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Big Data, Soft Power and ‘the shadow president’

By Ordo ab Chao,

Part 16 – Big Data (2017 – 2018)

By David Livingstone

Big Data, Soft Power and ‘the shadow president’

[[Big Data —»Big data, big data, mega data, metadata ...

Soft Power —"Power of attraction, soft power, power of influence, power of persuasion, power to convince, sweet power, ability to influence, soft power ...]

Great Meme War

“Thiel is extremely powerful in the administration thanks to his connection to Jared [Kushner]”

Said at Politico a senior Trump campaign official . [1]

Peter Thiel founded Paypal.

More, the also seat, on the Facebook board who is operated by ‘Cambridge Analytica‘, via of his Palantir, supported by the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency]. [2]

Cambridge Analytica was a company founded by Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon.

She combined l’exploration and l’data analysis [Data], including a strategic communication for the electoral process. [3]

The documents detail that Cambridge Analytica was involved along with many other right-wing billionaires, including Rupert Murdoch. [4]

Facebook and Data looting

"I would never have embarked on this, even for Trump, if I hadn't known they were building this gigantic engine to brew Facebook data»

Trump's campaign manager said, Steve Bannon.

Facebook and Breitbart

As Richard Wolffe noted:

«Facebook is the one who has propelled Breitbart to a large audience. We know his could your.» [5]

And "Without Facebook, there would have been no Pizzagate, and DNC * hacked emails would have struggled to reach target audiences (targeting).

The oddly Russian-loving Green Party would never have garnered enough votes to tip these three battlefield states toward Trump. " [6]

*(DNC – Democratic National Committee)

He added:

«All roads lead to Facebook and the small business that looted its vast user data: Cambridge Analytica [7]

Trump, the extreme right and the trolling

Luke O’Brien [about Trump] indicates the following.

“Not only does the Republican candidate seem to share certain character traits with many people d’far right (all-righters).

He is deliberately offensive, he clearly likes troller people on twitter.

As well, he circulates their rhetoric and their images.” [8]

In an email, Trump's spokesperson, Hope Hicks, wrote:

‘M. Trump disowned, Many times, these groups and individuals and their hateful rhetoric, which he strongly condemns.

And he will continue to do so.’

Or, Trump and his son Donald Junior retweeted’ on several occasions far right neo-Nazis, as well as a racist celebrity on Twitter, named @Ricky_Vaughn 99, than Richard B. Spencer called it the 'ultimate shitlord' *, and another named @WhiteGenocideTM.

In October 2016, Trump retweeted an image of himself with ‘Pepe's face on it’ the frog standing behind a presidential desk. [9]


*Shitlord is a derogatory word often used on the internet against those who are perceived to be racist, sexist, homophobic, rude.

The term is often used by people involved in an online social justice movement to label crap fanatic posts..

Breitbart et bannon

Ben Schreckinger in an article titled “World War Meme” [World War Meme *] for Politico, specifies that it is only there’arrival of Bannon as Trump campaign manager, ‘Who brought with him an in-depth knowledge of the hidden face of the Internet, acquired during the growth of Breitbart News against the established order, that the campaign's engagement with the lowlands reached its peak.’ [10]


*According to, Wikipedia.

English ‘even’ is a recognizable cultural element, reproduced and transmitted by imitating an individual's behavior by other individuals.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the meme as follows.

Part of a culture (taken here in the sense of civilization), can be, considered to be transmitted by non-genetic means, in particular by imitation.

Unleash Trolls

Peter Thiel founder of Palantir, supported by the CIA, collaborated with Cambridge Analytica de Bannon, to ensure data analysis and unleash trolls for Trump's campaign.

Cambridge Analytica disinformation, American influence and politics

Christopher Wylie, who helped found Cambridge Analytica and developed the technology of profiling of company voters, stated that Cambridge Analytica was an American company of “pass-through” [d’intercommunication] without staff. [11]

Cambridge Analytica and ‘SCL Group’

Cambridge Analytica's work was carried out by the ‘SCL Group’ British [Strategic Communication Laboratories], which created Cambridge Analytica in 2013 as an offspring to participate in American politics.

‘SCL Group’ is a British military contractor private.

And he is recognized, like a world leader, in terms of disinformation and political influence.

Memetic war‘ and ‘SCL Group’

In 2015, Steve Tatham, Head of Defense Activities of the SCL Group, parent company of Cambridge Analytica, edited Defence Strategic Communications, Stratcom a NATO official journal, on topics ranging from "War some information in the 21st century in Russia ”, «Memetic war" at "Narration and Social media». [12]

The article, a memetic war, was written by Jeff Giesea, the old one Thiel employee.

He has founded MAGA-X3 with the maestro of Pizzagate, Mike Cernovich; and he was in contact with Trump's transition team. [13]

The same year, the SCL is hired, by NATO, for disinformation training.

Where they are trained, par tatham, to "Russian counter propaganda techniques". [14]

Trolling and the same

In 2014, Giesea met the troll Chuck Johnson (named the "Trump Troll", the white and neo-nazi nationalist) on Twitter.

Giesea confided:

When I met Chuck, I wondered why we don't arm people like him. He led me on this intellectual journey.” [15]

In the article titled 'It's Time to Embrace a Memetic War', Giesea recommended adopting a Memetic War to fight ISIS. He states the following.

‘The best way to counter ISIS is to unleash an army of trolls on them’, Giesea remembers joking with Johnson.

I could totally play with their recruiting and propaganda.

This conversation led Giesea to conclude as follows.

‘War by trolling and memes is a necessary means, inexpensive and easy to help destroy the attractiveness and morale of our common enemies. […]

The trolling, could we say, is there’equivalent on social networks of the guerrilla, and memes are his propaganda motto.

The same, propaganda motto

The veterans, we called the Great Meme War, by bragging about winning Trump's election.

Great Meme War‘ and the greatest troll of all time

As described by Schreckinger, A certain number of "memes warriors just think there is no greater cosmic joke than the election of President Trump». [16]

'For many people, first day, it was like: "That would be hilarious hell".

As soon as he saidis political actions like the border wall, the muslim ban, and members of the boards of directors.

It has become:

It can't be real. He's the greatest troll of all time.’

Explains "Marcus", a former military intelligence officer in his thirties. [17]

Trump ‘an incompetent joke’

“Most People Who Were In The Great Same War Hate Trump Very Much”, insisted Gregg Housh, a reformed hacker and an active user of 4Chan.

G. Housh made a stint in a federal prison, a decade ago, and was l’one of the first leaders of Anonymous. [18]

As explained Dale Beran |, a 4Chan veteran, "Trump's youngest supporters know he's an incompetent joke.

Actually, they support him for that.» [19]

Slate precise:

«journalists have often described Trump like a troll, perhaps the greatest troll in American history». [20]

All articles published by Salon, the New York Post, the Daily Dot, the Daily Beast, Vox, FiveThirtyEight, the Daily Mail, the Washington Post, GQ and Politico, called Trump's antics "trolling».

Bannon and the meme subculture

Thanks to Milo Yiannopoulos, Bannon has gained an appreciation for the meme subculture.

One Breitbart has adopted.

