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A complex Psyop to impose compulsory vaccinations ?

A complex Psyop * perpetrated to distract,
impose mandatory vaccinations and force China to comply with US requirements.

*Psychological operations are part of psychological warfare.

If there is one final blow to the economy that China doesn't need right now, it's a global pandemic that's supposed to originate from Wuhan, the sprawling capital of central China's Hubei province (see the map below with the red marker identifying Wuhan). 
Find out how Wuhan is located right in the center of the Southeast region of China, a very productive area and presented as the economic power of the nation. Has this strategic location been chosen for a biological attack in an attempt to cripple China's economic and financial sectors? Could this be one of the main objectives of this mainly Anglo-American black operation??

Virus expected to disrupt the plans of thousands of Chinese just before one of the biggest national holidays – Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.

    – Declining tourism

    – Box office shot

Biggest film week also disrupted by deadly virus. The Seven Chinese Films, whose release was scheduled this weekend and was to generate up to 1 billion dollars in ticket sales. It was announced that the screenings would be canceled.

    – Stock markets and commodities feel the blockage.

The outbreak came as investors were still reeling from U.S.-China trade tensions, causing some key Asian stock markets to fall.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange was closed on Friday due to the public holiday and ended the week in the red on Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index lost 3,17% In a week.

Le Nikkei 225 in Japan closed a fraction higher on Friday, but fell almost one percent from the previous week.

Meanwhile, the virus has also had an effect on the oil markets (…)

The epidemic could reduce demand for oil by 260 000 barrels per day and bring down the prices of 3 dollars per barrel, averti Goldman Sachs.

    – Can the new virus be as deadly as SARS?

The novel coronavirus is so far less deadly than a similar virus outbreak that spread to China in the early years 2000, known as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAS). However, there are concerns about disturbing similarities in the way the disease is spread, with fears that it will be even worse, because China now has a much better transport infrastructure and links with other countries.

Others think it may be too early to talk about the macro effects of the virus, because the World Health Organization (WHO) recently calmed investors when she did not call the outbreak a global emergency.

In light of the protests organized in Hong Kong by the United States, the US tariff regime against China, the threat of economic sanctions against countries that work with Huawei, CIA-ignited Xinjiang conflict affecting Muslim Uyghurs, of the provocative navigation of the US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, transparent political lawsuits against Huawei's chief financial officer, the devastation of Chinese pig farms by another virus bio-designed by DARPA, etc., the Chinese government is being subjected to contempt attacks since 2018.
When so many debilitating assaults occur suspiciously at once, what can china do, except to treat them in a way that denounces the real culprits. However, China should not do this in the event of the intensification of the West's biological warfare.
SARS occurred in 2002 – 2003
The SARS pandemic that took place in China after the turn of the millennium was also well known in biomedical circles as an act of biological warfare. Like this year's coronavirus bio-attack in Wuhan, the biological SARS outbreak also involved a highly coordinated campaign of propaganda and disinformation. New “china deadly virus” is it a covert operation?
However, Xi Jinping's administration is far too concerned about the panic that would inevitably result if the population were made aware of a biological weapon attack. The precipitous chaos would simply overwhelm the Beijing government which is already seriously overburdened due to endless interference from the Anglo-American axis.

The SARS epidemic of 2002 at 2003 has already shown that China is unwilling to disclose the solid scientific evidence that proves the premeditated release of a bioengineered coronavirus.

The following excerpt from Wikipedia explains some of the history of SARS – l’ severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic that occurred mainly in mainland China and Hong Kong, but also in Canada and in other countries.

Click on the images for more clarity

From the SARS conspiracy theory
Coronavirus de Wuhan de 2020
Le coronavirus de Wuhan, which spreads quickly, also known as the novel coronavirus, which was first reported in 2019, has all the characteristics of another virus bio-engineered in a US military laboratory to strike China.

The following is a brief description from Wikipedia of this novel coronavirus. (2019-nCoV).

I tried to find the source of this capture added on this site here but not found. But I found similar sentences below

Source found here however when I click on it, it does refer to the wikipedia page but with other sentences, below

HERE Screen shot on 07 -02-2020
The 08 – 02 – 2020, observation of a rectification, an external host not excluded … uhm

Was the Wuhan coronavirus deliberately bio-engineered to be so elusive the creator would avoid detection?

First, the outbreak was first reported in late December 2019, when most bat species in Wuhan hibernate. Secondly, no bats were sold or found in the Huanan seafood market, (…).

The authors point out that although the nCoV 2019 causing the Wuhan epidemic may initially have been harbored by bats, it may have been transmitted to humans via other mechanisms still unknown.

cf: Science puzzles surrounding Wuhan's novel coronavirus, (bioRxiv reports: “This document has been withdrawn by its authors. They intend to revise it in response to comments received from the research community on their technical approach and interpretation of the results.”)

