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The “Messianic National Bolshevism”

Part 1: Dugin's Eurasia Party and his Chaos Magic

Part 2:

The “Messianic National Bolshevism”

The “Chassidic-Marxist” de Douguine

Extract from an article by David Livingstone:

Order of Eurasia


Alexandre Douguine, refers to Gershom Scholem, the renowned scholar of Jewish Kabbalah, as “the greatest traditionalist thinker”.

He distinguishes between Judaism exoteric (what is public), which he opposes to “materialist”, and Judaism esoteric (secret lessons reserved for initiates), or Kabbalah, which he rents as part of the Primordial Tradition of Guenon.

Dugin is a supporter of Sabbatai Zevi's thought.

In 1648, at the age of 22 years, Sabbatai Zevi began declaring to his followers in Smyrna that he was the Messiah.

Consequently, Sabbatai Zevi's messianic claims ultimately led the rabbis to place him and his followers under the ban of the cherem.

A kind of excommunication in Judaism.

Sabbatai claimed that since he arrived as messiah, the laws of Torah were no longer applicable.

His new prayer was:

"Praised be he who allows the forbidden".

Cf: 1666

“Jewish Orientalism” de Douguine

Dugin is also influenced by Yakov Bromberg, a member of the Eurasianist emigrant movement, of 1920 and 1930.

Bromberg strove to develop a specifically Jewish approach to Eurasianist ideology.

However, eurasianism (eurasism) sought to integrate non-Russian peoples into their plan.

They included Tatars and Kalmyks, of Mongolian origin, that existed in Russian regions before the arrival of the Rus.

The same could be said of the Jews of Khazaria.

Bromberg specifies that the Khazar episode completes a historical cycle in which Judaism was a proselytizing religion; and the Jews tried to “go beyond their ethnocultural boundaries” [20]

Dugin's Sabbath Vision

Based on Bromberg, Dugin proposed a distinction between Atlanticist Jewishness “western” against one “Jewish Orientalism” or one “Jewish Eurasianism.”

He specifies that it is Arthur Koestler, member of GREECE, who underlined this duality when he posed his theory of the Khazar origin of the Jews.

The oppositions include on the one hand a negative aspect which are the rationalists, the west, the capitalist, the bourgeois Jew, and on the other hand the mysticism and messianism of the Kabbalists, the sabbateans, the Chabad Hasidim and the “Jewish Nationnal Bolshevism”. [21]  

Dugin goes on to explain that the challenge of Kabbalah was that it presented a vision “you demonstrated” or evolutionist of creation.

An aspect of neoplatonism contrary to the creationist vision of history that founds exoteric Jewish monotheism.  

Firstly, he suggests that this situation is solved by Isaac Luria.

According to a creationist interpretation of the Kabbalah, he proposes that God created the world by “contraction” (Tsimtsoum).

But the final solution to the challenge, according to Dugin, was presented by Sabbatai Zevi, who submitted that the manifestationist vision of creation was the correct one, and that thoughtless serpents were responsible for evil [23].

Dugin says many Jews saw Bolshevism as an opportunity to merge with a larger population, in order to unite Russian and Jewish messianism under the common aegis of Eurasianism for the destruction of capitalism and exploitation.

Elements “eurasianistes” of the Jewish diaspora of Europe, from America and Asia gave support to the Soviets.

They will form the Third International, later the Comintern.

Dugin's reciprocal versions of anti-Semitism

Dugin suggests that these competing branches also contributed to reciprocal versions of anti-Semitism.

for example, Marx's anti-Semitism on the Jewish question, represented Sabbatean and Frankist irrationalism as opposed to the rationalist Jewish capital.

Conversely, Winston Churchill's critique of “Jewish threat” of the East was emblematic of Britain’s right-wing Zionist circles.

This is why, explains Dugin, that apologists for the Jews are unable to explain why, under the severe repression of Lenin and Stalin, the Jews were not only the victims, but also the persecutors.

However, the right-wing Zionist flank collaborated with anti-Semitic circles, au be you KGB.

Which ultimately leads to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“Jewish Orientalism”, explains Dugin, “is not a particularly modern phenomenon, exclusively soviet; it is rooted in the depths of national history.

Probably behind him lies a terrible religious or racial secret.” [24] 

He adds: “There will always be a place for “Jewish orientalism” in the ranks of the builders of the Great Eurasian Empire, the Last Empire. [25]

traditionalists Israelis”

Dugin and the “Israeli traditionalist” Avigdor Old

Despite all their alleged support for white identity, their sympathies to the neo-Nazis, their fundamental base of support for Trump, including alt-right, their main support goes to Israel.