In June 2016, three days after the announcement of his candidacy by Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos a predicted at Breitbart that the most malicious pranksters on the internet would gather around him.

And, that they would represent a significant electoral and cultural force.

Meme war for Trump

Milo indicates:

‘What starts on pol * and spreads over Twitter has a way of color media coverage and, ultimately, the public perception, even among people who do not frequent message boards.” [21]

[*Pol is a discussion forum on 4chan.

Yiannopoulos, US Alt-right hero and pro-Trump resigned from Breitbart site, after comments justifying pedophilia.]

Milo concludes:

“I do not know if Donald Trump spend time thinking about 4chan, but it has a character and style perfectly in tune with what scoundrels are looking for [miscreants*] from the web.

And it is clear from his Twitter account and his speeches that’he knows what's going on and he likes it.’ [22]

[*Miscreants —»Disbelievers, villains, rascals]

In autumn 2017, a Trump Tower team monitored social media trends, including The Donald subreddit, an electronic bulletin board that served as a link between 4Chan and the traditional Web.

The team would promote anything catchy to the social media manager, And Scavino.

More, a former campaign official said, what follows.

The aim was to rock, non-stop, the dominant sentiment on social networks, and faveur Trump.’

And, “he clearly won this war against Hillary Clinton, day after day.” [23]

Fervent in a virtual ideological cold war

“Daniel”, a young man who was a regular, from pol and 8Chan, professed to have friends in the White House.

He said he had created several fake characters on Reddit and one on Twitter to post anti-Clinton material.

In an email, Daniel writes the following.

‘The reason I fought in the Memes Wars is that, as Andrew Breitbart said, we are at total war with the left.

Currently, there is an ideological cold war.

And the winner will determine the fate of Western civilization.’ [24]

Facebook and Data Mining Technologies

Facebook and its investors

Founders Fund, of Peter Thiel, was one of the first investors in Facebook.

Facebook's second funding comes from venture capitalist Accel Partners.

The director of Accel, James Breyer, was previously president of the National Venture Capital Association and served on the board with Gilman Louie, the CEO ofIn-Q-Tel.

One of the main areas of expertise of Accel Partners is that of ‘data mining technologies‘ (data mining technologies).

Breyer and Louie also served on the board of directors of ‘R&D firm BBN Technologies ’.

She was one of the companies responsible for the internet boom.

Anita Jones, member of the board of directors of ‘In-Q-Tel’, also joined the firm.

Christopher Wylie told the’Observer :

‘We used Facebook to collect millions of people's profiles.

And builds models for harness what we knew about them and target their inner demons.

It is on this that the whole company was built.’ [25] 

Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart.

Time, in an article from 18 May 2017 entitled ‘Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America’, reported the following.

‘Congressional inquiries not only probe Russia's role’, during the elections of 2016; ‘but they seekt whether Moscow has had any help, de la campaign de Trump.

According to Time, investigators focus on ‘two organizations linked to Trump‘: Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart.

Investigators are studying the links between these companies and extreme right-wing personalities, based in Eastern Europe.

Russian fronts

According to the United States, these are Russian fronts.

House Russia investigators planned to call in Brad Parscale, the digital director of the president's campaign Donald Trump, for careful consideration of harnessing the capabilities of the microciblage [microtargeting] of Cambridge Analytica and the possible collusion with the Russians.

An accusation he denies. [26]

In a Channel Report 4, Hillary Clinton herself suggests there may be a link between Cambridge Analytica and the Russians.

She says the following.

“And the real question is how the Russians were able to target their messages with such precision”.

If they got advice from, say Cambridge Analytica, or someone else, about ‘OK, here are the twelve voters of this city of Wisconsin, here are the Facebook pages you need to go to to send these messages'; this would be very worrying.” [27]

Thiel said:

“It's hard to overstate” Kushner's role in the campaign.

‘If Trump was the CEO.

Jared was indeed the COO.’


Nicholas Confessore and Danny Hakim at New York Times ont reported that Jared Kushner was the Cambridge Analytica recruiting source for Trump's campaign. [29]

The New York Times a reported that a business associate of Kushner and a close friend of Mark Zuckerberg.

He's a Russian tech mogul, Yuri Milner.

He has invested in Facebook and Twitter, and he was backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from the Kremlin. [30]

Milner is theRussia's most influential technology investor.

In September 2017, Forbes included Milner in the list of 100 greatest living spirits.

Milner obtained an MBA [Masters in Business Administration] au Wharton.

After a stint at the World Bank, he returned to Russia and created

He caught Zuckerberg's attention, who invited him to invest in his company.

Milner a advised the Russian government, on technology, through a presidential commission headed by Dmitri Medvedev, the former president and current prime minister.

Now Milner headquarters in Silicon Valley in California, and he invested 7 billion dollars in over 30 online companies, dont Airbnb, Spotify and Chinese retailers Alibaba and

Milner indicates that, its investments came from the state-controlled VTB Bank and a financial arm of Gazprom.

Alexander Vershbow, who was U.S. Ambassador to Russia under George W. Bush and with NATO under Bill Clinton, stated that the Russian state institutions were frequently used, as ‘tools for Putin's political projects.’ [31]

The New York Times a indicated that Milner's company formerly owned 8% from Facebook and 5% Twitter before selling his holdings several years ago. [32]

‘Concept transhumaniste

Milner said he invested in Facebook in part because he believed the social network could become the basis of artificial intelligence. [33]

He believes the Internet will become the concept transhumaniste of a global brain.

And that the advent of «the internet of things» and l’increasing use of social media will increase human collective intelligence. [34]

Milner has partnered with Stephen Hawking to announce Breakthrough Starshot (2016), a mission to send a squadron of nanocraft to Alpha Centauri.

Breakthrough Listen (Listen), to seek intelligent life in the universe.

And, Breakthrough Message will reward 1 million dollars to whoever can best imagine how we will communicate with distant life forms.

Milner et Kushner

In 2015, Milner a investi in startup, At New York, belonging to Kushner and his brother.

Kushner initially did not disclose his own stake in the startup, "Frame", when he joined the White House.

In his speeches, at the White House in July, Kushner said: ‘I did not rely on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector.’ [35]

The Commercial Partners by Kushner were Goldman Sachs and George Soros, and Frame attracted approximately 133 million dollars in private equity from donors, dont Peter Thiel. [36]

Open Source Intelligence

Russian journalist Elena Larina referred to Parscale's statement in a press interview:

“I had some great scientific experts who brought us the victory.” [37]

Project Alamo and projet EMBERS

Larina refers to Bannon, Kushner, Parscale and Naren ramakrishnan, in the formation of the Trump movement, which was built on a database nicknamed Project Alamo. [38]

Ramakrishnan is a professor at Virginia Tech and director of the Discovery Analytics Center, leading the projet EMBERS was, according to Newsweek [in 2015]:

“mainly the link arm, to transform big data in assumptions and forecasts, pcan be used by US politicians and intelligence agencies.” [39]

Virginia Tech uses algorithms, a variety of advanced tools and sort big data.

The goal is to find profiles that generally report, of events before they happen.

Cases such as popular uprisings, The epidemics, humanitarian crises, mass migrations, the protests, riots, political excesses and even violence .