HERE – (CDC linked to CIA, see the note below + Patent 2007)

Time will tell if this deadly coronavirus was released into the Chinese people with the intention of killing and sickening, to frighten or intimidate.
Because the very disruptive Hong Kong protests, supported by the West, have not yet given the result desired by the US State Department, it was only a matter of time before the CIA implemented plan B … or is it this C or D plan? 
Nothing delivers such a strong and clear message of Anglo-American imperialism as a highly contagious and often deadly plague. Such heinous techniques have been used with effectiveness since the Black Death was deliberately unleashed on Europe in the 14th century..

KEY POINT: The replication process (see diagram above) of this particular coronavirus, and the speed with which it mutates and / or fits to various pharmaceutical treatment regimens, will reveal exactly how this pathogenic microorganism was bio-engineered by US biological weapons laboratories.
Why China?
Questions? why China is still the epicenter of so many strains and variations of coronavirus, flu, pneumonia viruses and other highly contagious infectious agents that strike major shopping malls in south-eastern mainland China. (Remember that the British detained and exploited Hong Kong from 1841 at 1997 while building a city-wide intelligence apparatus and shadow government infrastructure that remains intact today.)

What is particularly suspicious about all these epidemics in China, that is, they are described by the various mainstream mass media as being quite dangerous to human health.

The death rate at the start of these possible pandemics is particularly high, as through a targeted design by bio-engineers. In this way, the whole world is ultimately drawn into a pandemic melodrama which is certainly designed to sow fear
Therefore, more of these endless distractions serve precisely to distract from the real problems caused by governments around the world. But it's the many criminal machinations at work and the shocking scandals that have recently arisen that the elites seek to cover with this ongoing event and some great distractions..
You know what a distraction is? When Drudge does it like this:
The Drudge Report is a conservative American blog and internet news aggregator founded by Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart.
There are relatively few military biological weapons laboratories in the world that have the capacity to create a virus as contagious and deadly as the coronavirus.. So, when the truth is confirmed about the Wuhan flu, only a few state actors could have been at the origin of these acts of biological warfare against the Chinese people. In reality, if this Wuhan coronavirus outbreak were to become a real epidemic in China, this could represent an attempted genocide. Likewise, if it becomes a bona fide pandemic, it could ultimately be qualified as a crime against humanity, maybe even a genocide on a human scale (also known as a depopulation event).

The basic procedure for enforcing extremely dangerous vaccination programs is using the strategy: Problem, Reaction, Solution.
First, crime planners stealthily cause infectious disease outbreak (problem); ensuite, they challenge the epidemic or pandemic or emerging plague in order to obtain consent for the pre-planned solution (Reaction); ensuite, they are rolling out the new vaccine which is misrepresented as a lifeline (solution). 
If you are not aware of the main players in the vaccine chaos that are spreading in African countries, Those are:
  • The World Health Organization
  • The Bill Foundation & Melinda Gates
  • PATH (Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health, funded by the Gates Foundation)
  • GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, also funded by the Gates Foundation)

“While fraud and corruption are exposed almost daily now in the vaccine industry, the mainstream American media continue to largely ignore these facts. Outside the United States, however, vaccine empires begin to crumble and English versions of news in mainstream media are available via the Internet.

One of these countries is India, where the Bill Foundation, Melinda Gates and their vaccine empire are under fire. A lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court of India.” cf : The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation vaccine empire on trial in India

 Even stranger?

“Event 201, which took place in New York on 18 October 2019. This event is a high-level organized pandemic exercise by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This coronavirus pandemic simulation exercise took place around 6 weeks before first coronavirus disease was actually reported in Wuhan, China!

It's a hell of a coincidence (…) Another fascinating connection is the fact that not only did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participate in and help set up the simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, but that they have rightly justified funding the group that owns the patent for the deadly coronavirus and they are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis.

In this report, you will see images from inside the event as members of the emergency epidemic committee in this simulation, which consists of representatives of large banks, de l., from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, by Johnson and Johnson, logistics centers, media as well as representatives from China and CDC American to name a few.

This simulation also includes reports created especially for this exercise., please keep this in mind as they are eerily similar to the reports we are currently seeing regarding this coronavirus outbreak in the real world.

Will global health authorities now take the actions planned in this simulation and attempt to control the narrative of the epidemic by cutting internet access or forcing social media companies to only allow information they want the public to receive?” cf: Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum predicted a coronavirus outbreak? Will there be an internet blackout to control information?

There is no better way to enforce a mandatory global immunization schedule than to design a frightening pandemic with an extremely high death rate.
Billions of people will then demand the newly formulated vaccine needed to protect them from a deadly infection and / or a debilitating disease.
Therefore, before anyone receives such a vaccine, It is important to know that the process NECESSARY to produce such an effective vaccination can be a period of one year of intensive experimentation, if this is possible due to the complexity of bioengineering this coronavirus to evade proper analysis and the necessary experimentation.

