a daily of the Israeli left]

Breibert is making headlines like this: ‘Donald Trump calls the coronavirus a Chinese virus’.

Far-right Breitbart website

Aangirfan points out in his article ‘IS HILLARY POISONED BY THE MOSSAD?’, what follows.

Stephen Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart [2016], is the new CEO of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. [2]

He holds a master's degree in national security studies from Georgetown University, who has been linked to the CIA.

Bannon is a former special assistant to thechief of naval operations. [9]  After his military service, Bannon worked atGoldman Sachs.

Bannon became executive producer in Hollywood.

In 2007, he co-founded Breitbart News, a website d’far right.

In 2016, he described it as "the platform of the’alt-right».’


In addition, it seems that Steve Bannon is linked to the CIA through Cambridge Analytica; but also, that he participated in a CIA experiment [-Bannonisme].

State of the Nation hints at coronavirus as biological weapon?

[De State of the Nation].

'It exists, relatively few, of military biological weapons laboratories around the world, which have the ability to create a virus; which is also contagious and deadly, than the coronavirus.

So, when the truth is confirmed about the Wuhan flu, only a few state actors could be at the origin of these acts of biological warfare, against the Chinese people.’

However, the first human coronavirus ever discovered, we know it as the common cold, today.

“They put samples of the fluid in the nose of 113 volunteers.
Only one caught a cold.

'KEY POINT [par State of the Nation] Operation mode?

The basic procedure for enforcing extremely dangerous vaccination programs is using the strategy: Problem, Reaction, Solution.

First, crime planners stealthily cause infectious disease outbreak (problem).

Ensuite, they publicize the emerging epidemic or the pandemic or the plague in order to fabricate consent for the pre-planned solution (Reaction).

Then, they are rolling out the new vaccine which is misrepresented as a lifeline (solution).’

A frightening pandemic with an extremely high death rate?

There is no better way, to enforce a mandatory global vaccination schedule, than to design a frightening pandemice with an extremely high mortality rate.

Billions of people will then demand the newly formulated vaccine needed to protect them from a deadly infection and [/ or] a debilitating disease.

Therefore, before anyone receives such a vaccine, it is important to know, that the process NECESSARY to produce such an effective vaccination, can be a period of one year of intensive experimentation.

If it's possible, due to the complexity of bioengineering this coronavirus to escape proper analysis and the necessary experimentation.

State of the Nation gives voice, that the coronavirus is a biological weapon that has been released in China by US military laboratories.

However, has not the global fear of a real global pandemic been fueled by a few media and pseudo-dissenting media? Like Breitbart?

Coronavirus 2019 and pandemic 1918?

State of the Nation rappelle ‘The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 originaire de Fort Riley (Kansas), where soldiers went to the army’s largest training facility during World War I.’

The soldiers were ‘Infected [voluntarily] by the H1N1 influenza virus then served as countless dissemination vectors for the pandemic which ultimately killed until 100 millions of people around the world.’

However, recently analyzed documents reveal that the “spanish flu” were a experience of military vaccination.  

According to the Fort Riley's Vaccine Experience Report, and l’article above, we note the following.

‘Although the vaccine made many sick, he only killed those predisposed to catch it.

Those who got sick, who survived became “cloud adults”.

they have spread the bacteria to others, what created more adults of the cloud, spreading to others; where he killed the vulnerable.

The cycle repeated until there were no more unsanitary conditions in wartime.

And, that there are no more millions of soldiers to experiment with.’

It is very possible that Wuhan, has been the subject of a vaccination experience, which looks like that of 1918.

More, this time with biotech vaccines?

Since there has been some scandal in China about this.

According to sources, Bill Gates is linked to these vaccine experiments in China gone awry.

‘Certain drug interactions, can dramatically increase the severity of certain types of flu and their various symptoms. '?

State of the Nation argues ‘that prescribed aspirin dramatically increases the severity of this flu’ of 1918.’

[Source: Spanish flu death rate soars due to drugs prescribed by doctors, especially aspirin]

The replication process?

KEY POINT [par State of the Nation]: The replication process (see diagram below) of this particular coronavirus, and the speed with which it mutates and / or adapts to various pharmaceutical treatment regimens, will reveal exactly how this pathogenic microorganism was bio-engineered by US biological weapons laboratories.

[Update on 08 – 02 – 2021]

Nowadays, we see that the death toll predicted by planners relating to the covid-19 pandemic, did not happen.

More, since vaccinations in countries, the promoters of vaccinations speak of mutation of the virus.

In addition, reported injuries and deaths from COVID vaccine escalate.

‘Children’s Health Defence’ asks anyone who has experienced an adverse reaction, to any vaccine, to file a report, Next these three steps.

References are in the article.  

Dailycensorship – Neilly Free M.

[Updates made to the original article]  

I do not endorse any articles published on the stateofthenation site.

Because information from other sources could supplement them, question them or clarify the subjects exposed.

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