EMBERS [Early Model Based Event Recognition using Surrogates] is the product of a competition organized in 2012 by Jason Matheny, associate director of the Office for Anticipating Surprise [Surprise Anticipation Office] government and program director at Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

[Activity for advanced intelligence research projects]

L’IARPA is a program that has been licensed, since 2006, by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [ODNI].

It is modeled on DARPA.

Unlike, it focuses on national needs for intelligence rather than military needs.

[ODNI is the federal government official of the United States, under the authority and direct control of the President of the United States.]


From Wikipedia.

HE ?
AI with objects ?

L’IARPA was a consolidation of Disruptive Technology Office from NSA, la National Technology Alliance de la National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency et d’Intelligence Technology Innovation Center of the CIA.

In 2010, the quantum computing research of IARPA was appointed Breakthrough* by the magazine Science.

In 2015, IARPA is appointed to lead basic research and development within the framework of National Strategic Computing Initiative [NSCI – Initiative Strategic IT Nationnal].

[*Breakthrough —»Breakthrough, advanced, discovery, rupture, revelation, pointe, success, revolutionary innovation, revolution, decisive progress, unblocking, breach, …]

IARPA is also part of other White House science and technology activities, especially l’US BRAIN* Initiative and Nanotechnology-Inspired Grand Challenge for Future Computing [Great challenge of nanotechnology inspiration for the computing of the future].

In 2013, an opinion columnist for New York Times , David Brooks, qualified IARPA "One of the most creative agencies in government". [40]

[*BRAIN —" BRAIN, cerebral]


The independent contractor who measures the accuracy of EMBERS forecasts is a non-profit research center called MITRE, a collection of centers government funded research.

MITRE, For its part, a de deep relationship with national defense apparatus, security and intelligence.

According to MITER, Terry Reed, information systems engineer at the MITER Institute for Engineering and Development of Internal Security Systems *, represents the head of the information security du Department of Homeland Security, within a committee.

This committee is a Working Group on national security systems [National Security Systems Working Group], focused on political issues related to classified information systems. [41]

[*Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute – HSSEDI]


EMBERS leads what is called Open Source Intelligence [OSINT], who collection of data for intelligence purposes, from sources ‘Open’ or accessible to the public, like social media, satellite imagery and more 200 000 blogs.

It extracts up to 2 000 messages per second and buys open source data such as the firehose* from twitter, which broadcasts hundreds of millions of tweets in real time per day.

[*Firehose – Twitter databases]

“Every time you tweet or post on Facebook, you are part of the Big Data economy ".

Explains Ramakrishnan.

Ramakrishnan clarifies the following.

‘Many analysts can give you forecasts, for the coming year.

But when we make predictions, we are talking about specific dates.’


Since the creation of EMBERS, in April 2012, 80 at 90% on average of its forecasts turned out to be correct.

The project was used, the first time, to examine open source data flows in Latin America.

He accurately predicted the impeachment of the President of Paraguay in 2012, World Cup events in Brazil in 2013 and the violent student demonstrations of 2014 in Venezuela.

The program monitors 20 countries of Latin America and begins to venture into the Middle East, in North Africa, covering Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Libya.

Strategic communications

Head of Defense Activities at SCL Group, Steve Tatham spent twenty-five years in the armed forces from the United Kingdom.

Steve Tatham

Specialist in strategic communication, the last function of Tatham was in the operations directorate of the ministry of defense, where he was responsible for the development of advanced communications tools, for the main strategists of the National Security Council.

In a previous appointment, he was there’military liaison officer of the Horizon Strategic Analysis Unit within Joint Intelligence Committee from the Prime Minister's office.

It is the tallest structure in UK intelligence.

Over the past ten years, he mentored or advised senior executives on the development of strategic communication skills in Japan, in Nigeria, and Iraq, in Latvia, in Uganda and Ukraine.

Tatham is also, a qualified training designer and is a training manager.

During his career military, he made operations in Sierra Leone, in Iraq and East Africa.

He commanded an operation in Afghanistan: UK Psychological Operations Regiment.

Later, the Pentagon described it as ‘The best thing that ever came out of Afghanistan’. [43]

Tatham explained that one of the benefits of using company techniques is that "can be undertaken secretly».

The groups concerned are not necessarily aware that they are the subjects of research and the role of government and, or, third parties is invisible‘. [44]

‘Gpsychological stress

A former SCL intern qualified, the work of this group, of "psychological warfare»:

Totally. That's it.

A Psyops. Of psychological operations – the same methods the military uses to modify the feeling of a mass.

This is what they mean by winning "hearts and minds».

We were doing it just to win elections in countries, of the kind that are developing, that don't have a lot of standards.’ [45]

Alexander Nix, one of the directors of the company, boasted that the SCL had secretly influenced more than 200 elections around the world, including those from Nigeria, of Kenya, from the Czech Republic, from India and Argentina. [46]

The SCL group defines itself as a ‘global election management agency‘.

She is known for her involvement 'in military disinformation campaigns, to promote social media branding and voter targeting. [47]

To study and manipulate public opinion

The commitment of the SCL, in the political world, has been found mainly in developing countries, where it was used by the military and politicians to to study and manipulate public opinion.

The SCL claims to have succeeded in foment coup d'etat. [48]

Emma Briant indicates in ‘Propaganda and Counter-Terrorism: Strategies for Global Change‘, that the SCL has specialized in behavior modification for large groups, l’OTAN, the US State Department and others.

Some offshoots of the SCL have been implicated in Ukraine’s elections in Nigeria.

They helped the Nepalese king against the rebels.

While others have devised methods to influence the citizens of Eastern Europe and Afghanistan for NATO. [49]

Analysis of a target audience

Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a goodwill of the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) which is the equivalent of American DARPA, led in 2013 a study entitled "Project DUCOWhich hired the SCL and the BDi * to test their TAA capabilities (target audience analysis – l’target audience analysis).

The evaluation was undertaken as part of the project Human and Social Influence, financed by the scientific and technological research budget of MoD.

[According to their site, the BDi formulated the psychological targeting methods used by the SCL Group.]

(Automatic translation)

At the beginning of 2017, the SCL also, been hired to perform TAA work for the new Global Engagement Center at the US Department of State.

Il est issu du Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC) and his online propaganda and surveillance program who failed, in 2010. [50]

Walnut‘ the negative coverss

In 2012, the SCL registered SCL Elections and appointed Mark Turnbull as general manager, who had worked for eighteen years at Bell Pottinger, a British multinational in charge of public relations.

A secret investigation carried out by ‘The Independent’ a drew attention to a number of Bell Pottinger executives.

They pride themselves on using the ‘dark arts‘ to cover up bad covers and to influence public opinion, thanks to their infiltration into the highest spheres from the British government.

In addition, leaders bragged about their skills, in the ‘Google bombing‘ for ‘walnut‘ the negative coverage of human rights violations, of child labor, and on the acquisition of’a dedicated team to the management of the notoriety of Wikipediaa. [51]

Bureau of Investigative Journalism states that, the company has been engaged, for the declared sum of 540 millions of dollars speak Pentagon, for create TV segments modeled on Arab news networks, and fake Al Qaeda videos.