“It's really easy enough for any of America's various bioweapons labs to engineer a deadly super virus and unleash it in a city as large as Wuhan., in China. Bioterrorism acts like this are carried out all the time. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 originated in Fort Riley, Kansas where soldiers went to the Army’s largest training facility during WWI, Infected soldiers [voluntarily] by the H1N1 influenza virus then served as countless dissemination vectors for the pandemic which ultimately killed until 100 million people in the world. This single US biological warfare operation against humanity was arguably the deadliest depopulation event in human history.”

Recently analyzed documents reveal that the “spanish flu” could be a military vaccination experiment gone wrong. cf: Spanish flu 1918 was truly a bioterrorist attack on humanity

Critical re-examination of Spanish flu genocide reveals prescribed aspirin that turned the flu into a mass killer. Therefore, It is imperative that anyone with the Wuhan coronavirus understands their treatment plan and not take any medication that may make it worse. Certain drug interactions, can significantly increase the severity of some types of flu and their various symptoms. cf: Spanish flu death rate soars due to drugs prescribed by doctors, especially aspirin
Coronavirus possibly following a similar pattern to another coronavirus discovered after SARS? The HKU1?

In 2003, after the SARS explosion, what we knew about coronaviruses – that they were mainly causes of the common cold and rarely caused serious infections – efforts have been made to better understand coronaviruses and, as part of this effort, viral research were undertaken to discover new coronaviruses who cause human infections. 

Shortly after, two new coronaviruses have been isolated from humans, one of which (HKU-1) was a beta-coronavirus, the same subgroup which includes among its members of MERS and SARS. The first diagnosis of HKU-1 (in 2004) was found in Hong Kong in a man from 71 years old who came from mainland China and developed a pneumonia confirmed by x-ray requiring hospitalization. After this discovery, nasopharyngeal specimens from the SARS period were retrospectively tested for HKU1 and a (from March 2003) returned positive. In the USA, specimens of 2001-2002 also contained this virus.

These results demonstrated that HKU-1 had spread throughout the global community for at least several months (parallel to SARS), unbeknownst to everyone. HKU1 was subsequently found to circulate around the world.

After this discovery, HKU1 has been the subject of several major studies. One of them, a retrospective and prospective study carried out in Hong Kong is very interesting.

In this study, nasopharyngeal samples obtained between the 22 mars 2003 (start of SARS cases in Hong Kong) and march 2004 collected from community acquired pneumonia cases that tested negative for SARS tested for the presence of HKU1. It is striking to note that HKU1 represented 2,4% in the community who had pneumonia during this period.

And HKU1 was such a common cause of pneumonia acquired in the community, it had clearly been widespread although it was “discovery” what about 2004. I suspect the number would have been even more substantial if the upper respiratory tract infections had also been included.

 cf: The largely unknown story of the ancient HKU1 coronavirus is informative

Wuhan coronavirus another bioweapon strategically triggered across China by US military labs?

CIA PATENT extract US7220852B1 – CORONAVIRUS ALIASES SARS – Of 22 May 2007
The father of this virus is the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) 
The creation of the CDC in 1946, shortly after the end of the war, its labs filled with scientists coinciding with the US government's Operation Paperclip program (the US military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors), under the direction of the Office of Strategic Services (US – later will be called the CIA).

Could it be the HKU1 coronavirus?
Another important study, conducted in the American city of Cleveland in 2016, tested more than 1000 respiratory samples patients in all settings (hospitalized and outpatient) and revealed that 1,8% were positive for the new HKU1 with 54% hospitalized cases and 29% required admission to an intensive care unit – the standard critical illness indicator. So, not only was HKU1 a newly discovered coronavirus, but he was also widespread and capable of causing serious illness (…)

Human coronaviruses (CoV) are since a long time recognized as a common cause of respiratory tract disease, including severe respiratory disease. The coronavirus-HKU1 has been described mainly in children under 5 years in the United States, with few studies characterizing the spectrum of the disease in adults.

Study results:

Sure 832 adult respiratory samples screened, 13 (1,6%) cases of CoV-HKU1 have been identified. The ages of adults ranged from 23 and 75 years and 6 (46%) were men. All presented 1 or more respiratory symptoms and 5 (38%) also reported 1 or more gastrointestinal symptoms. Our (85%) have reported a history of smoking and 5 (38%) have used inhaled steroids. Sept (54%) had to be hospitalized, 5 (71%) of them needed extra oxygen and 2 (29%) were admitted to intensive care. The median length of hospital stay was 5 days. Eight (62%) received antibiotics despite identification of CoV-HKU1. The infectious assessment in 1 deceased patient showed no other pathogen. In 2 (15%) CoV-HKU1 positive adults, the only viral co-infection detected was influenza A.


Coronavirus-HKU1 represents 1,6% respiratory infections in adults and should be taken into account in the differential diagnosis serious respiratory illnesses in adults.

Recommended reading:

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and other references in the article

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