A position they share with their Russian counterparts.

As Alexander Dugin explains:

“With israel, the Russian state, Putin personally, has nothing against Israel. In our society, we have no hostility towards the Jews or towards Israel. More than that, we have many Russian Jews living there.

So, in general, there is a kind of sympathy for Israel and for the Jews in Russia … We have good relations with Israel.

The United States maintains good relations with Israel.

Cependant there are at least two Israelis.

There is a geopolitical Atlanticist, Israel, a maritime power, represented by the Israeli oligarchy, Israeli racism and the pro-American and pro-Western core of Israeli society.

But there are Israeli traditionalists.

They are different.” [26]

Eurasian movement association, Chabad and far-right Zionist movements

In 2002, Dugin’s AGRAF publishing house published Evrei i Evraziia [“Jews and Eurasia”], a collection of writings by Jewish Eurasianist Yakov Bromberg and modern Zionist associate of Dugin, Avigdor Eskin.

The volume was part of an effort to strengthen ties between the Eurasian movement, Chabad and the far-right Zionist movements.

He quotes with approval one of Bromberg’s contemporaries (Lev Karsavin, who hailed the soviet regime) about the “primordial link between the Jews and Russia.” [27]

Avigdor Eskin, a far-right Russian-Israeli activist, considers Alexander Dugin as his closest ideological partner in Russia. [28]

Born in the Soviet Union, Eskin emigrated to Israel where he became involved in right-wing politics.

Eskin is said to have been a former KGB or Shin Bet agent. [29]

In the USA, Eskin lobbied politicians and was credited as the one who transformed Senator Jesse Helms, one of the biggest opponents of US policy towards Israel, into a convinced Zionist.

Eskin made a deal with Helms, in which he supported Reagan's policies in Central America if Helms supported those of Israel.

This support enabled other members of the Israeli right to support President Reagan's foreign policy.

They cooperated with the Republican lobby and recruited Jews to support US policy in Panama, au Salvador, in Chile and Granada.

It is alleged that Eskin mediated the deal to send military aid to the Contras in Nicaragua.

He admitted to having played a role in the Iran-Contra affair. [30]

On the other hand, he succeeds in putting pressure on ten members of the US Congress to support Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine. [31]

Far-right Zionist movements and the Jewish Defense League

Eskin worked closely with the Jewish Defense League (JDL or LDJ), founded by Meir Kahane Joseph Churba, who had close ties to John Rees and John Singlaub of the Western Goals Foundation *.

* Western Goals Foundation, an active right-wing private intelligence dissemination network in the United States; founded in 1979 by John K Singlaub, John Rees and Congressman Larry McDonald.

She disappeared in 1986.

The Tour Commission revealed that he was part of the funding network of Oliver North of Iran-Contra.

Meir kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League – LDJ (Jewish Defense League JDL)

A number of JDL members have been linked to violent and sometimes fatal attacks.

In 1994 there was the massacre of the cave of the patriarchs in Hebron, in the West Bank.

We will count 29 dead (several barely twelve years old) and 125 wounded.

Kahane was assassinated in 1990 by Islamic activist El Sayyid Nosair.

He is found guilty of terrorist conspiracy.

Nosair was an associate of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

This one is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are also and secretly employed by the CIA. [32]

Cheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, connected to the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood

In a district trial in the United States, Nosair was convicted of murder for his involvement, with Sheikh Omar, in the attack of 1993 against the World Trade Center.

Eskin became one of Kahane Chai's main spokespersons and associates.

E,t he is a member of a banned party, le kach, founded in 1970 in accordance with its nationalist Orthodox Jewish ideology.

Far-right Zionist movements and nationalist Orthodox Jewish ideology

After several electoral failures, Kach entered the Knesset after the elections of 1984.

In 1988, it is forbidden to participate in the next elections because of incitement to racism.

Kahane splits from the main Kach faction (for tactical questions).

After his assassination in 1990, the party is divided

In 1995 with Kach's partner, Yosef Dayan, Eskin participated in a kabbalistic ritual called pulse dinura who invokes a “deadly curse” against Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, in response to the Oslo accords.

After thirty-two days, Rabin is assassinated by Yigal Amir.

Eskin still praises Amir and has become one of the closest people to him, of his wife and their families. [33]

In 1997, Eskin was arrested and sentenced to four months in prison for incitement to hatred.

Upon release, he twice tried to incite Palestinian hatred to sabotage the Oslo accords.

He threw a pig's head with the Koran stuffed in his mouth, in the complex housing the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan. [34]

And, he planned to place a pig's head on the grave of Izzadin Qassam, the Palestinian guerrilla who fought the Zionists, in the years 1930.