Which could be used to track people who have watched them. [52]

Bell Pottinger reported on his work in Iraq at Pentagon to the CIA and the National Security Council. [53]

Vincent Tchenguiz

The largest shareholder of the SCL for a decade, with 23% of 2005 at 2015, was a British real estate mogul, Vincent Tchenguiz.

Tchenguiz and Russian Mafia

He had ties to the sleazy Ukrainian billionaire and Putin's protégé Dmytro Firtash, who apparently has close ties with the boss of the mafia russe Semion Mogilevich, and who was one of the biggest customers of Paul Manafort. [54]

Tchenguiz is an Iranian-British entrepreneur born to an Iraqi Jewish family in Tehran.

As journalist Ann Marlowe pointed out, Tchenguiz and Firtash were connected via a series of front companies and an dubious business in Libya, towards 2005-2006. [55]

Tchenguiz was complicit in the planned collapse of the Icelandic bank Kaupthing, during the’economic collapse of 2008.

Finally, this led him to sue the UK Serious Fraud Office, for 3,5 millions of books sterling.

As well, he was involved in the case, of the famous Russian spy and recruiter, Anna Chapman.

She was sentenced as a foreign agent and released, in the USA, to Russia in a high profile ‘spy swaps‘. [56]

In March 2011, Tchenguiz and his brother Robert were arrested in connection with an investigation into the’collapse in 2008 from Icelandic bank Kaupthing.

The main shareholder of Kaupthing, Meidur, now called Exista, who held 25% of his actions, had ties to Alfa Bank. [57]

Firtash Foundation and Tchenguiz

Tchenguiz used the same holding company, Wheddon Ltd., to invest in both SCL and another UK private company, including the shareholder, the most important was Firtash. [58]

The director of the foundation was Anthony Fisher, consultant senior chez Bell Pottinger.

Fisher also co-founded Firtash before Scythian Limited, a consulting company that, according to The Independent, would give advice on ‘acquisitions of companies from the former Soviet Union‘. [59]

While Tchenguiz sold his SCL shares in 2015, the current president of the SCL, Julian Wheatland was before, a framework of the Consensus Business Group of Tchenguiz. [60]

SCL and business in Russia

On two promotional documents obtained by le New York Times, the SCL declared having done doing business in Russia.

In both documents, countries are highlighted on world maps and they indicate the location of SCL clients.

One of the cards specifies that the customers belonged to the electoral division of the company. [61]

According to Channel reports 4, the SCL has highlighted Russia on its customer card.

In July 2016, around the time WikiLeaks posted hacked DNC emails, Mother Jones a reported that, Nix was pictured posing with Alexander Yakovenko, l’Russian ambassador, UK.

At the time of the photo, Nix (the Managing Director of Cambridge Analytica) had already tried to’to access to the hacked emails by contacting the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. [62]

[DNC – Democratic National Committee]

SCL, Cambridge Analytica and russian oil giant.

SCL employees, which often overlap with Cambridge Analytica, have had contacts in 2014 and 2015 with leaders of Lukoil, the russian oil giant. [63]

Lukoil qui, now on the US sanctions list, was used as a government tool of influence. [64]

In 2014 and 2015, Cambridge Analytica has met at least three times with Lukoil executives who are connected to the Kremlin.

They ‘showed their interest‘ use data to target messages to U.S. voters.

Cambridge Analytica reportedly gave a slideshow to the Russians ‘focusing first, on election disruption strategies used by Cambridge Analytica parent company and SCL‘. [65]

Mais Wylie a dit, that Lukoil showed a interest in how the company has used the data, to adapt messaging to voters american. [66]

In 2015, the SCL was hired by NATO for some disinformation training, including the fight against the Russian information war. [67]

More, in July 2016, around the time that Wikileaks posted hacked DNC emails [Democratic National Committee], Mother Jones a also reported that Nix was pictured posing with Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

[At the time of the photo, Nix had previously attempted to contact Assange]. [68]

Erik Prince

Blackwater, private military company (Junior High) American using mercenarism, headquartered in Moyock (North Carolina), who notably worked in Iraq and Afghanistan on behalf of the United States government. It was previously known as Blackwater Worldwide and originally as Blackwater USA. She adopts the name of Xe le 13 February 2009. In December 2011, she changes her name again to that of "Academi". (According to wikipedia)

Filings on UK Companies House show that two senior Cambridge Analytica executives are directors of a company and are closest business partners to Erik Prince.

The society, Emerdata Limited, a inscrit Julian Wheatland, president of the SCL, as administrator and owner at 25-50%.

Alexander Tayler, Cambridge Analytica Data Director, was also listed as owner at 25-50%, and Nix, Managing Director of Cambridge Analytica, as the active manager.

Rebekah Anne Mercer and Jennifer Mercer have both been appointed directors of Emerdata.

Included are three new directors: Ahmad Ashraf Hosny Al Khatib, Cheng Peng et Johnson Chun Shun Ko, a business partner very close to Erik Prince.

Ko's address in the Emerdata directory is the same address as Frontier Services Group headquarters in Hong Kong. [69]

Erik Prince and Israeli financial partners

An article by Haaretz [“national daily in Israel“], of December 2017, describes the links of Erik Prince with Israeli financier Dorian Barak.

This one “tried to convince Prince to invest in an African railway project, with the Spanish infrastructure company Eurofinsa. And to invest jointly with the British, born in tehran, Jewish billionaire Vincent Tchenguiz.” [70]

Moreover, Prince has strong ties to Barak's business partner, Ari Harow, the disgraced ex-bureau chief of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [71]

In February 2017, after a two-year criminal investigation, Israeli police recommend indicting Harow of corruption, breach of trust, fraud and money laundering.

Early August 2017, Harow came to an agreement with the prosecution, to translate the state witness, in two corruption cases against Netanyahu. [72]

Cambridge Analytica, MI5, of MI6 and the Mossad

Cambridge Analytica Unmasked: Filmed on hidden camera reveals electoral schemes.
CEO of Cambridge Analytica is Alexander Nix. An extract in French HERE

In conversations, filmed on hidden cameras, by Channel 4, Nix claimed that Cambridge Analytica had used bribes and sex workers to trick politicians.

However, the company bragged that its agents would never get caught, because they were working worldwide using a number of’front organizations.

The leaders made it clear that they worked with former MI5 intelligence agents, of MI6 and of Mossad who would be able to secure secret or harmful information.

Making Fake News

Nix states the following.

‘We use British companies, we use Israeli companies.

From israel. In collecting intelligence it is very effective.‘ [73]

Other methods involved making inaccurate facts public, on a particular candidate.

Nix said:

'I want to say, it seems a terrible thing to say.

But these are things that don't necessarily have to be true, as long as we believe.‘ [74]

As for Turnbull, he specifies the following (in November 2017).

It is not good to fight an election campaign on the facts‘.

Car in reality, it's all about emotion.’ [75]

Manipulation of election campaigns

Senior Cambridge Analytica executives appeared to suggest that in their work relating to US clients, there was a division between official campaigns and "political action groups»Unaffiliated.

Tayler described the expenses for the election campaign, with the candidate's organization through "positive" messages, and announcements of negative attacks left to super PACs [political action committee]. This committee is authorized to incur unlimited political expenses regardless of campaigns.

Turnbull said the company occasionally used ‘proxy organizations‘.

Especially, charities and activist groups that help spread the messages, and they keep the involvement of society undetectable.

And, Turnbull said, what follows.

‘We are simply putting information into the bloodstream of the Internet, then let's watch them grow up, give them a little nudge every now and then to see them take shape.’

And, so this material is infiltrating the online community.

But without brand display, so it is not attributable, untraceable.” [76]

Manipulation of the Brexit vote and Russian trolls

Cambridge Analytica has been heavily involved in the manipulation of the Brexit vote and the exploitation of Russian trolls. [77]

Mercer, who is a close friend of Nigel Farage, played a key role in the Brexit campaign.

Farage was also, near Steve Bannon who presented among others, the staff of Jeff Sessions.

D’après Andy Wigmore, communications director of, Mercer donated Cambridge Analytica services to Farage to support UKIP activities *. [78]

[*From Wikipedia

The UK Independence Party (in English: UK Independence Party), or UKIP, is a British political party.

Anti-immigration and Eurosceptic, he campaigns for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and is part of the TEAM association.

The party's political line is that the UK ‘Must again be governed by adapted laws, to his own needs, by its own parliament, who must be directly and solely accountable for their actions to the UK electorate.’

The party, of nationalist inspiration, is regularly accused of racist and Islamophobic abuses … .]

‘Bots’ automated‘ and ‘Leave vote’

According to Sam Woolley, from the Computer Propaganda Institute of the Oxford Internet Institute, a third of all traffic on Twitter before the European referendum were ‘bots’ automated.

These ‘bots’ are accounts which are programmed for behave like people and change subjects in favor of “Leave vote”.

[according to wikipedia.

Vote Leave is a campaign organization that supported a vote “Leave”, during the referendum of 2016, on the United Kingdom's accession to the European Union.

The 13 avril 2016, she was designated by the Election Commission as an official campaign to leave the European Union in the referendum.

Vote Leave was founded, in October 2015, by campaign leaders using strategists …]

Before the American elections, the bots were five to one and faveur Trump, dont many were Russian. [79]

Selon Wigmore, he met the Trump team, from the start of the Leave campaign.

Then, Jared Kushner and Jason Miller said, what follows.

the holy grail was artificial intelligence.’ [80]

Black Cube

Selon Wylie, Cambridge Analytica used the services of Black Cube.

A private intelligence agency which operates from London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

Black Cube was founded in 2010, by d’former Israeli intelligence officers.

And, it draws its workforce from elite and secret Israeli intelligence units.

That is to say from Aman, the Mossad and the Shin Bet.

Company personnel are known to maintain close ties to the Israeli government and intelligence agencies. [81]

From 2011, Black Cube a provided of intelligence services to Vincent Tchenguiz, in a number of cases. [82]

Cambridge Analytica apparently hired Black Cube.

Black Cube intervened in the Harvey Weinstein scandal and also in the hacking personal data by Nigerian President Buhari, before his election, providing access to their medical records and private emails.

Reported by several sources and on Wylie's testimony. [83]

SCL is currently working with the US Department of State on a contract for 500 000 $ to fight against the propaganda of the Islamic State.

In the USA, the company's efforts to win new contracts with the government are led by Josh Weerasinghe.

He is the former vice president of global market development for the defense giant BAE Systems; who had previously worked with Michael Flynn at the office of the Director of National Intelligence [ODNI].

Just before the end of the campaign, Michael Flynn has entered into a consultant with SCL. [84]

Sam Patten

Paul Manafort's partner, Sam Patten who, also worked for Cambridge Analytica, pleaded guilty to working as an undeclared foreign agent, for a Ukrainian politician and a Ukrainian oligarch.

In the Daily Beast, Patten said he worked with Cambridge Analytica, as part of its activity on american elections, of 2014, and on ‘several campaigns abroad. [85]

Patten worked for the George W State Department. Bush and worked in Ukraine, in Georgia, in Kazakhstan, in Iraq and Russia.

He also worked as director of eurasian program at Freedom House, between 2009 and 2011.

He worked closely with Konstantin Kilimnik, who was arraigned with Manafort, by Mueller for attempted witness tampering.

According to, the Criminal Information Document filed by the US Attorney General's Office in DC, Sam Patten et Kilimnik, named “Foreigner A”, together founded a company of lobbying and advice.

They worked as part of the campaign in Ukraine, and they lobbied in the United States. [86]

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica – The power of Big Data and psychographics

In 2014, the leaders of SCL persuaded Robert Mercer of finance a new US branch of the company, Cambridge Analytica. [87]

A German article by 2016 of The magazine, spread virally in January after being translated into English and published by Motherboard by VICE.

It is reported that Michal Kosinski, former director of operations at the psychometry from Cambridge University and Head of Unit e-psychométrie, seemed to suggest that Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL Group could have steal his team's research.

Tool profiling, OCEAN

Kosinski and his colleagues collected millions of Facebook interactions as data point items using a Facebook quiz app, then executed a tool of profiling, named OCEAN, for the purpose of personality cataloging.

More than 6 million people completed the questionnaire.

Kosinski discovered that knowing 150 "I love", his model could better predict personality of an individual than that of his spouse.

With 300, he has you better understood than you. [88]

Our smartphone, a conclu Kosinski, is a vast psychological questionnaire that we constantly fill, both consciously and unconsciously. [89]

In December 2015, Cambridge Analytica was proud to have collected up to 5 000 data points on more than 220 million Americans. [90]

‘Microtargeting comportemental

Cambridge Analytica analyzes information using ‘Data improvement and audience segmentation techniques’, providing a ‘psychographic analysis‘ for a ‘deeper knowledge of target audience‘.

Using what she calls the ‘microtargeting comportemental‘, the company says it can predict "needs»Topics and how these needs may change over time.

Services can then be individually targeted, for the benefit of its customers, for political plans, governments and businesses.

What offers ‘a better and more concrete view of their key audiences‘.

According to Sasha Issenberg, Cambridge Analytica says it can reveal things about an individual they may not even know. [91]

Aleksandr Kogan

Facebook Data Expert Drops Russian Ties, says Cambridge Analytica ...”


Alexandr Kogan defended himself from being a Russian spy.

According to, data on wikipedia, here is what we can read.

The ‘also used the name of Dr Specter.’

He is an American scientist, known to have developed l’application which enabled Cambridge Analytica to collect personal data from 80 million Facebook users.

He worked as a research associate at the University of Cambridge.

Kogan was born in what was then the Moldovan SSR in the USSR [now independent Moldova]. His father is Jewish.

He lived in Moscow before moving to the United States at the age of seven.

Kogan had a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto before moving to Cambridge.

He is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, since 2012, and he became a senior research associate, until 2018.

Its page says: «My laboratory studies prosociality and well-being from a biological point of view, psychological and intercultural”.

Kogan is the CEO and founder of Philometrics, another big data analysis firm.

Kogan developed the application which enabled Cambridge Analytica to collect personal information from 80 million Facebook users.