Jerusalem Post reveals during his incitement to hatred trial that he set fire to the offices of left-wing organization Dor Shalom.

Eskin is a frequent guest at Russia Today.

Dugin told Ha'aretz:

“The Russians consider him a very interesting figure and he has good ties to the Kremlin.

He considers him to be a prominent representative of Israeli society.” [35]

Consequences of the association of the Eurasian movement and far-right Zionist movements

The main advantage of Dugin's relationship with Eskin was his introduction to Mikhail Gagloev, a wealthy South Ossetian banker who came to sponsor Dugin's various political activities for much of the next decade. [36]

Gagloev was both CEO of Kremlin-linked Tempbank and vice-chairman of Dugin's International Eurasian Movement (WITH).

Gagloev's business associates include former Ukrainian gangster, Evgeny giner, and the Deputy Speaker of the Russian Parliament, Alexander Babakov.

In 2012, Putin has appointed Babakov as special representative for relations with Russian organizations abroad.

In 2016, Babakov met two officers of the National Front of Marine Le Pen, for the purpose of securing a loan with a Latvian bank known for its ties to the Kremlin. [37]

Eskin is an associate of the Hasidic rabbi, based in the West Bank, Avram Shmulevich.

Both are members of Dugin's Eurasian movement.

Eskin and Shmulevich's participation in the Eurasian movement is based on their anti-American elements, that fit well with the vision of many Israeli government settlers.

Which betrays the idea that Zionism is under American pressure. [38]


Shmulevich, describes himself as “hypersioniste”, considering the previous Zionism which led to the creation of the State of Israel as obsolete.

Shmulevich says Israel has a global mission to guide the twenty-first century.

Its purpose is to mold it in the way of Jews such as Marx, Einstein and Freud shaped the 20th century.

Israel must not only defeat the proposals for a Palestinian state and the threat of Islam.

She also wants to extend her control over what is called the “Greater Israel” across the Middle East.

I.e. from the Nile to the Euphrates.

This control does not need to be military as they can use the nefarious techniques suggested in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Secondly, Israel must “restore the most primitive layer of Tradition [that of Adam, the first hypersionist], but such reintegration would also be based on merging with the more modern trends found in a post-industrial society.” [39]

The 21 avril 2001, Shmulevich was elected leader of the Eurasian Movement at its founding congress in Moscow.

It includes the Supreme Mufti of the Central Ecclesiastical Council of Muslims of Russia and European CIS countries, Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajuddin.

As well as the secretary of the Department of External Ecclesiastical Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Fr. Vsevolod Chaplin.

Tokenism and “Eurasia first”  

Dugin notes that:

“Eurasia is diverse besides including the Russians, the Tatars, youth and military personnel.”

And finally, “Eurasia comes first and everything else follows.” [40]

At a press conference held on the eve of the congress, Farid Salman, representative of Mufti Talgat Tajuddin, highlighted:

“The ‘Eurasia movement’ is our response to the followers of satanic Wahhabism which have taken root all over the country and even in Moscow.”

According to him:

“The participation of Muslims in the movement is a sacred duty of patriotism and of responding to followers of Wahhabism, which discredits Islam.” [41]

“Eurasianism in Israel”

At the same press conference, Rabbi Shmulevich reported that the participation of the Jewish population of Russia in the Eurasia movement is confirmed by the strengthening of relations between Russia and Israel and the active support of Eurasianism in Israel.

In Shmulevich's view, “a western democratic ideology that levels national peculiarities is unacceptable”.

Eurasianism is therefore the more rational alternative.’

“It gives the possibility to exist without renouncing its own principles”, noted the rabbi. “We must now recall the experience of the former Mongol Empire and the Khazar kaganat.” [42]

The 9 January 2011, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Guénon, the Tikkoun Olam Center, led by Rav Leo Guez of Nice, convened a conference whose main speakers were Dugin, Bouchet, Eskin and the famous Kabbalist of Jerusalem, Rav Mordekhai Chriqui.

“The purpose of the meeting was to bring together Jews and Christians who aim to counter modernity.” [43]

At the beginning of 2014, Eskin “gave a presentation on one of the major Russian TV channels.

He praises Jews and Russians as the true messianic and spiritual people.”

The standing audience responded with a standing ovation”, noted the Jerusalem Post at the time. [44]

Part 1: Dugin's Eurasia Party and his Chaos Magic

Article de David Livingstone Order of Eurasia

[Addition of information to clarify passages]

Dailycensorship – Neilly Free Mind


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