Interviewed by BBC Radio Today 4 and by CNN, he said he was being used as a scapegoat by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

Kogan said he didn't know they would use the data to target voters, and attempted to minimize the potential effectiveness of micro-targeting using the data he has collected.

When he was in Cambridge, He had an active collaboration and was a consultant for Facebook.

Kogan had a affiliation with the University of Saint Petersburg in Russia, receiving funds for research on the’social media data mining.

And, he has gave at least three lectures (in Russian) since 2014.

He declared this affiliation to the University.

He received research funding from the British governments, American, Canadian and Chinese.”

Data breach by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

In March 2018, several media announced the new Cambridge Analytica business practices.

Le New York Times and The Observer ont account of the data breach on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

In 2013, personal data of approximately 50 million Facebook users have been acquired through 270 000 Facebook users who have explicitly chosen to share their data with the application “thisisyourdigitallife“.


It was developed by the University of Cambridge researcher Aleksandr Kogan. [92]

Those who gave permission, at this third-party application to acquire their data, have allowed the app to access information about their friend networks.

This resulted in the data gathering about 50 million users, dont the majority did not explicitly authorize Cambridge Analytica to access their data.

At a testimony at Capitol Hill, the 10 avril 2018, Senator Klobuchar asked the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Cambridge Analytica and the Russian disinformation campaign launched by the Internet Research Agency (IRA) of St. Petersburg often targeted the same users.

Zuckerberg responded: ‘We are investigating this now.

We think, that it is quite possible, that there is a connection there.’


Troll Factory

‘Russian troll farm’

L’Internet Research Agency [IRA], also known as ‘Troll Factory‘ in Russia, consisted largely of’students of the State University of subsidies.

A few days before the hearing, Wylie raised the possibility that the data is now in Russian hands, given the Kogan's work on a project for the University, and the connection of the SCL with Lukoil.

Wylie says the following.

They could be stored in various parts of the world, including Russia, since the teacher [Kogan] who handled the data collection process traveled back and forth between the UK and Russia.’ [94]

Kogan et subsidies russian

While exploiting Facebook profiles for Cambridge Analytica, Kogan was also, associate professor at Saint Petersburg State University, receiving russian government grants for the social media search.

The title of a research article was: «Stress, health and psychological well-being in social networks: intercultural inquiry».

Online posts showed Kogan lecturing in Russian.

A speech was titled: “New methods of communication as an effective political tool.

Cambridge Analytica employee mentioned Kogan's Russian work, in an email to Nix in March 2014, where they were discussing a presentation, in a Caribbean country, for a security contract, including a ‘psychographic profiling criminal via interceptions‘.

The colleague wrote: ‘We could come full circle or find out a little more about the interesting work that’Alex Kogan did it for the Russians and see how / if this applies [95]


Wylie told the’Observer :

We exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people's profiles. And build models to harness what we knew about them and target their inner demons.

It is on this basis that the whole company was built.‘ [96]


Wylie said during a parliamentary inquiry that ‘senior officials of Palantir‘ had obtained the data.

A Palantir spokesperson initially denied Wylie's allegations in their entirety.

However, Palantir was later, forced to admit that an employee was ‘involved in a completely personal capacity‘.

The New York Times reports that the employee of Palantir Technologies in London, recommended to Cambridge Analytica that the company develop its own software ‘to access the networks of friends of Facebook users‘. [97]

During the summer 2012, a UK company named Intelligence Management Services Ltd (IMSL) provided training to government officials from Russian Government Analytical Center on Palantir's Data Mining Capabilities.

As one of the participants, to training, said to Forbes Russia, Palantir planned to’use Open Government * structures in the analytical center of Ministry of Economic Development.


*According to Wikipedia

Open Government – The open government, or open democracy is a governance doctrine that aims to improve the efficiency and accountability of modes of public governance.

It establishes that citizens have the right to access documents and procedures of their governments in order to promote greater transparency and accountability, and give citizens the necessary means to control government and local decisions, supervise and take part in them.

Pavel Sedakov & Dmitry Filonov write the following.

Russian officials did not seem troubled by their association with US intelligence.

For all I know, the FSB was not against.

It was even interesting for them to learn the principles of Palantir's work from within., and for the future – to create a Russian counterpart.’

Said Timur Khamdamov, former advisor of the Analytical Center for Continuous Monitoring and Operational Analysis. [98]

Trump Revolution

The two-part series of Larina, published in the monthly magazine of the Izborsk group, titled "Trump Revolution», suggests that Cambridge Analytica transferred data from Palantir and Quid, to a company in which Thiel has invested.

Larina is a Russian analyst who belongs to the Community of Competitive Intelligence Practitioners (SPKR).

An association of experts in business information, which includes teachers, economists and safety directors for heavy industry, as well as agents of the Russian FSB and its predecessor, the KGB.

She has also been an expert for Russian Interior Ministry, the equivalent of the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation – The main federal judicial police and internal intelligence service]. [99]

Thanks to his ‘Founder Fund’, Thiel partially funded, Quid.

Quid analyzes the language for anomalies and trends for political campaigns and the private sector.

In 2013, Quid was nominated by ‘Fast Company‘ from 10 most innovative companies, in the world in terms of Big Data.

The media cited a notable handful of Quid customers including, le Boston Consulting Group, the Ministry of Defense, the UN Global Pulse, various political campaigns and the Knight Foundation.

Larina indicates that Cambridge Analytica acquired data, and she was also, subscribed to data from all major brokers, like Acxiom.

It has information on over a billion people, with an average of 150 parameters per person.

Moreover, the data is acquired from Google, Facebook, processing companies, credit bureaus, etc. [100]

Larina Says Cambridge Analytica Purchased Data From Acxiom, which has data on more than a billion people in the world. [101]

The Trump campaign also bought this Facebook certified data, from business partners like Experian PLC, Datalogix, Epsilon et Acxiom Corporation. [102]

Ensuring the participation of pro-Trump voters

Larina indicates that, Palantir has identified eleven favorable states targeting and especially, five traditionally democratic states, whose analysis revealed anomalies.

Thanks to a Quid forecast, the number of irregularities has been reduced to six: Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. [103]

The statistical models from Cambridge Analytica also dictated the locations of Trump's campaign rallies.

They were chosen by a algorithm from Cambridge Analytica which classified places in a state with the largest segments of’influenceable voters. [104]

In accordance with the findings of Cambridge Analytica, the teams of Bannon and Prebius have used social media to help citizens organize themselves into action groups to ensure the participation of voters in their city and vote for Trump. [105]


The Cambridge Analytica tactics, explained Wylie, is the idea:

That if you can capture every channel of information around a person, then inject content around it, you can change their perception of what is really going on.‘ [106]

‘Information dominance

This is based on the idea of ​​"dominance of information», from propaganda.

The concept that, if you can control all information flows towards your opponents, ‘you can influence how they perceive this battle space and then you can influence how they will behave and react.’ [107]

In an interview on NBC’s Today, Wylie said Cambridge Analytica aimed to “explore the mental vulnerabilities of people».

He said the firm ‘is working on creating a disinformation network online, so people start going down the rabbit hole, by clicking on blogs, websites, etc.’


Cambridge Analytica was the ‘baby‘ by Bannon

Wylie revealed that Cambridge Analytica was the "baby"By Bannon and"Bannon's arsenal of weapons to conduct a cultural war against America using military strategies». [109]

At Washington Post, Wylie said one of the first things he did for Bannon and the Mercers, in 2014, was to test American views on Putin. [110]

It turns out that a lot of Americans really like this idea of ​​a really strong authoritarian leader and people were quite defensive in the discussion groups about Putin's invasion of Crimea..‘ [111]

Wylie informed the Democratic Party, than Bannon was largely behind, l’initial orientation of the company for promote public discontent, in order to influence the American elections. [112]

Identify and manipulate a group for the campaign

A year before Trump announced his candidacy, Cambridge Analytica presumably already has identified a gang of insane white Americans.

Jane Mayer in The New Yorker reported that in 2013, an oil tycoon named William Lee Hanley, which had commissioned surveys from Patrick Caddell, asked him to show the data to Mercer and Bannon.

The data indicated ‘growing anger towards wealthy elites who, according to many Americans, corrupted the government so that it served only their interests.

There was a deep need for a populist presidential candidate who would run against the main political parties and the ruling class.»

The data “showed that anyone can just run for this election and sweep it away, Caddell told Mayer.

When Mercer called for the ballot to be repeated, Caddell got the same results.

It was wonderful“, said Caddell. “The country was on the brink of an uprising against its leaders. I almost fell backwards! ” [113]

Candidate Smith

“M. Smith goes to Washington” by Frank Capra 1939 – “To prevent a dam project do not fall to the water, senators push a young idealist to get elected, hoping so handle it so that he defend their plan.

In 2014, Caddell and two partners went public with what they called the project ‘Candidate Smith‘, that was promoting data suggesting the public wanted a ‘M. Smith Goes to Washington‘, an excluded as President.

Caddell's partner, Bob Perkins, publicity director and former CFO of the Republican Party, made the following statement to Mayer.

At this moment, it was clear that there would be no third candidate.

But we thought that a republican who would exploit anguish had a real chance.

Trump le candidat Smith

Caddell tested all officially declared presidential candidates, including Trump, as a possible M. Smith.

People didn't think Trump had the temperament to be president”, said Caddell.

He was clearly not the best Smith; but he was the only Smith.

He was the only one with the resources and name recognition..

However, Caddell got worried. [114]

Caddell disseminated his research as widely as possible, including with those involved in Trump's campaign.

Bannon said:

Pat Caddell is like an Old Testament prophet.’

He has been talking about voter alienation for twenty-five years, and people didn’t pay attention, but he's a brilliant guy, and he succeeded.‘ [115]

Roger Stone was fascinated by the research and passed a memo about it to Trump.

Caddell said he had talked with Trump about "some of the data», but pointed out:

«With Trump, everything is instinctive – he is not exactly a deep thinker.» [116]

Wylie described Cambridge Analytica as:

«Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer using a contractor, a military contractor ... to use some of the same techniques the military uses ... on the American electorate». [117]

Imposition of the positions of the’far right by Bannon

Wylie said that Bannon's pressure on Trump's campaign to do endorse the positions of the far right on issues like immigration and law enforcement largely came from Cambridge Analytica research.

Wylie says he doesn't know to what extent Trump's campaign used the techniques.

More, he says the former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, met Cambridge Analytica in 2015, before Trump even announced his candidacy. [118]

In focus groups focused on the legislatures of 2014, the voters answered to the proposal for a border wall, the racism against African Americans masked under the name "racial realism», the tactics to "clean up the swamp" and "the deep state». [119]

«Much of these scenarios would have seemed crazy for a traditional candidate and to run, it was on these elements that we discovered that there were pockets of Americans who were seduced», added Wylie. . [120]

Alamo Project 

Ted Cruz was one of Cambridge Analytica's first major clients during the presidential campaign to 2016, but after giving up the race, Robert and Rebekah Mercer began to support Trump.

La campaign de Trump and Banon

Bannon has been vice-president and secretary of Cambridge Analytica of June 2014 to august 2016, when he became general manager of the campaign de Trump.

Wylie reports that in the days Bannon also considered himself to be of considerable influence with Trump. [121]

A year before Bannon joined Trump's campaign staff, he described himself in an email to Jane Mayer, as being de facto the "Trump's campaign director, due to positive Trump coverage by Breitbart.

This blanket had been widely subscribed by Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah. [122]

In June 2016, the campaign having failed and in disarray, the hedge fund mogul Robert Mercer, which had funded Breitbart, offered Trump a huge cash injection.

But insisted that he engage Steve Bannon and presents the services de Cambridge Analytica to Trump's digital director, Brad Parscale. [123]

L’hiring of the company was endorsed by Jared Kushner. [124]

As Kushner said:

«I called someone who works for one of the tech companies I work with, and I asked them to give me a tutorial on how to use the Facebook micro-targeting.» [125]

Campagne Trump ‘like a Silicon Valley startup

Kushner, thanks to its data team, Directed by Brad Parscale, who had previously built small websites for the Trump Organization, was one of the main decision-makers at the end of the campaign.

The I know I concentratedt on the use of Big Data, instead of traditional media used by Hillary Clinton, and for a fraction of the budget.

The data team (data) consisted of 100 employees, including a mix of programmers, web developers, network engineers, data scientists, graphic designers, copywriters and media buyers.

Steven Bertoni, in Forbes, explains that by directing ‘the covert data operation’ de la campaign Trump ‘like a Silicon Valley startup, finally, Kushner rocked the states, who rocked the elections‘. [126]

Kushner a dit:

«I called some of my friends in Silicon Valley, some of the world's best digital marketers, and I asked them how you make this business evolve.

They gave me their subcontractors.» [127]


The Trump's revolutionary database, named “Project Alamo“, contains the identities of 220 million people in the United States, and around 4000 at 5000 points of individual data about each person's online and offline life.

As described by BusinessWeek:

Cambridge Analytica's statistical models isolated likely supporters Parscale bombarded with Facebook ads, while the campaign bought email lists from groups like Gingrich and Tea Party to reach out to others.’ [128]

After Trump was officially appointed as the Republican presidential candidate in July 2016, Parscale was tasked with developing and expanding the campaign’s digital targeting capabilities.

One of the main suppliers was the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Reince Preibus.

The latter and his team met with Parscale in San Antonio to discuss what they called "fusion».

Preibus and Parscale negotiated an agreement whereby, Trump had access to the RNC's list of 6 million republicans, and could keep 20% of all the donations collected, the rest going to the RNC. [129]

Parscale played a vital role behind the scenes of Trump's campaign, directing online spending and the voter targeting with the help of’a database highly sophisticated built by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Facebook for a pro-Trump campaign

He says he has focused on the competition given the huge benefits of the Clinton campaign in terms of money and TV commercials.

What he decided to do, it is to turn to social media and the most important: Facebook.

Parscale specifies that:

Twitter is not where Trump voters were. More than 95% (of the campaign's online budget) went to facebook.‘ [130]

Parscale went so far as to hire pro-Trump Facebook employees who have been "Integrated" into its seat, working on site several days a week, for teach staff how to get a maximum use of the platform. [131]

To journalists, Parscale stated the following.

We knew exactly where to be 14 million voters we need in the main states with uncertain trends (swinging) …

Jared was an incredible leader to make this all happen…‘ [132]

The boss of Parscale, Jared Kushner, ‘Understood the online world in a way that mainstream media did not.

He managed to assemble a presidential campaign on a low level using new technologies and won.

It's a big hit.

Said the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. [133]

Kushner gave an explanation.

Our best collaborators were mainly those who volunteered for me for free.’

Business people, people from non-traditional backgrounds.’ [134]

Deep Root, geolocation Google Maps and artificial intelligence for the countryside

Tools such as Deep Root resulted in reduced TV advertising spending by identifying popular shows with specific constituencies in specific regions.

Kushner built a tool personalized geolocation, who plotted the location density and direct, about 20 types of voters on a Google Maps interface.

they have used artificial intelligence to raise funds, to get marketing companies to compete with businesses.

The ineffective ads were removed within minutes, while effective ones have been used on a larger scale.

The campaign sent more than 100 000 announcements uniquely configured to targeted voters. [135]

Pour Donald Trump, Parscale collected more than 250 million dollars mainly through Facebook.

Parscale stated the following.

Our biggest incubator which allowed us to generate that money was Facebook.”

During the electoral cycle, Trump's campaign channeled 90 million dollars to the firm Parscale, most of which was devoted to digital advertising.

It was less than half of what Hillary Clinton spent on TV advertising.

Facebook and Twitter were the reason we won this case“, he said. ‘Twitter for M. Trump. And Facebook for fundraising ’.

Every day, said Gary Coby, advertising director at the Republican National Committee which, worked on Trump's campaign, he was broadcasting 40000 at 50000 ad variations, testing their performance in different formats, with and without subtitles, and statics compared to the video, among other negligible differences.

The day of the third presidential debate in October, the team broadcast 175 000 variants. [136]

Finally, Trump's campaign spent about 15 million dollars to hire Cambridge Analytica. [137]

In conversations recorded secretly by Channel 4 , Nix claimed he had met Trump ‘several times‘, while Turnbull said the company was behind the ad campaign for 'Hillary's rigged defeat'.

Cambridge Analytica CEO, Alexander Nix, made the following statement. [138]

Almost all of the messages Trump released were data driven.

Nix has contacted Assange regarding the possible release of 33 000 Missing emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. [139]

To journalists, Nix made this statement.

We did all the research, all data, all analyzes, all targeting. We ran the entire digital campaign, the television campaign and our data indicated the whole strategy‘ [140]

The chief data officer of the company, Alex Tayler, added:

You made your gatherings in the right places, you have moved more people to these key states, with uncertain tendency, polling day. This is how he won the election.‘ [141]

When you think about the fact that Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes but won the electoral college vote, that it depends on data and research.

As Nix explained, about the American investigators he had spoken to, they don't understand what they are trying to investigate because they are politicians, not technicians.

The reporter asks if this means that the candidate is just a puppet, and Nix answers: ‘Always.

But at every election. Practically.” [142]

They don't understand because the candidate is never, is never involved.

He said what to do through his campaign team.

Shadow President

Peter Thiel

After Trump's victory, Thiel has been appointed to the executive committee of the President-elect's transition team.

Many Thiel employees called him "the president of the umbre». [143]

He used his position to help Trump administration staff with associates who, according to Maya Kosoff in Vanity Fair, «share billionaire's disgust for bureaucracy and regulation. What, according to Thiel, holds the country back from a technological revolution.” [144]

Thiel sifted through the Federal Trade Commission leadership candidates.

What allowed to place associates of its investment companies, within the Department of Commerce, from the Pentagon and even from the National Security Council.

Alt-right troll

Thiel was assisted in his examination of candidates by the right-wing troll [far right] Charles C. “Chuck” Johnson, who was once called “the most hated man on the internet“. [145] 

Forbes to reported that, although Johnson has no official position, the was working behind the scenes with members of the executive committee of the transition team, including Peter Thiel, to recommend, examine and give some sort of seal of approval for potential alt-right candidates.

During his appearance on an online radio show with libertarian blogger Stefan Molyneux the 22 December 2016, Johnson said he had “does a lot of checking for administration and Trump's transition“. [146]

Thiel has overseen numerous science and technology appointments for the new administration.

Johnson contributed to this process, by continually recommending a dozen potential candidates to Thiel, including Ajit Pai, a commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission, the organization Johnson hopes to lead under Trump.

Beyond recommending candidates, Johnson also helped organize meetings between potential candidates and members of the transition team.

He worked with Jim O’Neill, who is at the head of the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], and he is currently employed by Thiel at the San Francisco-based investment firm, Mithril Capital.

Johnson tried to get O'Neill to meet with influencers and conservative political groups in a bid to build support for his potential FDA appointment.

O’Neill declined to comment. [147]

The behind-the-scenes influence of ‘Chuck’

"A lot of my friends are going to be in the White House, so it's very exciting, to put it lightly ", Johnson boasted, who spent election night in the Trump Victory Party VIP Room at the New York Hilton, mingling with billionaires.

And, he claims to have access to family members of the president-elect. [148]

Cernovich, who is friends with Giesea and Johnson, said Johnson often has an influence behind the scenes.

The media really feel hate towards him [Johnson]“, said Cernovich.

But if they knew how he was influential – in such a way that they cannot know – it would be amazing.” [149]

Cernovich discussed the Transition Team agenda but declined to provide details of his own work.

Cernovicha stated the following.

I wanna be free to say whatever I wanna say.

And in a way that limits what I can do officially.’

He denied that he had any direct communication with Thiel or other members of the transition team.

‘I don't want anyone to get stuck, vis-à-vis any association with me.’ [150]

Super Political action committee (PAC)

Thiel also donated 1000000 $ in October 2016 at Super PAC Make America Number 1, who poured 231352 $ at Cambridge Analytica towards the end of the same year. [151]

Rebekah Mercer leads the PAC.

Kellyanne Conway ran its operations, since august 2015, until she is appointed Campaign Director.

And, in mid-August 2016, she directed that of Donald Trump.

The PAC also employed Bannon, who joined the campaign as CEO. After Conway left, David Bossie took the leadership.

David Bossie

Bossie, CNP member, was the Deputy Campaign Director for Trump's campaign and co-authored Lewandowski's memoir, ‘Let Trump Be Trump‘ [Let Trump Be Trump].

He is president of Citizens United, the Political Action Committee (PAC), who produces smear campaigns.

Citizens United was founded in 1988 by Floyd Brown, longtime political consultant in Washington and former employee of Roger wings.

Brown is significant for his introduction of the TV advertising ‘Willie Horton’ during the Bush-Dukakis presidential race, while Wings was the main Bush campaign expert in terms of broadcasting.

Bossie is a close friend and a longtime acquaintance of Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

He has introduced Bannon to Trump in 2011. [152]

By Ordo ab Chao,

Part 16 – Big Data

By David Livingstone

Neilly Free Mind


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